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TeleSense Debuts the Most Advanced Grain Monitoring System for Barges and

Ground Piles

Purpose-Built for New Grain Storage Challenges Brought on by Climate Change and Geopolitical
Tensions, the Cellular SensorSpear™ Monitors and Protects Post-Harvest Grain

Sunnyvale, CA, November 08, 2019 --(PR.com)-- TeleSense, a post-harvest grain monitoring innovator,
today announced the general availability of its Cellular SensorSpear™ to give grain managers and barge
operators an easy and reliable way to accurately monitor stored grain, ensuring grain quality while
reducing spoilage and safety concerns. TeleSense is showcasing the Cellular SensorSpear at Agritechnica
in Hanover Germany, Hall 15, Booth G22, November 10-16.

Inserted into piles of stored grain, the Cellular SensorSpear sends temperature and moisture data to the
cloud where TeleSense machine learning algorithms analyze the data and alert users to any anomalies and
issues that may arise. To meet accessibility and scalability demands, the spear does not require a gateway,
meshes with other spears, and comes with a rechargeable multi-year battery.

“The Cellular SensorSpear is the most convenient and easy-to-use grain monitoring product on the market
today. It takes 30 seconds to install, you don't need a user manual, and it can withstand temporary
connectivity loss without losing any data,” said Naeem Zafar, co-founder and CEO, TeleSense. “These
features have been especially well received by barge operators as barges are now sitting on rivers for
longer periods of time due to changing climate patterns and geopolitical issues. This spear takes
monitoring and maintaining the quality of grain stored in piles and on barges to a new level.” Offering
users simplicity and affordability, Cellular SensorSpears can mesh together, which means the spears
communicate with each other, so that only one spear communicates with the cloud, thereby reducing data
costs. Examining trends in the data and providing insight to anticipate storage issues, TeleSense machine
learning algorithms provide users with the smart alerts they need to easily and effectively manage grain

Like all TeleSense products, the spear also pairs with the TeleSense App, where users can adjust
reporting frequency, see the current and historical trends of every sensor, and, more importantly, quickly
view the health of an entire grain storage operation. The Cellular SensorSpear and TeleSense App work
together to provide grain handlers an innovative and functional way to monitor their grain.

About TeleSense: TeleSense is a Silicon Valley startup digitizing the post-harvest grain supply chain.
Utilizing advanced IoT sensors, TeleSense provides grain managers with actionable insights about their
stored grain, so that they can make storage decisions easily, quickly and accurately. The company's
easy-to-use sensors and app work together to continuously monitor grain and automatically send issue
alerts to users, mitigating spoilage, infestation and grain quality degradation. TeleSense also retrofits
traditional temperature cable systems to integrate them with its fully wireless software ecosystem. Backed
by a collection of high-profile investors including Finistere Ventures, Maersk Growth, Rabobank's Food
& Agri Innovation Fund, the company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. For more information,
please visit www.telesense.com.

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