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E– BULLETIN December 4 , 2012



Revised Building Code Will Improve Safety and Water

Conservation, Septic and Water Treatment
Ontario's revised Building Code will help ensure
public safety, increase energy efficiency and Quick Facts “The Building Code
helps to ensure our
contribute to the competitiveness of the building  Most of Ontario’s revised Building Code
safety every day in our
sector. takes effect Jan. 1, 2014. homes, workplaces,
 The Building Code was last updated in 2006. parking garages, retail
The revised Building Code will put Ontario  All new houses constructed in 2017 will stores, restaurants
among North America's leaders in water consume 50 per cent less energy than homes and theatres. We’re
conservation with requirements like efficient built before 2006, and large buildings will very proud of our
toilets and showerheads for new homes and rain only consume 65 per cent of what they did record in improving
water harvesting for all new buildings. before 2006. the environmental
 In June, the Building Code was amended to integrity of Ontario’s
The revised code also increases Ontario's prevent balcony glass of newly constructed buildings."
Bob Chiarelli
consistency with other codes across the country so buildings from breaking and keep Ontarians
Minister of Municipal
businesses can sell their products and services safe. Affairs and Housing.
CAN CSA B483.1 Added to the Ontario Plumbing Code
Updating the Building Code is a part of the
McGuinty government's plan to create jobs and Drinking Water Treatment Systems
opportunities that will grow the green economy.
(1) A drinking water treatment system or device shall be
certified to CAN/CSA-B483.1, “Drinking Water
Here is the link, to the full copy of the new Code… Treatment Systems”.


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