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Group 1 Members
Examine how the fields of psychology helps in managing business

1. Examine how the fields of psychology helps managing of businesses.

2. Examine the usefulness of psychology to your personal lives.

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions especially
those affecting behaviours in a gwen context

Clinical psychology – this treatment-oriented branch of psychology deals with

scientific ways of handling psychological problems.

Biopsychology : This branch is psychology looks at the role the brain and
neurotransmitters play in influencing our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Educational psychology is the scientific study of human behaviours in an educational

setting and as such it deals with issues such as learning disorders , adolescence
behaviours and so on.

Cognitive psychology : The branch of psychology that deals with mental processes
such as thoughts memory and problem solving

Forensic psychology / Legal : The application of psychology to law making, law

enforcement, the examination of witnesses, and the treatment of the criminal.

Social psychology : Focussed on the psychological aspects of individuals within a

community environment explore characteristics such as interdependence adaptation,
diplomacy, empowerment, social justice and so on.

Industrial psychology : This branch of psychology addresses practical problems in

the workplace through the application of psychological principles.

Health psychology : This branch of psychology observes how behaviours, biology

and social context influence illness and health. Health psychologists generally work
alongside other medical professionals in clinical settings.

Experimental psychology work to understand the underlying causes of behaviour by

studying human and animals. They work mainly in a laboratory environment ,
exploring how different species interrelate and investigating the evolutionary
significance of certain behaviours

Developmental psychology is a branch of psychology that attempt to explain the

development of humans over timer , both in the micro sense, as they develop from
babies to mature adults and in the macro sense, as the culture itself evolves through
the years and decades.

The fields of psychology helps in managing business by : Helping managers at all

levels of organizations select , support , motivate and train employees.

It helps managers lead team to great success

It helps businesses design products , build better workspaces and foster healthy

It helps to discover new ways to increase productivity , identify training and

development needs, and retain the best employees.

2 Examine the usefulness of psychology to our personal lives

First of all psychology is defined as the scientific study human and mental promises
fields of psychology

Applied psychology Basic psychology schools

Psychology can be useful to our personal lives

Knowledge based on psychology helps us to avoid preventable physical,

psychological and social problems

Knowledge based on psychology helps with and early detection of Physical problems
and thereby helping in the prompt and proper management of both physical and
psychological wellness / problems

Knowledge based on psychology helps me to understand and offer assistance to

persons with psychological health problems eg. Those suffering from
depression.Broken hearts etc.

It is useful in our lives and sometimes helps us resolve conflicts

Knowledge based on psychology helps use to develop critical thinking ability

It helps us to know and understand ourselves better, know our strength and
weakness and identity (self assessment so that we will be able to associate
ourselves with others.)

It also helps us to know that there are diversity of people , different educational,
cultural, religions, background etc and this will help us to accept them just as they

It helps us to identify faulty behaviours so as to be able to help our family or friends

better with situations, stress

It helps us to understand why and how people think , feel and behave in the way
they do.

It helps us to know how we develop all aspects of our lives and mind eg. (cognitive

Conclusion : Psychology helps people improve their decision making and behaviour.