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Troy lingatong 9 daffodil Act no 1

Basic concept o electricity

Basic electrical terms

Electricity-is defined as the flow of electron or elrctronic current.it is an invisible form of energy that can
be transformed into other form of energy like heat light and mechanical.

Electron-is the negatively change component of and atom.it has the ability to flow.

Proton-is the positively charge component of and atom.it has the ability to attract electron.

Matter-is anything that occupy space and hasd mass.it can be a solid.liquidor gas in state.

Atom-basic component of matter.composes of a nucleus which is the central part.the protons and

Current-same as electricity or flow of electron.the amount of current flowing in a circuit can be

measured in ampere 1

Voltage-the amount of pulling force that makes the electron flow.also known as potential difference or
emf electromotive force.the amount of voltage can be measured in volt v

Resistance-defined as the opposition to the flow of current.the amount of resestance can be measure in

Conductors and insulator

.conductors are materials that easily allow the flow of current.or it has a low resistance to current
flow.example aluminum.gold silver.copper.iron

.insulator are materials that do not easily allow the flow of current.or it has a high resistance to current

Types of current
1.direct current- in direct current in dc.flow of electric charges is only in one direction.the type of
electricity produce by batteries.static and lightning.a voltage is create and maybe stored until it is
consumed when the current flows directly.in one direction.in the circuit.the current flows as
specific.contan voltage this is over simplified somewhat but good enough for us need.when you use a
flashlight.pocket radio.portable cd player or virtually any other type of portable or battery-powered
device.you are using direct current.

Most dc circuits are retatively low in voltage.for example your car battery approximately 12v.and that’s
about aas high a dc voltage as most people ever use.

Produce from power sourec such as batteries.power supplies and dc generators.photovotic device such
as solar cells also genetic dc power.
Troy lingatong 9 daffodil Act no 1

2.ac alternating current-in alternating ac also ac the movement electric charge periodically reverse
direction .this type electricity is produced or generated by ac generators commonly from a hydro
electric plant.it is the commercial power that we use in homes and offices.delivered through a power
transmission lines ac current can be reduced through a power.

To dc for specific purpose.in the Philippines ac is rated as 220v ac at 60hz….

Alternating current change direction.flowing 1st one way and the order.they are sinusoidal waves.so that
they change in time.they are produced from source as power supplies and ac generators.in north
America ac is 20 volts.

Why does standard electricity come only in the form of alternating current.

There are a number of reason.but 1 of the most important is that a charactheristics of ac is that is
relatively easy to change voltages from 1 lvl to another using a transformer.while transfoermer do not
work of dc.this capability allows the comparies that generate and distribute electricity to do it a more
efficient manner.by transmating it at high voltage for long lengths.which reduced energy loss due the
resestance in the transmission wires.electicity that direct current.

Pc,s use early direct current