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Setting Up a User Computer

1. Clean Install Windows 10

2. Login as an administrator
3. Connect to the domain
a. Open File explorer
b. Right click "This PC" and go to properties
c. Click "Change settings" in the third section
d. Click the "Change…" button in the System Properties window that appears
e. Under "Member of" select Domain and type in "OTS" (assuming you are already
connected to the network through an Ethernet cable)
f. A box will pop up saying "Welcome to the OTS domain." Click "OK"
g. Next it will say you must restart your computer. Do so
h. You should be able to log in with your credentials once the computer restarts
i. Go to file explorer and click "Network"
j. It might not let you access the computers, so allow file sharing and other computer
4. Make whoever will be using the computer an administrator
a. Go to Control Panel (start button then type "Control Panel" in and select it)
b. Click "User Accounts"
c. Click "Give other users access to this computer"
d. Click "Add…"
e. Under "Username:" type their name
f. Under "Domain:" type "OTS"
g. Select "Administrator" and click "Next"
h. Click "Finish"
5. Check and install all updates
a. Click the windows button and type "Check for updates"
b. Select "Check for updates"
c. Click "Check for updates" (or something along those lines)
d. Wait for all the updates to finish installing
e. Either restart the computer, or schedule the restart manually
f. If you scheduled the restart, verify that it says when it will update under "Restart
required" (It will say something like "You scheduled your device to restart at 5:45 PM
6. Install Firefox
a. Go to the current web browser and search "firefox"
b. Install it
c. Go to settings
d. Click "Apps"
e. Click "Default apps"
f. Scroll to find "Web browser" and click "Microsoft Edge," then select "Firefox"
g. It will ask if you’re sure but click "Switch anyway"
7. Install the Keeper plugin on Firefox
a. Search "Keeper"
b. Click on the (probably first) link keepersecurity.com
c. Click "Download" in the ribbon at the top
d. Scroll down and click "Install on Firefox" which will take you to another page
e. Click "Add to Firefox" on this new page
f. A popup will appear; click "Add" then "Okay, got it"
g. Click the lock icon in the top right corner and accept the terms, then sign in
8. Install the ICNS Agent (Network)
a. Open file explorer
b. Click "Network"
c. Go to \\OTS-DC\IT Department\Programs\ICNS Agent
d. Double-click
e. Double-click "AGENT_71090_V9_13_3_RW"
f. Click "Yes" when asked if it can make changes
9. Install the NeQter Labs Inventory agent
a. Open file explorer
b. Click "Network"
c. Go to \\OTS-DC\Cyber Security\NeQter Labs\Appliance Setup
d. Double-click "OCS-NG-Windows-Agent-Setup"
e. Click “Yes” when asked if it can make changes
f. Click “Next” on the install wizard that pops up, then “I agree”
g. Continue to click “Next” without changing any of the defaults, then finally click “Install”
h. Click “Finish”
10. Change name of computer on domain
a. Open file explorer
b. Right click “This PC”
c. Click “Change settings” then “Network ID”
d. Make sure business network is selected then click “Next”
e. Make sure my company uses a network domain is selected, then click “Next”
f. Click “Next”
g. Put in your username and password, then click “Next”
h. It will ask you if you want to use the current name of the computer; click “No”
i. Rename the computer (“OTS-FIRSTNAMELASTINITIAL”)
j. Click “Next”
k. Type in your name and password and “OTS” for domain in the new box that pops up
then click “OK”
l. Click “Finish”
m. Restart your computer or schedule a restart

11. Set up the Kyocera printer

a. Open file explorer
b. Click "Network"
c. Go to \\OTS-DC\IT Department\Printers\5500i
d. Scroll down and double-click “Setup”, then click “Run”
e. When asked if it can make changes, click “Yes”
f. Click “Accept” on the notice that pops up, then click “OK”
g. Click the printer icon that says TASKalfa 5000i (Driver Package should
already be selected)
h. Click “Install”
i. Click “Finish” (You can select “Print a test page” if you want to)
j. It will go back to the product library and the “Install” button will be highlighted, just
close the window; you needn’t install it again
k. It will ask you if you’re sure you want to close, just click “Yes”
12. Install Microsoft Office (2007)
a. Insert the CD
b. Open file explorer
c. Click “This PC”
d. Double-click “DVD RW Drive (E:) Office 2007”
e. Scroll down and double-click “setup”
f. When asked if it can make changes, click “Yes”
g. Type in the product key (GJWH3-DMPCR-DC6YP-M397T-YTJV6), then click “Continue”
h. Select the “I accept the terms of this agreement” box, then click “Continue”
i. Click “Install Now”
j. Close the window that says it installed correctly.
k. Eject the CD
13. Install Nuance Power PDF
a. Insert the CD
b. Open file explorer
c. Click “This PC”
d. Double-click “DVD RW Drive (E:) PO1551001”
e. Click “Install”
f. When asked if it can make changes, click “Yes”
g. Click “Next”
h. Select “I accept the terms in the license agreement” then click “Next”
i. Put in your username and “OTS” into Organization, then click “Next”
j. Make sure “Typical” is selected, then click “Next”
k. Click “Next” then “Install”
l. Click “Finish” and then choose to restart now or later with “Yes” or “No” respectively
m. Launch the program and select “Activate Product” then click “Next”
n. Enter the Serial Number from the back of the CD holder then click “Next”
o. Click “Launch”
14. Set up the SHARP Printer
a. Open file explorer
b. Click "Network"
c. Go to \\OTS-DC\IT Department\Printers\Sharp MX-5111N\64x
d. Scroll down and double-click “setup” (the application), then click “Yes” when asked if it
can make changes
e. Click “Standard Installation”
f. Click “Next”
g. Click “OK”