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Kataline Infraproducts Pvt. Ltd. DISTRIBUTORS
Plot No. 23, Nelco Housing Society, Subhash Nagar, MUMBAI | RAIPUR | AHMEDABAD | HYDERABAD | CHENNAI
Jaitala Road, Nagpur - 440 022. India BANGALORE | COCHIN | JAIPUR | INDORE | SHIKHOHABAD
Phone: +91-712-2233968 Tele Fax: +91-712-2233000 NOIDA | DELHI | LUCKNOW | PATNA | RANCHI
email: sales@katalineindia.com URL: www.katalineindia.com KOLKOTA | BHUBHANESHWAR | GUWAHATI ...
A company with a futuristic VISION &
products with an everlasting VISIBILITY

About Kataline
Kataline as a vision was seen with exemplary clarity in the year 1999. Years that have passed by have seen the company grow step by
step in the dynamic arena of infrastructure while contributing in incomparable measure towards road safety. From just being a road
marking contractor, the company diversified into the production of road marking materials & equipments. Kataline has earned a
remarkable reputation in trustworthiness, all because of a strong customer focused approach and the continuous quest for world
class quality which has enabled it to attain and sustain leadership in its chosen line of business and it continues to leave its foot prints
through the nation and beyond.

Kataline Group
At Kataline, road marking is not just a product but a complete science of road safety. Kataline specializes in all aspects of road
marking craft viz. production of road marking materials, road marking equipments and execution of Turnkey Road Marking
Kataline is the foremost company having nationwide market presence, with offices & distributors in all corners of the country and a
commendable marking experience on highways and airports.
Kataline is an ISO 9001 certified group both for manufacturing of road marking materials and execution of road marking contracts.
With a production capacity of 40000 MT of powdered thermoplastic and 4000 Kiloliters of cold paint, Kataline is one of the largest
manufacturer of quality road marking materials in the country.
Quality, Durability, Reliability in everything we do. That’s why the Road Marking industry trusts Kataline.

Excellence is a habit with Kataline

Our forté is our strong production house with timely delivery of consistent quality. Our manufacturing processes guarantee you
superb quality products.
The state-of-the-art machinery we possess result in meticulously marked roads, resisting erosion by constant traffic, keeping the
thoroughfares lined clearly, ensuring safety.
Pleasure in the job we do puts perfection in our work and we at Kataline realise that it is relatively easy to complete a task, but a lot
tougher to make a difference !!! Which we do.

Thermoplastic Resin for Road Marking as per specifications of IRC : 35-2015. Traffix Plus

Description: Technical: Description: Speciality:

Thermoplastic Resin for Road Marking is • Luminance: >80 Traffix Plus Thermoplastic Resin is a High • Drying Time: <15 min
specially designed keeping in mind the • Drying Time: <15 min. Performance Thermoplastic Road • luminance Value >75
stringent requirements of the newly • Softening Point: >120oC Marking Material with Higher end
Application Temp:
released Indian standard providing • Yellowness Index: 0.07. intermix glass beads for longer
• For Screed application : 160-200°C
performance criterias. • Density: 1.9 - 2.1 reflectivity. The material can be
• For Extrusion application : 170- 210°C
manufactured to suit various weather &
The material can be manufactured to suit Application Temp: • For Spray application : 180-220°C
traffic conditions outside of India too.
various weather & Traffic Conditions • For Screed application: 160-200°C Packaging and Storage:
outside of India too. • For Extrusion application: 170- 210°C Uses:
• Traffix Plus is supplied in 25 kg
• For Spray application: 180-220°C Traffix Plus can be used on medium to
Uses: HDPE Bag
heavily trafficked Asphalt or Concrete
TRAFFIX-O can be used on medium to Packaging and Storage: Store the material in a dry area.
road surfaces.
heavily trafficked Asphalt or Concrete • Traffix-O is supplied in 25 kg Keep at room temperature
road Surfaces. HDPE Bag Benefits: • Shelf life is 12 months
Store the material in a dry area. Traffix Plus Thermoplastic Pavement
Benefits: Colours available:
Keep at room temperature Marking Material provides following
Thermoplastic Resin for Road Marking White / Yellow
• Shelf life is 12 months benefits for its users: High Durability,
provides following benefits for its users:
Excellent Adhesion, Good Day and Night
High Durability / Excellent Adhesion / Colours available:
Visibility, High skid Resistance, Fast
Good Day and Night Visibility / High skid White / Yellow
Drying Time, High Softening Point,
Resistance / Fast Drying Time / High
Applicator Friendly properties.
Softening / Point Applicator Friendly
International Specifications:
• AASHTO M 249
\ • BSEN 1436
• Any other specifications on request
Mirolux 7 for reflectivitye testing

Farukh Nagar - Kottakota Road Project


Description: Speciality:
Traffix-O (Profiles) Traffix Thermoplastic Pavement Marking • Drying Time: <15 min
Thermoplastic Resin for Profiled Marking Material is specially designed taking into • luminance Value >65
account Indian traffic & climate
Application Temp:
Description: Technical: conditions.
• For Screed application : 180-200°C
Thermoplastic Resin for Profiled Marking • Luminance: >70
Uses: • For Extrusion application : 190- 210°C
is specially designed for creating profiles • Drying Time: <15 min.
o Traffix can be used on medium to heavily • For Spray application : 200-220°C
in the marking.The material can be • Softening Point: >120 C
trafficked Asphalt or Concrete road
manufactured to suit various weather & • Yellowness Index: 0.07. Packaging and Storage:
Traffic Conditions outside of India too. • Density: 1.9 - 2.1 • Traffix is supplied in 25 kg
• Application Temp: Benefits: HDPE Bag.
- For Screed application: Traffix Thermoplastic Pavement Marking • Store the material in a dry area
TRAFFIX-O can be used on medium to
heavily trafficked Asphalt or Concrete 180-200oC Material provides following benefits for • Keep at room temperature
its users: High Durability, Excellent • Shelf life is 12 months
road Surfaces. Packaging and Storage:
Adhesion, Good Day and Night Visibility,
• Traffix-O Profiles is supplied in Colours available:
Benefits: High skid Resistance, Fast Drying Time,
25 kg HDPE Bag White / Yellow
Thermoplastic Resin Profiled Marking High Softening Point, Applicator Friendly
provides following benefits for its users: Store the material in a dry area.
High Durability / Excellent Adhesion / Keep at room temperature
Good Day and Night Visibility / High skid • Shelf life is 12 months
Resistance / Fast Drying Time / High
Softening Point / Applicator Friendly TRAFFIX-O Thermoplastic Resin for CPX -10 Concrete Primer
properties. Profiled Marking
Colours available: Concrete Primer- CPX-10 is a specially • Appearance : Clear liquid
White / Yellow formulated synthetic coating material • Specific gravity : 87-91
with high flexibility and bonding strength • Viscosity : 22 sec (Ford Cup No.4)
to concrete and old asphalt surfaces. It is • Drying time : 30 Min
ideal for over coating with hot • Packing : 20 Ltr.

Kondhali-Talegao Road Marking


Glow Beads Reflectomark

Reflectomark is Reflective coating system for vertical surfaces.
Kataline Glow Beads are solid, spherical Free Flowing Properties:
glass beads for use with thermoplastic The Glow Beads are free of hard lumps Description: Colours available:
road marking materials and traffic paints, and clusters and dispense readily under Reflectomark is an exterior durable • Silver • White • Yellow • Red • Green
meeting BS 6088 Class B, imported from any conditions suitable for paint striping. coating system that is highly visible at
the best in the world. They pass the free flow-test. night behind a light source such as
vehicle's headlamps.
Roundness: Coating:
The Glow Beads have a minimum of 80 The Glow Beads are coated with moisture Uses: Surface Preparation:
percent true spheres. proof coating. For Reflectorizing any surface that is Surface must be clean, dry and free from
causing traffic hazard. It can be very any contamination including dust dirt,
Refractive Index: Speciality: oil, grease, laitance and curing agents.
effectively used on: Metal beam crash
The Glow Beads have a minimum Provides a very strong film for bonding Particular attention should be given to
barriers/ Road Dividers / Milestones
refractive index of 1.50 between concrete surface and the over ensuring the surface is free from salt, ice
Median opening / Bridge Railings and
coat of thermoplastic material. and moisture.
any metal, concrete, leather, wooden or
Packing: 25 Kg. rubber surface. Product Application:
Gradation of Glow Beads Benefit: Application is by spray or brush.
• Can be applied on complex contours Reflectomark shall be thoroughly mixed
Sieve Size Percent Retained and rough surfaces before use. Never pour onto the surface.
• More versatile and less expensive than The prepared surface must be covered
850 micron 0 to 5 adhesive based retro-reflective sheeting with film of 40 micron thickness of well
• Cannot be removed like the adhesive stirred Reflectomark coating system. It is
600 micron 5 to 20 based retro-reflective sheet always advisable to try a test area before
• Also can be made for use on leather proceeding with the main application.
300 micron 30 to 75 and rubber where other reflective Packaging and storage:
180 micron 10 to 30 systems don't work Reflectomark is supplied in 500 gm.
and 1 kg. packs. Store in cool, dry, well
Below 180 micron 0 to 15 ventilated place. Shelf life is 6 months
under normal conditions.
in technical Collaboration with Veluvine B.V. Netherlands


Plastitrak TRAKMARK - FG
High Build Roll-On Road Surfacing Material Full Gloss Water based Kerb Marking Enamel

Standard Colours: Mixing ratio : 1 sachets of hardener Description: Colours Available:

• Oxide red (±RAL3011), to 10 kg Plastitrak A versatile, fast drying, solvent-free, water White / Yellow / Red / Blue / Green / Black
• Signal red (±RAL3001) Roll on base thinnable glossy kerb marking enamel. It
• Traffic green (±RAL6024) Potlife (mixed) : 10 minutes by 20°C is environment friendly as it is based on a
acrylic resin system.
Type: Application: Application:
2-pack coldcuring solvent free Method : Mark out the surface, which has Uses:
Air and surface temperature should be
compound, based on acrylic resins for to be done, with self adhesive tape. Mix TRAKMARK - FG is designed for line
marking on all outdoor traffic kerbs. above 10oC. Humidity prolongs drying
hand application. the Plastitrak rolcoating with hardener time so ensure that it is not more than
and divide the material equally over the Main Benefits: 85%. Do not apply when the temperature
whole area. Immediately after application • It gives better gloss as compare to is falling or rain is imminent.
Easy to apply with texture roller. High
the tape can be removed. synthetic enamel. TRAKMARK - FG is suitable for application
durability. Very good adhesion on the
Spreading rate : Approx. 1,5- 2,0 kg/m2at • It requires no thinner to thin the paint, by airless spray, roller or brush. Stir well
roadsurface, also on concrete.
0,8 -1,2 mm thickness only water is required. before use.
Especially designed to accentuate
Temperature : Minimum application • Dries within 10 min unlike synthetic Using airless spray equipment, use spray
bicycle-tracks and footpath's etc.
temperature 10°C enamel which takes 60 min minimum tips and between 2000 and 2500 psi (138
Technical Characteristics: Primer : On dusty and sucking surfaces or to dry. to 172 bar) pressure.
Viscosity : Thick fluid compound fresh bituminous surfaces, we advise to Technical: One coat at the recommended wet film
Density : Approx. 1.8 apply EP PRIMER first. • Recommended Film thickness should be sufficient under
gram/cm3 Weather Conditions : Minimum Thickness : 0.150 mm (wet) normal conditions, depending on the
Skid resistance : > 45 S.R.T. application temperature is 10°C
• Coverage : Approx. 4m / litre texture of the surface. Equipment can be
Hardening time : Approx. 20 minutes Cleaning : With Thinner recommended • Specific Gravity (SG) : 1.05 cleaned using clean tap water and
by Kataline. • Application Temp. : Minimum 10oC detergent if necessary.
by 30°C
Approx. 30 minutes Handling : See material safety data sheet • Application Humidity : Maximum 85% Aftercare:
by 20°C • Drying Time @25oC : 5-10 min Not normally necessary but TRAKMARK -
Approx. 40 minutes (touch dry) FG can be cleaned using a brush and
10 kg cans of Plastitrak Roll on base
detergent solution.
by 10°C Hardener in plastic sachets.
Flashpoint : Approx. 10°C Packaging and Storage:
Storage stability : At least 6 months if Remark : TRAKMARK - FG is supplied in 4, 20 ltr
stored in a cool place Other colours are available on request. resealable containers.
Store in a dry, well-ventilated place.
Protect from frost.
Plastirib Screed Applied High Build Roll-On Road Surfacing Material TRAKMARK - FG will be unuseable if it has
been allowed to freeze.
The recommended storage temperature is
2-pack cold curing solvent free compound, based on acrylic resins 27oC. Shelf life is 6 months under normal
for profiled marking to be done with a special equipment. conditions.
Highest durability. Very good adhesion on the road surface, also on
concrete. Especially designed to reduce the traffic speed on road
shoulder line.
High Solids Acrylic Road Marking Paints

Description: Benefits: Trakmark-SR

A Highly Durable, fast drying, solvent- • Exceptionally hard wearing Fast Drying Solvent Base Road Marking Paint
free acrylic emulsion line marking paint is • Bright highly opaque colours
designed for use on reasonably High • UV stable Description: • Easy to apply by spray, roller or brush
Trafficked pavement surfaces in • Easy to apply by spray, roller or brush A versatile and cost-effective solvent- • Good adhesion to most surfaces
conjunction with Drop-On Glass Beads. • Good adhesion to most surfaces based line marking paint optimized for • Range of 7 bright colors
Technical: • Not cause bitumen bleed range of application by spray machinery. Most
• Solid Content : 60% bright colours suitable for roads kerbs and air ports.
• Coverage : Approx. 2.7 m2 per liter
• Minimum Density : 1.3 gm / cm min • Safer clean up using water & mild Trakmark-SR is durable and can be
@ 350 microns wet film thickness
• Drying time : maximum 15 detergents made reflective by applying reflective
• Packing : 20 Ltr.
(no pick-time) Colors: glass beads onto the wet surface.
• Application rate : By spraying White / Yellow / Red / Blue / Green / Black Benefits :
White / Yellow / Red / Blue / Green / Black
2.4 Sq mt. / Kg • Fast drying / durable & cost-effective
• Application Temp : Minimum 10°C
• Application Humidity : Maximum 85°C
• Packing : 20 Kg Trakmark-CR
Chlorinated Rubber Road Marking Paint
Waterborne Road Marking Paint Description: • Good adhesion to most surfaces
A versatile and cost-effective solvent- • Range of 7 bright colors
Description: • Application Humidity : Maximum 85% based line marking paint optimized for
A versatile, fast drying, solvent-free • Drying Time @ 25°C:5-10 min application by spray machinery. Based on
• Coverage : Approx. 2.7 m2 per liter
acrylic emulsion line marking paint, (touch dry) chlorinated rubber resin, Trakmark-CR is
@ 350 microns wet film thickness
confirming IS : 164 specifications. • Packing : 20 Ltr. durable and can be made reflective by
• Specific Gravity (SG): Approx. 1.25
Technical: Benefits: applying reflective glass beads onto the
• Flash Point : Below 23°C
• Recommended Film • Bright, highly opaque colours wet
• Packing : 20 Ltr.
Thickness 0.20 mm (wet) • UV stable surface.
• Coverage : Approx. 4m2 / litre • Easy to apply by spray roller or brush Benefits :
White / Yellow / Red / Blue / Green / Black
• Specific Gravity (SG) :1.4 • Good adhesion to most surfaces • Fast drying / durable & cost-effective
• Application Temp. : Minimum 10°C • Will not cause bitumen bleed range of • Easy to apply by spray, roller or brush
bright colors
• Safer clean up using water and mild
White / Yellow / Red / Blue / Green / Black

Walk Behind Thermoplastic Applicator T100M

Technical Specification:
• Paint Tank of 100kgs made of stainless steel sheet
• LPG system is designed with safety in mind.
• A choice of “drop on” or “gear controlled” glass bead dispenser with 10kg tank.
• Shoes for 10cm, 15cm, 20cm & 50cm available
• Simple and practical design for accurate marking



Kataline P 250 Thermoplastic Pre-heater

Technical Specifications
• Paint tank capacity 500 Kg
• Engine Powered by 8 hp diesel engine.
• Stirrer mixing system gear box driven stirrer system with various mixing speed.

Nagpur to Kondhali Coloured Road Marking

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