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 P.  Black  
Hearst  Magazines  
June  28,  2010-­‐present  
Hearst  Magazines  
January  1,  1996-­‐June  28,  2010  
Newspaper  Association  of  America  (formerly  ANPA)  
President  &  CEO    
USA  Today  (Gannett  Co.  Inc.)    
1983-­‐  6/1991  
New  York  Magazine    
Publisher  1979-­‐1983  
Associate  Publisher    1/78-­‐1979  
City  Magazine,  San  Francisco  
Advertising  Manager  
Ms.  Magazine    
Advertising  Manager  
New  York  Magazine  
Advertising  Sales  Representative  
U.S.  Camera  and  Travel  Magazine  
Advertising  Sales  Representative  
Holiday  Magazine  
Director  of  Special  Advertising  Sections  
Sales  Assistant    
B.A.   Trinity  College,  Washington,  D.C.  ,  1966  
  Honorary  degrees:  
Trinity  College,  Washington,  D.C.  
Trinity  College,  Hartford,  Conn.  
Hamilton  College,  Clinton,  N.Y.  
Lehigh  University,  Bethlehem,  Pa.  
Ithaca  College,  Ithaca,  N.Y.  
Simmons  College,  Boston,  Mass.  
Marymount  College,  Tarrytown,  N.Y.  
Loyola  University,  New  Orleans,  La.  
St.  Mary’s  College,  South  Bend,  Ind.  
Capitol  College,  Laurel,  Md.  
Board  of  Director/Trustee  Memberships  
  Hearst  Corporation  
  The  Coca-­‐Cola  Company  
  University  of  Notre  Dame  
  Trinity  College  (Washington,  D.C.)  (past)  
Advertising  Council  
  United  Way  of  America  (past)  
  Gannett  Co.  Inc.  (past)  
  National  Leadership  Board  of  Harlem  Village  Academies  
  Council  on  Foreign  Relations  
  Host  Committee  for  2010  National  Conference  of  Volunteering  and  Service    
    (Appointed  by  Mayor  Michael  Bloomberg)  
  The  Glow  Project,  a  philanthropy  and  documentary  film  project  aimed  at    
    empowering  women  and  helping  them  overcome  seemingly      
    insurmountable  goals  
  Literacy  Partners  &  American  Legacy  Foundation  -­‐-­‐  designing  a  public    
    service  campaign  to  encourage  women  to  quit  smoking.    
Lectures  /  Speeches  
• University  of  Missouri  School  of  Journalism,  2010  
• The  Al  Neuharth  Award  for  Excellence  in  the  Media,  University  of  South  
Dakota,  2010  
• White  House  Youth  Leadership  and  Mentoring  Event  at  Wayne  State  
University  in  Detroit,  2010  
• The  2010  Wharton  Women  Business  Conference,  Wharton  School  of  
Business,  2010  
• Harvard  Business  School  of  Atlanta  Leadership  Breakfast,  2010  
• The  Conference  Board  Senior  Marketing  Executive  Conference,  2009  

• Society  of  Human  Resources  Management  Annual  Leadership  Conference,  
• The  Future  of  Media  Forum,  Times  Center,  2008  
• Citigroup  Women’s  Network,  2008  
• 130th  Commencement  of  Wellesley  College,  2008  
• Loyola  University  (New  Orleans)  Commencement,  2008  
• New  York  University  Stern  School  of  Business,  2008  
• Northwestern  University  Medill  School  of  Journalism,  2007  
Forbes’  list  of  "The  World's100  Most  Powerful  Women”    
Fortune’s  "50  Most  Powerful  Women  in  Business"  list  
Crain's  list  of  New  York  City's  "100  Most  Influential  Women  in  Business"  
In  2009,  the  Preservation  Resource  Center  of  New  Orleans  presented  its  New  
Orleans  Citizenship  Award  to  Black  for  her  leadership  in  donating  time,  resources,  
and  volunteers  to  help  New  Orleans  recover  and  rebuild  post-­‐Katrina  
Los  Angeles  Advertising  Women’s  Outstanding  Communicator  Award  
NOW  Legal  Defense  and  Education  Fund  Award  
Matrix  award  
Catalyst  Award  

November 2010

Position: New York City Schools Chancellor: Mayoral Appointee

Authority and Responsibility: The Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education
serves as chief executive officer for the city school district and the superintendent of schools, and
performs other duties as described below.

Term: The Chancellor serves at the pleasure of and is employed by the Mayor of the City of
New York by contract for a term not to exceed by more than two years the term of office of the
mayor authorizing such contract.

Powers and Duties:

The powers and duties of the Chancellor are set forth in section 2590-h and other relevant
sections of the New York Education Law. They include, but are not limited to:

• Promote an equal educational opportunity for all students in the schools of the city district,
promote fiscal and educational equity, and increase student achievement and school
• Promulgate minimum clear educational standards, curriculum requirements and frameworks,
and mandatory educational objectives applicable to all schools and programs throughout the
city district, and examine and evaluate all such schools and programs with respect to their
compliance and their educational effectiveness
• Promote a parents’ association or parent-teachers’ association in each school under the
Chancellor’s jurisdiction
• Control and operate academic and vocational senior high schools, specialized senior high
schools, and special education programs and services
• Ensure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations concerning school-based
management and shared decision-making
• Prepare an educational impact statement regarding any proposed school closing or significant
change in school utilization, including the phase-out, grade reconfiguration, re-siting, or co-
location of schools, for any public school located within the city district
• Create standards, policies and objectives and promulgate regulations directly related to
maintaining the internal fiscal integrity of administrative operations by the Chancellor, the
community districts and the schools
• Ensure compliance with qualifications established for all personnel employed in the city
district, and exercise all of the duties and responsibilities of the employing board with respect
to any members of the teaching or supervisory staff of schools
• Establish uniform procedures for record keeping, accounting and reporting throughout the
city district
• Delegate any powers and duties to subordinate officers or employees
• Develop an educational facilities master plan and a five-year educational facilities capital
• Promulgate regulations establishing educational, managerial, and administrative
qualifications, performance record criteria, and performance standards for the positions of
superintendent and principal
• Select and appoint community superintendents
• Intervene in any district or school which is persistently failing to achieve educational results
and standards or has failed to improve its educational results and student achievement
• Develop a school-based budgeting process for schools under the Chancellor’s jurisdiction,
and promote the effectiveness and integrity of school-based budgeting
• Develop a procurement policy for the New York City school district and the community
districts and public schools therein
• Establish uniform procedures for record keeping, accounting and reporting throughout the
city district
• Establish a system of internal controls, including internal administrative controls and internal
accounting controls, with provisions for internal audits
• Develop and furnish pre-service and in-service training programs for principals and other
employees throughout the city district, and allocate sufficient funds for teacher and principal
training to meet school improvement needs
• Promote the involvement and appropriate input of all members of the school community