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Units 1–4 Imię i nazwisko:

Achievement Test Total /50

Group A Klasa:

5 Wybierz poprawną opcję.

My dad’s a teacher. He’s teaching / teaches Geography.
1 Uzupełnij zdania poprawnymi formami słów utworzonych 1 What’s making / does make that awful noise?
od słów podanych w ramce. 2 ‘Who told you / did you tell?’ ‘Lucy told me.’
3 I’ve had the same room for / since I was born.
amusing arrogant confident
4 You’re lucky. I didn’t use / used to have a laptop at your age.
cosy disappointed unoriginal
5 Nick was falling asleep when somebody was shouting /
Alan thinks he’s best at everything. He is really arrogant. shouted his name.
1 I am sure I can do it. I feel really in myself. /5
2 We were when we didn’t win the match.
3 That book really made me laugh, it’s very . ŚRODKI JĘZYKOWE
4 It isn’t a new storyline. It’s very .
5 We stayed in a lovely little cottage. It was warm and 6 W zdaniach (1–5) wybierz słowo, które poprawnie
. uzupełnia luki w obydwu zdaniach. Zakreśl literę A, B
albo C.
My uncle is very funny. He’s good at people with jokes.
2 Uzupełnij luki słowami, których znaczenie zostało I like the James Bond films. They’re very and
podane w nawiasach. enjoyable.
Why are you so miserable (sad) today? A involving B outgoing C entertaining
1 Andy is a great basketball player. He’s very f 1 Don’t hang yet. I haven’t finished talking!
(strong and healthy) and he’s k (enthusiastic) I had an awful morning. I got late and everything
too. went wrong.
2 I’d like the o (chance) to be a j A up B over C out
(news writer) and write newspaper a (reports). 2 I’m going to a complaint about the rubbish in the street.
Please don’t so much noise, we’re trying to have
a conversation!
3 Zaznacz słowo, które nie należy do tej samej kategorii A say B make C do
co pozostałe. 3 ‘I don’t like this music.’ ‘ you? I do.’
brush hoodie jacket suit You look tired. Why you sit down?
1 composer comedian sculpture critic A would B do C don’t
2 capsule orbit parachute hatch 4 My little brother is obsessed his toy trains.
3 setting horror thriller documentary I was a bit disappointed my exam result.
4 couch cupboard wardrobe duvet A with B to C of
5 temple canyon castle monument 5 Look at this photo. That’s me, the background!
Sorry but my opinion, that’s not quite right.
A on B at C in
7 W zdaniach (1–5) spośród podanych opcji (A–C) wybierz
4 Wykorzystując podane wyrazy, uzupełnij każde zdanie tę, która może najlepiej zastąpić zaznaczony fragment.
z luką, tak aby zachować sens zdania wyjściowego. Zakreśl literę A, B albo C.
English isn’t as difficult as Chinese. MORE Meg is a really sociable person.
Chinese is more dif..cult than English. A noisy B sporty C friendly
1 I hate getting up in the morning. STAND 1 What’s the matter? Why are you grumpy today?
I morning. A bad-tempered B upset C nervous
2 How long have you been here? GET 2 We ran out of petrol on the way home.
When here? A got some B looked for some
3 Your marks aren’t as good as mine. THAN C didn’t have enough
My yours. 3 I’d rather not go skating.
4 We’ve decided to watch a DVD. GOING A ’ve never been B don’t like C don’t fancy
We DVD. 4 Nancy considered going to France in the summer.
5 They moved here three years ago. LIVED A fancied B loved C thought about
They years. 5 That is a really impressive building.
A wonderful B high C beautiful

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Achievement Test Units 1–4 Group A

5 The author’s intention is

A to advertise a smartphone.
B to describe his or her smartphone.
8 Przeczytaj trzy teksty związane z wynalazkami.
Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną C to review a smartphone.
z treścią tekstu. Zakreśl literę A, B albo C.
6 The author says that
Text 1 A the best thing about the phone is its size.
Phil Thompson is an IT student with big ideas. He first B it is easy to read.
became interested in computers when he was five. He C he/she particularly likes the camera.
didn’t have a computer at home but he joined a computer /6
club at school and quickly became an expert. When he
was 15 he got a Saturday job in a computer shop. He 9 Przeczytaj tekst. Dobierz właściwe pytanie (A–F) do
enjoyed it and he learnt a lot. In fact after six months he każdego fragmentu tekstu. Wpisz odpowiednią literę
built his own computer! Phil says he wants to start an IT w miejsca (1–4). Uwaga: dwa pytania zostały podane
company and plans to be a millionaire before he’s 30. He
dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnego fragmentu.
seems to be well on the way!
A When did the Stephensons become famous?
1 The text is about a young man who is B What happened to spoil things?
A good at business. C Who invented the train?
B clever and ambitious. D Who were George and Robert Stephenson?
C rich and successful. E Why was there a competition?
2 Where did Phil become interested in IT? F Why is George Stephenson famous?
A at home. THE ROCKET
B at school. 1
C in a computer shop. George Stephenson was born in Northumberland,
England, in 1781 and his son Robert was born in 1803.
Text 2 They were both engineers with a particular interest in
Charles Babbage (1791-1871), was a mathematician and railways and trains. George invented railway tracks (the
an inventor. He is mostly famous because he invented first one was eight miles long!), and he and Robert went
a ‘counting machine’ – in other words, a very early on to design one of the most famous trains ever – the
computer. Although he drew detailed designs of his ‘Rocket’.
machine, Babbage did not actually build one. About
a hundred and fifty years later, a group of scientists
and mathematicians decided to use his plans to build In 1829, George Stephenson built a new railway track in
a working model. After seventeen years, they finally the north of England, between Liverpool and Manchester.
completed it in 2002, and the machine is now on display When the line was finished, there was a competition to
in the Science Museum in London. The ‘Babbage Engine’ find the best train. The prize was £500 – a fortune in
has 8,000 parts, weighs 5 tons and is more than three those days. Three trains took part in the competition, and
metres long and about two metres high. It works perfectly. one of them was the ‘Rocket’.

3 The text tells us about 3

A the history of computers. It was an exciting event, and crowds of people came to
B how Babbage built one of the first computers. watch. The three trains went backwards and forwards
C one of the first designs of a computer. while the people cheered them on. The ‘Rocket’ was
faster than the other two. Not only that, the other two
4 The machine in the Science Museum is kept breaking down, but the ‘Rocket’ kept going! It was
the clear winner and its makers were suddenly heroes.
A between 10 and 20 years old.
B Babbage’s own machine. 4
C 150 years old. A year later, the railway between Manchester and
Liverpool opened. Once again, crowds of people came
Text 3
to watch. Unfortunately this time there was a tragedy.
The first thing you notice about the Stella Mark 6 is its size. William Huskisson, a government minister, was standing
It’s very big – much bigger than most other smartphones. on the railway line when the ‘Rocket’ hit him. He died
Because of this, it’s quite hard to use with only one hand later in hospital.
– and that is a big disadvantage. On the other hand, the
screen is wonderful. There’s room to do real work on it, /4
and the display is excellent. Think of it more as a very
very small tablet! The camera isn’t anything special but
it’s perfectly fine for most people. One of the best things
about this phone is the competitive price. If you don’t
mind carrying a big phone, it’s one to consider.

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