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Answer Sheet - Past Simple Tense and Action Verbs (A2)

1. Listen to the text and fill in the blanks.

Last weekend I did a lot of things. On Saturday, I went to see a friend. We went to the park and
played chess there. I went back home in the late afternoon and played some music on my
Later that evening, I watched my favourite show on TV and went to bed very late.
Next morning, I spoke with my friend on the phone, but I could not visit him because I had to
help my dad in the garage. There, we made a bird feeder for the birds that fly around our

2. Match the verbs with their Past Tense.

play watched
do play
watch did
dance ate
drink danced
eat drank
work listened
listen worked
swim showed
show swam

1. Fill in the blanks in the table.

add added
asked asked
boil boiled
come came
hate hated
join joined
agree agreed
check checked
leave left
jump jumped

2. Rewrite the sentences in past tense.

1. My father worked as a policeman.

2. Three kids played outside.
3. I listened to music and played cards.
4. I walked in the park with my best friends.
5. We wrote a story about our families.
6. I went to school and then I came back home.
7. They ran around the house.
8. Your mother went to the mall.

3. Put the story in order. Rewrite in past tense.

1. Monika worked late last Friday.

2. She had a lot of work to do, and had to stay in the office until 7.30 pm.
3. Then she missed the bus and took a taxi back home.
4. When she came home she started cooking.
5. At about 9pm dinner was finally ready and everybody sat at the table.
6. Monika’s son Daniel did not like his dinner at all, and did not want to eat it.
7. He wanted pizza, so his dad ordered some pizza on the phone.
8. After dinner, they watched a movie together and went to bed at 11.30pm.
4. Underline the correct option.

1. I (say, think, told) Martin to give me the book.

2. She (answered, brings, run) the phone.
3. The family (swim, bought, jump) the house last April.
4. My brother and I (fed, dress, come) our two cats.
5. Our friend Sonya (drive, ate, saw) a very famous actor last week.
6. I (cleaned, wash, think) my room yesterday, so I can play today.