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(valid as on 15.11.2018)

The Committee for Accreditation of New Materials and Techniques formed under the aegis of Highway Research Board of Indian
Roads Congress to accredit patented or new materials/techniques/equipment/products, developed in India/abroad and evaluated
as per recognized National/International Specifications has accredited the following new materials/techniques/equipment/
products for a period of 2 years for being used on trial basis:

S. Ref. Name of the New Usage Date of Issuance Contact Address of

No. No. Material/ of Accreditation Manufacturer/
Technology/ Certificate Promoter

1 ACC-280 Corrkil E System For the painting of 12-Oct-2018 Winsome Coatings LLP
Steel Bridges D-61, Okhla Industrial Area
New Delhi – 110 020

2 ACC-279 Fluoro Polymer For the painting of 12-Oct-2018 Winsome Coatings LLP
Based Coating Steel Bridges D-61, Okhla Industrial Area
System Phase-I
New Delhi – 110 020

3 ACC-273 SikaBit T 130 SG Bridge Deck 12-Oct-2018 Sika India Pvt. Ltd.
Waterproofing 301/302, 3rd Floor, Elegance
Membrane Tower
Jasola Vihar
Delhi – 110 025

4 ACC-265 Primeline Standard Thermoplastic Road 12-Oct-2018 M/s. Prime Roads

Marking Material No. 9, Aparna Nagar,
Kolladi Road, Ayyapakkam,
Chennai – 6000 077

5 ACC-261 IMS K100 Concrete Upgrading 12-Oct-2018 Infra Innovations Marketing

Admixture for Solution LLP
Cementitious and N 165-167
Rigid Pavement Panchsheel Park
Construction New Delhi – 110 017

6 ACC-254 Roller Barrier Used to absorb shock, 12-Oct-2018 RT ETI Envirotech Private
impact of the plying Limited
vehicle on the road Block-C-118, Swagat Rain
and ultimately Forest2, Opp. Swaminarayan
minimize Dham, Koba – Gandhinagar
accidents/fatalities Highway, Kudasan,
Gandhinagar, Gujarat

7 ACC-221 Shaliplast LW++ Integral 12-Oct-2018 STP Limited

Waterproofing cum 707, Chiranjiv Tower
binder corrosion 43, Nehru Place
inhibitor for Bridges & NEW DELHI – 110 019
Reinforced Concrete

8 ACC-216 HMVG-50 stiffer/harder grade 12-Oct-2018 Tiki Tar Industries Ltd.,

binder to prevent Village Road,
pavement failure due Bhandup (W),
to increased loads Mumbai-400078

9 ACC-276 Portadeck Heavy Duty 13-Aug-2016 Mtandt Ltd.

(Ref. ACC-161) Composite Access 17/8, Waste Mada Church
Mats and Renewal w.e.f. Road, Royapuram,
Floors/Working 13-Aug-2018 Chennai-600013

10 ACC-272 i-lite Reflective It is based on 100% 13-Apr-2016 Automark® Industries
(Ref.ACC-157) Pavement Marker indigenously (India) Ltd.
developed technology Renewal w.e.f. ‘Gurukripa’, Datta Square,
whose properties are 13-Apr-2018 Yavatmal – 445001,
in conformity with Maharashtra (India)
ASTM D 4280-94

11 ACC-271 Automark For use in safety of 26-Jun-2014 Automark Technologies

(Ref. ACC-196) roads, bridges and (India) Pvt. Ltd.
(Ref. ACC-128) structures Renewal w.e.f. 1st Floor, Saraf Court, Opp.
27-Jun-2016 Yashwant Stadium,
Re-Renewal Nagpur-440012

12 ACC-270 Asphaltoseal On concrete decks for 29-Jul-2009 Tiki Tar Danosa (India)
(Ref. ACC-199) waterproofing Private Limited
(Ref. ACC-20) purpose in lieu of Renewal on Village Road, Bhandup(W),
mastic asphalt under 22-Mar-2012 Mumbai-78
BC overlay
Re-Renewal on



13 ACC-264 Eliminator – Bridge Waterproofing System 11-Dec-2013 Nina Waterproofing Systems

(Ref.ACC-150) Deck Pvt. Ltd.
(Ref. ACC-82) Waterproofing Renewal w.e.f. Mani Bhuvan, 4th Floor, 54,
System 11-Dec-2015 Hughes road, Chowpatty,
Mumbai – 400 007
[MMA Resin Based Re-Renewal
Bridge Deck w.e.f.
Waterproofing 11-Dec-2017
14 ACC-263 Processed Steel Alternate Aggregate 26-Jun-2014 Tata Steel Limited,
(Ref. ACC-200) Slag for Flexible Jamshedpur-831001
(Ref. ACC-129) Pavements Renewal w.e.f.


15 ACC-255 Penetron Admix® Used for making the 13-Apr-2016 Penetron India Pvt. Ltd.,
(Ref. ACC-149) (Crystalline concrete permanently A-13, Balaji Industrial Park,
Waterproofing sealed against the Renewal w.e.f. Behind Hindalco, Tondre
Admixture) penetration of water 13-Apr-2018 Village, Taloja,
or liquids. Dist. Raigad – 410 208

16 ACC-244 Monopol 456 HB Anti-Carbonation 22-Jun-2018 Krishna Conchem Products

Coating for Bridges Pvt. Ltd., Unit #2, Bldg. 6,
and Concrete Sect.3, Millennium Business
Structures Park, Mahape
Navi Mumbai – 400 710

17 ACC-243 EPCO KP 200 Bipolar Concrete 22-Jun-2018 Krishna Conchem Products

Penetrating Corrosion Pvt. Ltd., Unit #2, Bldg. 6,
Inhibitor Sect.3, Millennium Business
Park, Mahape
Navi Mumbai – 400 710

18 ACC-242 Monopol Low Viscous Grout 22-Jun-2018 Krishna Conchem Products
Material Pvt. Ltd.,
Unit #2, Bldg. 6,
Sector -3,
Millennium Business Park,
Navi Mumbai – 400 710

19 ACC-241 RBI Grade-81 Stabilizer used in Renewal on Stabilig Road Solutions Pvt.
Road Construction 22-Jun-2018 Ltd.
G7A/11, DLF Phase-1
Gurgaon – 122 002

20 ACC-252 3M Vertical Eliminating device for 03-Jul-2013 3M Inida Limited

(Ref. ACC-180) Delineators improving visibility 60-61, Udyog Vihar,
(Ref. ACC-111) road shoulders and Renewal w.e.f. Phase-IV,
median opening 03-Jul-2015 Gurugram – 122 015


21 ACC-251 Aluminum Backed Highly flexible and 14-Jul-2011 3M Inida Limited

(Ref. ACC-182) Prismatic Reflective conformable Retro 60-61, Udyog Vihar,
(Ref. ACC-70) Sheeting reflective sheeting Renewal on Phase-IV,
03-Jul-2013 Gurugram – 122 015



22 ACC-250 3M Median Markers Improves visibility of 03-Jul-2013 3M Inida Limited

(Ref. ACC-181) road safety devices 60-61, Udyog Vihar,
(Ref. ACC-69) Renewal w.e.f. Phase-IV,
04-Jul-2015 Gurugram – 122 015

Renewal w.e.f.

23 ACC-249 GUJCON-CRF Used as a secondary 13-Apr-2016 Gujarat State Fertilizers &

(Ref. ACC-155) Nylone 6 Fibre reinforcement in Chemicals Ltd.,
concrete roads and Renewal w.e.f. Fertilizernagar,
bridges 13-Apr-2018 Vadodara– 391 750

24 ACC-248 ZycoTherm Warm mix additive 12-Jan-2016 Zydex Industries

(Ref. ACC-103) Zydex House,61,Gotri-
Renewal w.e.f. Sevasi Road, Sevasi,
12-Jan-2018 Vadodara-391101

25 ACC-245 Waelz Kiln (WK) Used in embankment, 08-Dec-2008 Hindustan Zinc Limited
(Ref. ACC-156) Slag sub-base and Zinc Smelter
(Ref. ACC-10) bituminous/concrete Renewal on Debari
pavement 03-Jul-2013 Udaipur – 313 024

Re-Renewal on


26 ACC-240 Coir Geo Textile Used in construction 18-Apr-2011 Central Coir Research
(Ref. ACC-61) and maintenance of Renewal on Institute
(Ref. ACC-169) roads and 11-Dec-2013 Kalavoor P.O.
embankments Alleppey Dist.
Re-Renewal Kerala -688 522


27 ACC-237 HZL Process Used as filler material 03-Sep-2010 Hindustan Zinc Ltd.,
(Ref. ACC-43) Waste, Jarofix in road embankments Chanderiya Lead Zinc
Renewal on Smelter,
24-Jan-2013 P.O. PUTHOLI – 312 021
Distt. Chittorgarh,
Re-Renewal on Rajasthan

28 ACC-236 Imperial Smelting As fine and coarse 08-Dec-2008 Hindustan Zinc Ltd.,
(Ref. ACC-2) Furnace (ISF) Slag aggregates & as filler Chanderiya Lead Zinc
for road embankment Renewal on Smelter,
22-Jun-2018 P.O. PUTHOLI – 312 021
Distt. Chittorgarh,

29 ACC-233 Iter PPS 1000 CV Bitumen additive for 26-Jun-2014 Iterchimica s.r.,
(Ref.ACC-127) use in flexible Via G. Marconi 21,
pavement Renewal on 24040 Suisio (Bergamo)
22-Jun-2018 ITALIA

30 ACC-232 Superplast Bitumen additive for 26-Jun-2014 Iterchimica s.r.,

(ref.ACC-126) use in flexible Via G. Marconi 21,
pavement Renewal on 24040 Suisio (Bergamo)
22-Jun-2018 ITALIA

31 ACC-228 Roadstab Soil Stabilizer used in 03-Jul-2013 D&V Solutions

(Ref. ACC-170) Technology construction of roads Bldg.-847, Sector-6
(Ref. ACC-88) Renewal w.e.f. Bahadurgarh
03-Jul-2015 Haryana – 124 507

Renewal w.e.f.

32 ACC-218 Superthermolay Used for bridge deck 29-Nov-2012 STP Limited,

(Ref. ACC-98) APP Membrane waterproofing 707, Chiranjiv Tower
applications. Renewal on 43, Nehru Place
21-May-2015 NEW DELHI – 110019

Re-Renewal on

33 ACC-235 Geopolymer Eco-friendly Concrete 05-Jan-2018 Netra – NTPC Ltd.

Concrete which replace cement E3 Echotech II, Udyog Vihar
in concrete Greater Noida – 2010306

34 ACC-227 Secugrid 30/30Q1 Used for base 05-Jan-2018 K.K. Enviro Tech. Pvt. Ltd.
reinforcement of road 8, Townshend Road
loading to longer life KOLKATA -700 025
or reduction of
thickness of
aggregate & bitumen
layer in pavement

35 ACC-223 CMR Bitplast Waste plastic 05-Jan-2018 CMR Bitplast
impregnated and SF No. 475/2A,
concentrated bitumen Nanjegounden Pudur
tablets for laying Virugalpatti Post Negamam
flexible pavements (Via), Udumal Pet Tk,
Tiruppur Dt.,
Tamil Nadu – 642 120

36 ACC-219 Asian Paints Smart Used as a 05-Jan-2018 Asian Paints Ltd.,

Care APP Polymer Waterproofing/ damp B-1/E-19, Mohan Coop.
Modified 4mm proofing membrane in Industrial Estate, Main
Membrane horizontal and vertical Mathura Road, Badarpur,
both directions New Delhi – 110 044

37 ACC-215 Asphalto Mastic Waterproofing for 05-Jan-2018 S.N.I Infratech Pvt. Ltd.,
Bitumen Membrane bridge deck Flat No.504, Kriti Mahal,
19, Rajendra Place,
New Delhi-110008

38 ACC-214 Treated Drill Used as a filler in 05-Jan-2018 Sar Chandra Environ

Cuttings construction work Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No. 4-B1, APIIC
Industrial Park, Vakalapudi,
Kakinada – 533005

39 ACC-213 Barrier System Used to secure the W- 05-Jan-2018 Valmont India,

(Ezy Guard SMART) beam rail to the Z- Unit 203,
MASH TL3 Posts, eliminating the 2nd Pentagon – 4,
requirement for Magarpatta City, Hadaspar,
blocking pieces and Pune – 411028
rail stiffening plates

40 ACC-212 Barrier System Used to secure the 05-Jan-2018 Valmont India,

(Ezy Guard HC) thrie beam rails to the Unit 203,
MASH TL4 posts, eliminating the 2nd Pentagon – 4,
requirement for Magarpatta City, Hadaspar,
blocking/offset pieces Pune – 411028
and rail stiffening

41 ACC-211 KSI Roller Safety Used for Traffic Island 05-Jan-2018 KSI Global Australia Pty.
Barrier Toll Entrance, Ltd.,
Terminal, 61 Foskew Way,
Intersections, etc Geraldton 6530
Western Australia

42 ACC-210 Mazaa AC Pipes Used for sewerage 05-Jan-2018 A Infrastructure Limited,

and drainage A-9 A, Green Park Main,
New Delhi-110016

43 ACC-234 Terraprime Used for 29-Nov-2012 Zydex Industries

(Ref. ACC-102) waterproofing of soil / 704, Gunjan Tower
stone base of Renewal on Off. Alembic Gorwa Road
WMM/WBM 29-Nov-2014 Vadodara – 390 023
On 05-Jan-2018
44 ACC-225 Zycobond Acrylic co-polymer 29-Nov-2012 Zydex Industries,
(Ref. ACC-100) emulsion for bonding Renewal on 704, Gunjan Tower,
soil particles, used to 29-Nov-2014 Off. Alembic Gorwa Road,
resist soil erosion, VADODARA – 390 023
mitigates dust on dirt Re-Renewal (Gujarat)
roads On 05-Jan-2018

45 ACC-224 Terrasil Used for 29-Nov-2012 Zydex Industries,
(Ref. ACC-99) waterproofing the in- 704, Gunjan Tower,
situ soil. Renewal on Off. Alembic Gorwa Road,
29-Nov-2014 VADODARA – 390 023
On 05-Jan-2018

46 ACC-220 Shaliplast Used for bridge deck 29-Nov-2012 Shalimar Seal & Tar Products
(ref. ACC-97) Asphaltomastic waterproofing (P) Limited,
applications. Renewal on B-6, B-7 & B-8, Jaipur Tower
21-May-2015 M.I. Road
JAIPUR – 302 001
On 05-Jan-2018
47 ACC-209 SoilCrete Technology for design 08-Apr-2015 ZeoCrete Technologies India
(Ref. ACC-133) and construction of Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly known as
pavements Renewal M/s. Longyea e-Solutions
On 24-May-2017 Pvt. Ltd.),
w.e.f. UG-40, Ansals Chambers-II,
08-Apr-2017 6, Bhikaji Cama Place,
New Delhi – 110 066

48 ACC-207 Hyperplas As waterproofing 25-Jul-2012 IWL India Limited,

(Ref. ACC-86) Polyester layer in bridges decks W-360, North Main Road,
Renewal Anna Nagar West, Extension,
On 12-Dec-2014 CHENNAI – 600 101

On 24-May-2017

49 ACC-206 ShaliSeal RSTC Tar base emulsion for 12-Dec-2014 STP Limited
(Ref. ACC-120) enhancing road life by 707, Chiranjiv Tower
water ingress Renewal 43, Nehru Place
On 24-May-2017 NEW DELHI – 110019

50 ACC-204 Processed Steel Alternate Aggregate 24-Jan-2013 Harsco India Private Limited,
(Ref. ACC-87) Slag for Flexible #8-2-684/40, Anand Banjara
Pavements Renewal Colony, Road #12,
On 24-May-2017 Banjara Hills,
w.e.f. HYDERABAD – 500034

51 ACC-203 Shalipatch EC For crack repairing 24-May-2017 STP Limited

concrete and 707, Chiranjiv Tower
bituminous roads 43, Nehru Place,
New Delhi -110019

52 ACC-202 APP Double Layer For flyover 24-May-2017 A.R. Industries

Membrane Bituseal waterproofing and 834, GIDC, Makarpura,
DR Bridge Deck replacement of mastic Baroda – 390 010
wearing coat

53 ACC-201 GID Pavement Safety device used on 24-May-2017 AMP Colours PIGMENTS Pvt.
Markers roads Ltd. 705-706, 7th Floor, SG
Shopping Mall, CD Chowk,
Sector-9, Rohini,
Delhi – 110085

54 ACC-195 Cold Plastic Road Road marking 10-Feb-2017 Automark
Marking Paint- material Technologies(India) Pvt. Ltd
PERMARK 2K 1st Floor, Saraf Court, Opp.
Yashwant Stadium,
Dhantoli, Nagpur-440012

55 ACC-186 Super Shield Used for sealing of 10-Feb-2017 Supreme Bituchem India
Bridgeprotek expansion joints Pvt. Ltd.
Block No.13/14, Sewasadan
Square, Central Avenue,

56 ACC-185 Super Seal (PS) Used for sealing of 10-Feb-2017 Supreme Bituchem India
expansion joints Pvt. Ltd.
Block No.13/14, Sewasadan
Square, Central Avenue,

Terms and conditions:

1. The Accreditation is meant only for trial purposes.

2. The Client/User department shall monitor the performance of the accredited material / technique for its compatibility and
durability in Indian environment and furnish detailed performance report to IRC indicating their experience and
satisfactory/unsatisfactory performance.
3. The temporary approval, trial usage in any work shall not entitle the manufacturer/vendor, to use it as a “Certificate” for
marketing purposes either in India or in other countries.
4. The Highway Research Board as a body shall not be responsible for adverse performance or failure of a stretch of road or
part of bridge where the accredited new material/product has been tried on experimental basis.
5. Any expenditure carried out to try the material/technique shall be written-off, in case the new material or technique fails
in requisite performance, subject to IRC certification that the said material has failed in performance in work carried out
as per specifications.