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W.O. No.

: CIS/WO/WSS/19-20/0056 Project Code : GSO19008

Indent No. : CIS/INDENT/WSS/19-20/00060 W.O. Date : 15-09-2019

Contractum Integral Solution Pvt Ltd

To, B-54 Shreenath Puram,in Front of TVS
Rajasthan Geo-Spatial Services Showroom, Kota-324005
H.No 831, lane no 9, Devi nagar,Near Vivek Vihar metro Phone (O): 9680534740
Station Jaipur Email:Jitendra.s@cispvtlimit
GSTN :- 08FXXPS8644P1ZT ed.com ;
PAN :- FXXPS8644P cispvtlimited@gmail.com
Email:-Rajasthangeospatialworld@gmail.com GSTIN No: 08AAGCC9027J1ZE
Phone (O): +91-9261628963 Kind Attn:Mr. Jitendra Singh
Pan No.:AAGCC9027J

Subject : Work Order for POI survey work .

CITY Rate Per Approved POI If <3000 POI Per day 5 INR

Hisar Rate Per Approved POI If >3000 POI Per day 5.5 INR

Sr. HSN Code Description U.O.M Qty. Rate IGST Amt Total Amt
1 Point of Interest Data Field Numbers 60000.00 5.00 18.00 300000.000
collection 0 @ 0%

POI Field data collection,Photos collection as per HERE WI and Quality standards.

Subtotal 3,54,000.00
Round Off 0.00
Grand 3,54,000.00
` Three Lakh Fifty four Thousand only Total

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W.O. No. : CIS/WO/WSS/19-20/0056 Project Code : GSO19008

Indent No. : CIS/INDENT/WSS/19-20/00060 W.O. Date : 15-09-2019

Terms & Condition

1 Taxes & Duties GST 18% Extra if applicable will be paid on submission of
Documentary evidence. Any Statutory Liability which may arise due to non Payment of
Taxes would be in your scope.

2 Project Schedule The Work should be completed within 3 months from the date of award of order.

3 Scope of Work As per attached annexure 1

4 Payment Terms 1. 10% mobilization advance .

2. 65% on completion of field activity , after confirmation from the Project Leader.
3. 25% will be disbursed as per client payment term back to back.

5 Invoice Certification The invoice should be submitted & approved by concerned project manager for Quantity
& Quality prior to processing at HQ KOTA.

6 Quality Check 1) Quality checks for surveyed and submitted data will be done as per Scope (Mutual
Requirement). If any errors or mistakes were observed during quality checking by CIS
PVT LTD or our client the vendor would rectify the same without any extra cost. The
vendor shall undertake total responsibility of any incomplete data and complete corrected
data should be submitted. 2) CIS PVT LTD will Check Quality as and when required the
vendor should co-operate CIS PVT LTD for the quality clearance of their data and the
technical clearance will be given to vendor against 100% accuracy. 3) More than one
rework from vendor is not allowed and the data will be finally rejected by CIS PVT LTD
against which no payments will be made.

7 Liquidated Damages Failing to comply with delivery Period & Quality checks, penalty of 0.5% per day of order
value will be levied up to a maximum limit of 5% of order value.

8 Termination/ Cancellation CIS reserved the right to terminate the work order:
1. In case Quality of service is not satisfactory
2. If the item is not meeting the specified requirement or project schedule.
3. If we found that you outsource the CIS work to other party (Subcontracting the CIS'
Survey Work) on the basis of our Work order your work order. In such case order will
terminate immediate effect & no claims will consider.

9 Prices The prices are firm and not subject to changes during supply order period.

10 TDS clause CIS PVT LTD shall deduct TDS and any other taxes that may be applicable on
contract works under the provision of respective Act of Government of
KOTA/Central Government during the operation of contract.

11 Confidentiality of Data Sale of data, sharing & Xerox of data to any other competitor is not allowed and any such
incidence would lead to immediate termination of this rate contract and work order

12 Special Terms 1. For POI Android mobile needs to be provided by Vendor. APP will be given by CIS.
2. CIS will Not provide ID card , vendor is binded not to use it for any other purpose. If
found, legal action will be taken.
3. Quantities may increase according to the performance of the vendor.
4. Actual location and other technical details will be provided by CIS PVT LTD Project
5. Vendor has to take permission/intimation to local/regional police stations.

13 Training Training will be conducted by Client for Vendor Data will be submitted as per the Training
& Instructions given by the Client.

14 Bank Details Bank Name : Bank of Baroda

Account No : 01240100009767
Account holder Name : Sanjay Sharma
Branch Address :- Arain,Ajmer

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W.O. No. : CIS/WO/WSS/19-20/0056 Project Code : GSO19008

Indent No. : CIS/INDENT/WSS/19-20/00060 W.O. Date : 15-09-2019

15 Standard Condition WO 1.Vendor should quote order reference on their bill and submit bill only after due approval
from CIS PVT LTD Project Manager
2. The work shall be carried out strictly as per the drawing, design, specification of item of
works and as directed by CIS PVT LTD Project Manager.
3. Original Bill along with completion / satisfactory certificate from respective dept. to be
submitted to Bill receive section, CIS PVT LTD , CIS
4. Price variation clause is not applicable to this work order at any point of time.
5. You will be responsible for the compensation if any payable under Workman’s
Compensation Act to the workers/staff engaged by you on the work.
6. You will ensure that the provision of Contract Labor (Regulation and abolition) Act is
strictly followed and payment to the workers shall govern minimum wages act as
stipulated from time to time by Government of KOTA. You will not engage laborbelow 18
years of age. You will responsible for any Provision applicable related to Provident
Fund, ESIC, etc.
7. The Workmen deputed by you shall not be treated as our CIS PVT LTD Employee/
associates for any purpose and benefits applicable to our employee.
8. You shall not be entitle to any compensation form CIS PVT LTDon account of
accident, act of God i.e. natural calamities like earth quake, floods, etc. or on account of
communal riots or war.
9. You are requested to please sign and return the duplicate copy of this work order as a
token of your acceptance.
10. The Management reserved the rights to re-verify yours bills at any point of time even
after making full and final payment. In case any discrepancies noticed there on you will
fully indemnify the institutions.
11. You must raise correct bills in terms of quantity and value. In case any discrepancies
found in our verification than management reserved the right to levy suitable penalty
which will be deducted from your bill.
12. Date of handing W.O/P.O. Vendor /Supplier . Penalty clause shall be
calculated as per delivery period after this date.

Prepared by Checked by Signatory

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