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Projects like the Holyrood Student Accommodation in Edinburgh, the Blackfriars Station in London,

the Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Centre Replacement in Texas,to name a few, showcase the scale
and versatility of the projects that your company undertakes and also demonstrates the wide range
of expertise that you possess as a company. Moreover,

Why x company?

You are a very well-known international firm with more than a century of history in infrastructure.
Your core values and the code of conduct that your firm operates demonstrates your high dedication
on what you do and how hard you try to preserve the quality and your standards by constantly
develop and employ new technologies. Also, your graduate development programs are exceptional
which justifies your ranking within the top 5 construction companies in the UK voted by students
and graduates according to the guardian. All these traits make your company very appealing to a
fresh graduate like myself and I believe that starting my professional career in you firm would be
ideal for me as it will give the opportunity to develop myself in an exponential rate and also
contribute to your firm to my maximum potential

Since I was a little kid I have always aspired to be as a civil engineer as I was amazed and also very
curious about the built environment around me. Through my academic years I have obtained the
necessary theoretical base and competency skills such as implementation of mathematics, physics,
statics, dynamics and computer literacy which are essential traits for the specific role in my opinion.
Also my part time job as a team leader in a very large and busy hospitality business has enhanced
my communicational and teamworking skills as I had to communicate efficiently with my team under
pressure and also coordinate them effectively for the best costumer service. I would relish the
opportunity to be part of the team that works on the concepts for your upcoming projects.

What challenges do you think you might face on our graduate scheme
I am well aware that being a part of a company such as company x wont be an easy
task considering your clients and the scale of the projects that you undertake. High
workload, tight deadlines, coping efficiently with difficult and complex projects, and
working effectively within a team will be the basic challenges that I will have to face in
the initial stages of the program. All these things might be daunting for some people, but
to my it works in an opposite manner as I live up for challenges and I thing I have the
theoretical background and necessary skills which were acquired during my academic
years and also my work experience as a team leader in a large hospitality buisnes. All I
need is the opportunity to prove all these traits.
There are many interesting sectors in your firm such us the sector of power and energy
or the water area as well. The sector that I am most interested in your company is the
transportation sector. During my bachelors degree and also partially during my masters
degree a great deal of my courses had to do with transportation and also road and track
design. Therefore I believe this area would be more appropriate for me and Im quite
confident I can do very well at in this position since I have the required theoretical
knowledge. But Im really open to other sectors as well as Im keen on learning new
things and take on new challenges.