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St Joseph’s

Issue 16
Term 4 Week 3
Catholic School
Our World Sp 1st Nov 2019

Dear St Joseph’s School community.

Talofa, Hola, Kamusta, Kai ora, Malo e lelei, Ciao.
It is hard to believe that we are already looking towards the end of the 2019 school year.
Term 4 is an exciting term and there are a number of key events that take place each year
which you won’t want to miss. Please put these dates on your calendar now!
One of the major events taking place at the end of the term is our first ever St Joseph’s
school Fiesta!
The Fiesta is the combined effort of our own Filipino Community, Home and School
team and St Joseph’s School staff and students.
We are hoping that this will not only be a major fundraiser for the school but also an
opportunity for our Filipino Community to share a taste of their culture with us all.

We would encourage all our school families to support our inaugural Fiesta. The
students will be very involved with all classes running games on the night plus there will
be plenty of entertainment from our own students throughout the evening.
One of the highlights will be the tasty delights that our filipino community will be serving
up, on the night . Teachers have had the taste test, and you will not be disappointed!!!
Closer to the time we will get families to give us an indication of numbers attending so
that we can be sure to cater adequately.

The Fiesta is for EVERYONE ! Ask family and friends to come along and be part of the
fun night!

The Fiesta will begin at 5.00pm with a Grand parade and then the evening of food,
entertainment and games will begin.
We have decided that if wet the Fiesta will be postponed until Saturday 11am - 2pm.

Cath Blacklow
School Vision
To learn, to grow, and to live our faith by being the
hands and voice of Jesus

Important Dates to put on your Calendar

All Saints Day- Friday 1st November 9.15am - The whole school be attending Mass on this
day.You are welcome to join us .

Jump Jam Challenge- 2nd November- 10 of our students will be travelling with Mrs Middleton to
Christchurch to compete in the Junior Jam Jump competition - we wish them well!

Home and School and Filipino Community meeting - 4th November at 7.30pm - This is a
meeting to finalise details for the upcoming Fiesta - Anyone who is interested in supporting the
Fiesta in some way is most welcome to attend.

Counties Athletics - 8th November

Whole School Assembly - 8th November - 2.10pm

Wainui Camp 11th -14th Nov- This is for our Year 7 and 8 students

Postponement for the Counties Sports 11th November - (Let’s hope this doesn’t happen as it
will tricky for our year 7 and 8)

Christchurch Show Day - 15th November - School is closed

Ashburton College Year 9 Scholarship exams - 18th November

Home and school meeting - 19th November

Ashburton College - New Entrants morning .

Whole School Assembly 2.10pm

Hakatere festival - 27th November -Our Kapa Haka will be performing at the Event Centre.

New Entrant parent meeting - 27th November

Year 8 Dinner - 3rd December - Mass at 6pm followed by a Dinner for Year 8 students and their
parents - Invitations will be out soon !

Zones Athletics - 4th December

Whole School Assembly - 11am

Fiesta - 5-8pm

Tui team trip to Christchurch - 9th December

Kea team - Big Day Out - 10th December

Kiwi team - Movie treat - 10th December

Old Lady of the Snows coming to visit - 11th December

End of Year Mass - 6.30pm - 12th December

End of year Assembly - 1pm - 13th December
Note please - Reports will be given out to students after the End of Year Assembly


Miss Lischner’s class went to Temuka to celebrate Jubilate with her class on Friday 25th with numerous
other Catholic Schools around the South Canterbury. This is a great opportunity for our children to
interact with other Catholic Schools
Playground fun

Organisation for 2020

We are currently in the process of finalising classes and staffing for 2020. This is an important
and time consuming job as we always give a lot of thought each year to the correct placement
of all students.
Next year as with other years we will be organising classes in a way that we believe benefits all
students - This may mean that your child may be in what is termed a “composite class.”
I am aware that some parents may have questions regarding our use of composite classes
opposed to straight year level classes. Here is some helpful information behind why this
classroom organisation is often chosen as a preferred option at St Joseph’s School.

Mixed year level classes / Composite classes

Firstly, I need to give you some information that will provide some explanation as to why students
are not disadvantaged by being in a mixed year level class as this is often a concern of parents.
1) Children’s learning
What a child can do, what a child has learnt and what a child knows isn’t determined by how old
they are. A child’s age is not a prerequisite for learning. As you may have experienced in your own
children, there are significant variations in children’s rates of development. For example, children all
learn to walk and talk at different times. This also applies to academic learning and progress with
even greater variation. Also, children don’t just learn at school. Family life, activities, people they
know and experiences they have all contribute different things to their learning. These factors
contribute to the large range of developmental levels in any class whether it is a class of a single
year level, or a class of two year levels.
2) The New Zealand Curriculum

The New Zealand Curriculum framework is not age related. It is a developmental curriculum,
meaning it is sequenced to logically frame the next step in learning in any given subject
area. Students who have shown evidence of mastering a specific skill at a certain level of the
curriculum are then taught the next logical step based on what they already know. Nowhere in this
learning process does a child progress to the next step in their learning because of their
chronological age. Teachers differentiate the curriculum to suit an individual child’s abilities and
needs; and teachers will group children regardless of age or year level, into ‘learning’ groups, which
have similar abilities and needs. In all groupings the children will enter the curriculum at the
appropriate level for them; not because they are a certain age. At times, parents have expressed
to me that they feel their child may be held back by working with students of a lower year level, but
because of differentiation this would not happen as they would be working at the appropriate level
for their learning regardless of the ages and year level of others in their class.
3) What does the research say

In a national study of New Zealand school children it was found that there are other variables which
have a greater influence on a child’s academic attainment than the make up of their
class. Variables, such as the cultural and family attitudes towards ‘education’ and ‘schooling’ and
‘the teacher’ themselves have a greater influence on a child’s performance in the classroom.
Professor John Hattie’s research (2008 Visible Learning), findings show being in a mixed year level
class has no bearing on academic performance.
4) So why do it. Why have mixed year level classes at St Joseph’s School.

1) Mixed year level classes give us more choice when placing students in classes, so that they
have the best learning environment available to them. For example, next year we have 3 Year 3 / 4
classes which therefore gives us three options to cluster a single student together with like minded
students, students they work well with and a teacher that suits their needs. If the scenario was
straight year 3 and 4 classes next year and your child was a year 4, that option would be reduced
one class of 36. In my experience clustering students together based on social-behaviour-
emotional needs has huge benefits for advancing learning.

2) Mixed year level classes also give us the option of placing students with the same teacher again
the following year if they are remaining in the same learning team. (Kea, Kiwi or Tui ) This can be
hugely beneficial for our students as strong learning focused relationships have already been
established therefore optimum learning can occur right from day 1 of the year.

3) Mixed year level classes also allow us to balance the numbers in each class. If the scenario
was straight year 3 and 4 classes next year we would have one year 4 class with 36 students in it
and two year 3 classes with 17 students in each. Having three classes of mixed year levels allows
us to balance the numbers to 23 students in each class which is a more ideal number.

I hope this has been helpful in explaining the rationale behind the use of composite class
groupings across our school.
We have a full school roll in 2020, which is fantastic. Our aim is to provide our students with the
best possible education in an environment that is rich in opportunity across the curriculum.
If you have any concerns or queries regarding your child’s education, please come and see me
to discuss them further.
Athletics Day
What a great day this turned out to be with perfect weather and 58 children qualifying for
counties, well done team St Josephs. A big thank you to all who helped out on the day
What a wonderful turnout, thank you all for coming, it was fabulous to see you all. A huge thank you to
everyone for all your help with organising this day
From the DRS- Director of Religious Studies
The Virtue focus for the first half of Term 4 is Generosity. We encourage you to support your children to
understand and show generosity at home in many small ways. Some ways you can encourage
generosity in your children is by
having them help with jobs at home or by
reading with a younger sibling and
sharing their toys/clothes/books etc.

It has been a busy week with

grandparents day and All Saints Day.
More photos of these will be on on the RE