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Unseen Interviews with Jewish Veterans in Upcoming Xenon Pictures Film

"About Face: Jewish Refugees in the Allied Forces"

The remarkable, untold stories of young German and Austrian Jewish veterans who fled their homes
only to perform an “about face” and return with U.S. and Allied Forces during WWII.

Hawthorne, CA, November 10, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Xenon Pictures, Inc. is preparing to release the Steve
Karras documentary, "About Face: Jewish Refugees in the Allied Forces." Produced over fifteen years,
Karras's film captures the unique stories of a group of German born Jews who left their country as
children during the rise of Hitler, and later returned to fight and defeat their former countrymen - friends
and neighbors - during World War II.

“What a wonderful achievement is this film. A legacy...[I adore] these fabulous men and women,
speaking not just about the horrific perversion of Germany and Austria by Nazism, but also the wonder of
— Pete Townshend

“Simply Amazing. Moving”

— Dr. Drew Pinsky

The film features the emotional and incisive remembrances of men such as Henry Kissinger and Peter
Masters (father of legendary Hollywood journalist Kim Masters) as they watch Hitler and his henchmen
infect the minds of the German people, attack their families, and move to conquer the continent... while
they themselves escaped to unfamiliar countries, often alone and penniless and eventually make the
decision to join the militaries of these countries where many were not even citizens - and in the case of
the UK were considered "Enemy Aliens."

In an effort to secure finishing funds, director Karras showed various works-in-progress of the film in a
few small institutional settings before Xenon Pictures provided the necessary capital to give the film its
proper due, and prepare it for high definition release.

Raised in Germany, speaking perfect German, knowing the contour of their homeland, and understanding
the ways and manners of the German thought process, these brave men and women became uniquely
valuable members of the Allied Forces during World War II. Being German-born certainly gave
advantage to their Allied commanders, but also put these soldiers at the risk of certain death if captured,
not only as Jews, but as spies despite the rules of war.

Many documentaries have examined the nuances, the causes, the battles, of World War II. "About Face"
does this and more, from the very unique and personal perspective of those who actually suffered under
the system that they have taken up arms - and risked their lives - to destroy.

This film does not focus on the camps, the ghetto uprisings, or the victimization of the Jewish people.
Instead, it depicts the uniquely powerful and unexpected experiences of the Jewish

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refugees-turned-soldiers, who fought with distinction in the U.S. and Allied Armed Forces as combat
infantrymen, paratroopers, and interrogators in counter intelligence and military intelligence positions.
The strength and spirit of these veterans that comes through the screen are as full of life as the stories they
are sharing are full of death and sorrow.

As refugee turned British commando Peter Masters puts it, “'There were some who said the Jews had had
enough,' I said. 'The hell we have! This is ours!'”

Other interviewees include former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and author Kurt Klein, walking us
through their personal histories as Hitler's perverse philosophies capture the minds of their friends and
neighbors, then as their relatives back home are imprisoned and murdered, and as the German troops
advance to bring their dark philosophy to the entire continent. Their determination to defeat this truly
existential threat brings them to some of the war's most infamous and memorable chapters; from
Kristallnacht, through the invasions to reconquer Europe - Normandy, Anzio - to the long fight into the
heart of Germany itself. Some will reconnect with long lost relatives (including one commando liberating
his own father from the Terezin concentration camp) while another is part of the delegation negotiating
the unconditional German surrender in Haan.

Former president of the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation Dr. Michael Berenbaum
provides additional context and facts on the efforts of these refugees-turned-soldiers and their unique

The film is mostly told directly from the mouths of these incredible - and often charming - people, with
Ken Burns' go-to narrator Peter Coyote moving the story along. The score is by the legendary John Cale.
Karras traveled throughout the world and labored well over a decade to capture this essential and timeless
piece of history, and it is finally ready for release. Timely perhaps, as one of the veterans points out his
sage advice, "never let a fanatic take over your country."

Xenon will be exhibiting it at various institutions, followed by a wide release on most major streaming
platforms in early 2020.

“Most stories of the Shoah emphasize Jewish losses and victimization, not the heroic acts of armed
response of those returning to strike back at the enemy they knew better than anyone,” says director Steve
Karras. “I'm so glad that we can now get the stories of these amazing and brave people out to the world.”

These veterans' stories are ones of heartbreak, courage and ultimately, the triumph of the human spirit.
The vets themselves are delightful and articulate, and in some cases, hilariously blunt. Karras has also
created an archive to record and preserve the stories of the more than 200 veterans he's interviewed to

Director Steve Karras is available for interviews, and any institutions interested in screenings are
encouraged to contact Xenon Pictures.

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More information, photos and screener request: https://xenonpictures.com/wp/about-face

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