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What is Creative Writing?

When we talk about Creative Writing, all sorts of forms of writing come into our mind. What really are
the definitions, descriptions, importance and nature of creative writing? Let us think of all the words,
phrases and sentences we have at our minds and find out what and how we see CREATIVE WRITING
really is.

Caricatures showing reality

Responsible use of words

Expression of feelings

Aesthetic abilities

Thinking beyond

Incorporating reality and fiction

Visual than verbal expression

Effective play of words

Way of unwinding and relaxing

Recognition of different types of writing

Improving available reading articles

Telling what you see, feel, experience, think

Imagination and perception development

Nurturing both creative and cultural skills

Guided writing activities

From the letters of the phrase, “Creative Writing” we have described it. But there is more to that. Even
when we use the letters of the alphabet, there are still a lot of descriptions we can give CREATIVE
WRITING. Because with creative writing, SKY IS THE LIMIT.
A Moonless Night

I went outside to find a sight of a scenic panorama that is not so bright. Once again, it is only me and
the motionless sky.

I am not really sure what is giving me the chills- the uncertain thoughts that the crickets are clanting or
the bright silver boat that in the great expanse in sailing?

Like nature’s breath and our shelter’s silhouette here I am, enjoying a bathe under the artificial light
from a tall and friendly lamp- post. The grass blades, accompanying me under heaven’s misty games. I
watch the mists shower all over me, they are too much for the dark clouds to contain, too much vapor
when the sun is at the highest reign.

Darkness encased the beauty of all the sweet- smelling sampaguitas who kissed my fingertips softly and

Slowly, the silence of the night was being broken by our neighbors and his four-wheeled endeavor. The
pitter patter of the falling rain grew louder. The gushing winds are whispering, “Sleep now.”

There wasn’t adequate amount of glittering stars to illumine my night. Oh moon! Oh stars! I want to see
your light. I want to see your light, I wish I might.

WATER- that is the element that would perfectly represent me.

Why Water?I can handle whatever life gives me, I can easily follow the shape of the situation I’m
into. My goals in life are crystal clear, Thus, I believe my future will be brilliant. Though I am not very
universal, cause if you make me dance and sing, I’ll just end up sobbing. But then, I am just like a water
who continues to flow and travel no matter what is it that I am going through. Like the waters that
surround the world, I would also love to explore the earth. I may be simple, colorless and odorless. I may
not be known by many, but like the water, I am highly distinct from the others. I am like a water, and no
one will be able to destroy me, I may be impended but I will remain the same me. Boiling or freezing
point, I will survive it all. At the end, I am very proud to share these characteristics with water.
We have our own shoes to wear

Make decisions to reach somewhere.

For life will make face everything

Be courageous and know God is watching

In every crossroads you have to choose.

Keep moving forward, life is about win or lose.

Life is on endless journey, love your shoes.

Cell phone

“ Friends forever” is our promise

Together, we shall survive any test.

I love you like you’re a sister

Thought you’d stand with me forever.

I searched and tried to find you.

But surprised to see you with a new.

Days, months and years passed me by

You never did care, not even try.

I was shattered by the words you said,

“We can no longer become friends.”

Everything ended with a single call

A text message just caused tears to fall.

Seeing the possibilities of a DOT

A simple and a small dot can mean a lot. For sentences, it signifies the end and the call for
another and a fresh start. Yet at this moment, whenever I try to imagine the dot, I see my goal and my

The dot is the mark of my destination, it is the push pin in my map that I need to achieve and
accomplish. The vast and empty space symbolizes all of the challenges and circumstances that I must go
through in order to reach or arrive at my goal. The dot represents everything that I desire. Inside it is the
perfect and ideal for me- a fulfilling career, a stable source of living, a happy family and a healthy body.

Setting goals in life gives us direction. Life is just like a piece of paper, make it meaningful, make
a dot. Big or small, it does not really matter as long as you have an aim, your life can be considered
worth living.
Seeing the possibilities of a STICk

Sticks can be used to put up a fire. As human beings, we all know how important fire is for us to
live and survive. Thus, a stick is very significant to every individual.

These sticks can be compared to teachers. Among all professionals, teachers are very humble
and simple just like sticks. Some might think that teachers are not as great like engineers and doctors
but everyone must not forget the nobility of this profession. A teacher ignites and nurtures the fire that
gives off light for every individual. Teachers provide all nations with light that guides its growth and

Sticks as well as teachers creates a great impact in our lives. Truly, great things come from small
Seeing the possibilities of a CHAIR

Life on earth is just temporary. In the scriptures, God promised to come back after he has
prepared the rooms in the Kingdom of Heaven and our chairs beside his throne.

Do you want to be seated near the throne with your Creator? Then you must prepare yourself
as well for the coming of Jesus Christ. There is nothing God is requiring us to do but to accept that his
beloved son is our savior, the way, the truth and the life for us enter His Kingdom. We just have to
follow all of his ways. Do live by faith and do not live by sight. Obey His commandments and He will give
you the desires of your heart.

God wants us close to Him. Secure your seats while you are still alive, the chair God is offering
you is far more comfortable than any chair in this world.