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Vanessa Abdic


Couture Octopi

1 November 2019

The Effect of Radical Feminism

Feminism - the idea that men and women should have the right to be socially, politically,

and economically equal.The specific definition might not have changed over the years, but the

meaning has. Like a billion dollar corporation, feminism has grown into a massive powerhouse.

Usually fed to society through protests led by women and movements like #MeToo all over

social media. Feminism in America is at an all time high with the amount of support the cause is

receiving. But even though the movement has a lot of support, does it mean that the cause is

morally correct? In what ways has modern “radical” feminism hurt society or created rifts that

left a divide between men and women?

Normal feminists are still fighting for the same cause and have made strides towards

more open and welcoming societies. Feminists claim that they are forward thinking and there is

real change happening around the world. Sweden, for example, “has the highest proportion of

working women in the world and some ⅔ of university degrees are earned by women”

(Europenews). Most feminists just want to be given the same opportunities as men, especially

when it comes to pay and job positions in the workplace. In theEurope News Youtube video,

“Has Swedish Feminism Gone Too Far?” It talks about how gender equality and education on

gender identity is being taught in schools from primary school up.

Radical feminists, However, tend to come off aggressive and with anti-male agendas in

play. According to websites like The Washington Examiner, feminism is a ‘“bra-burning,


man-hating’ movement” (Law). Radical feminism is the belief of eliminating the male

“patriarchy” and reconstructing society where men no longer “oppress” women.“Lately,

feminists have been promoting the ‘future is female’ idea, as if success as a people or a nation is

found in one gender alone” (Ross). People tend to feel bombarded by extremist feminists, men

especially. “

Many people believe that feminists want to control the world and put men down”


The photo below shows the difference between what some argue to be modern

“extremist” feminism and what the literal term for feminism is (See Figure 1).

and what the literal term for feminism is (See Figure 1). (Fig 1.) Khun, Kristine. ​

(Fig 1.) Khun, Kristine. “Say 'NO' to misandry.” Cartoon. LA Times. 11

Jan. 2016: web.

In the cartoon, extreme feminism and actual feminism are compared with a woman seen

protesting and declaring that women are superior to men on the top and the same woman shaking

hands with a man on the bottom. In big bold letters, it says “This is feminism,” showing the


audience that there can be peace between the sexes and compromise on the bottom of the

cartoon. While on the top is states that, “This is not feminism,” with the angry woman holding a

an anti-male sign in protest.

Looking at all the research I’ve collected I can honestly see where both sides are coming

from. But I can also see how both sides contain very major loose generalizations of each other. I

know that not all feminists hate men, and I know that not all men hate feminists. I can walk

outside and see men and women walking together and discussing values and politics together and

agree, but I can also walk a little further down the street and I’ll see men catcalling girls walking

home or a woman wearing an “I Hate Men” T-shirt strolling by. In my opinion, I think that most

women and feminists do not act like extreme feminists. I think that most women who end up

being radical feminists have been scorned in some way by men or have had bad experiences with

men in the past.

I believe that in order to build a better future, you need to have a strong foundation. I

think that more men should stand with women and work with them in order to improve the

problems instead of staying quiet or not getting involved. I also believe that everyone should be

more open minded and willing to compromise. Radical feminists do not deserve to be spotlighted

on social media over actual feminists who are trying to progress. When their negative messages

are blasted all over social media it gives others a bad reputation. Other feminists and activists

associated with them will lose support or get made fun of and their messages will be squandered

upon. Women or men alone can mend any gender related problems, these issues involve

everyone regardless of gender identity.


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