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Work Under Pressure: Lived Experiences of the Nurses at

the Emergency Department of LUMED Hospital

Nicole Angelique F. Agbunag1,Kenneth L. Almazan2 , Maria Krisanta Cuyo3, and Leira S. Lobos4

I.1 up care. Nurses play have shown that related to a
Backgroun a significant role in health care decline in
the healthcare professionals are emotional and
d of the exposed to a physical
system; they work
study variety of severe resources.
every day, and even
occupational According to
during holidays.
Nurses have a big stressors, such as Leiter and
They tend to forget time pressure, a Maslach, “the
role in our life
especially when
their loved ones in high workload, experience of
we are sick or in order to provide care uncertainty exhaustion
need of health towards other concerning reduces workers’
assistance. Every people. Nursing patient initiative while
nurse is different profession is not treatment, progressively
an easy job predisposition to limiting their
from one another.
because of their emotional capacity for
Some are very duties, stress, responses due to demanding
suited for the job but and pressure. exposure to work.” Moreover,
chooses to write the Workers in health suffering and symptoms of
processes of nursing field are more dying patients. anxiety,
while others are likely to be However, depression,
more suited in exposed to healthcare psychological
working with critical continuous stress, professionals suffering, sleep
conditions. which may cause have been more disorders, fatigue
Moreover, their own psychological and concerned with and other somatic
culture, socio- physical their work and complaints are
economic standing symptoms. Stress the care offered reported to be
and religious at work can be a to their patients associated with
serious problem than caring for the work process
background may
to the their own health, of the nursing
influence their organization as especially staff and cause of
attitude towards well as for its regarding to a negative impact
patient care even workers. occupational risk on the mental
though some people According to and mental health of these
would say that International health. healthcare
nurses should be Labor workers.
above that. Nursing Organization (ILO) Nursing According to
profession not only “stress is profession is Esther R.
treat patients but recognized associated with Greenglass and
also offer advices worldwide as a high levels of Ronald J. Burke
and emotional major challenge stress, due (2016), stress and
support toward to employee’s mainly to long burnout are
health and the hours of working. experienced by
patients and their
organization Exhaustion is nurses during
families, doing lots healthiness.” mainly related to hospital
of paper works, Several studies an individual’s restructuring. The
helping doctors in focusing on the hospital
experience of
diagnosing patients health care sector stress, which is restructuring is
and provide follow-
attributed to The following psychodynamic 1. What are
specific work theories are used: theories rest on the work-
stressors such as the assumption related
workload, Peplau’s Theory that all behavior factors
bumping (where 1 of Interpersonal is determined by that affect
nurse replaces Relations past experiences; the mental
another), and use (1952) no symptom or health of
of unlicensed The four behavior is ER
personnel to do components of “accidental,” nurses?
the work of a the theory are: according to 2. How do
nurse. Greater person, which is a Ronald Comer in ER nurses
workload may developing Abnormal cope up
lead to organism that Psychology. with their
depression, tries to reduce mental
cynicism, and anxiety caused by I.3 Research health
anxiety. Bumping needs; Paradigm problems
may also lead to environment, ?
depression, which consists of
anxiety and existing forces
insecurity. outside of the I.5 Significance
person, and put in of the study
The the context of This result of the
purpose of this culture; health, study would be a great
study is to know which is a word help to the following
the what are the symbol that stakeholders:
work-related implies forward
factors among ER movement of Society, for them to
nurses that affect personality and know that nursing
their mental other other profession is not an
health in forms of human processes easy and it can also
stress, toward creative, affect their mental
exhaustion, and constructive, health.
performance. productive, Nurses, for them to
What are the personal, and know what are some
coping strategies community living. possible ways to cope
I.4 Statement up with their stress.
employed by the
ER nurses in Psychodynamic of the Future Researchers,
dealing with Theory problem they would have basis
mental health Like behavioral This study for their research and
problems? theorists, aims to determine the this study might help
psychodynamic Mental Health of them to have an idea
theorists believe Nurses in Emergency and what they have to
I.2 add more.
that actions are Department.
determined Specifically, the study
Conceptual seeks to answer the
largely by life
Framework experiences. In following questions: REFERENCES
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