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Name: _________________________ Date: ____________

Poem Title: _____________________________________________

SSIFTT Poetry Analysis Strategy

● So what is the subject matter or topic of the text?
Subject -Self-confidence
-Be the best that you can be
-Have passion for your dreams

● So how is the poem written?

Structure -37 lines
-18 couplets (SNOT: two line written together)
-17 line breaks (SNOT: the spaces in between the lines)

● Description of details that helps the reader visualize and

I imagine the ideas in your mind

-Line 15 “rain...pour, drip, fall, full…”

-Line 1 “...sun...shine…”
- Line9 “...ladder...climb”
-Line 20 “...fire...burn...”

● So how does the speaker use the poetic devices to make

F meaning in the poem?
Figurative -Simile, Hyperbole, Personification, Repetition, Rhyme Scheme
Name: _________________________ Date: ____________

Poem Title: _____________________________________________

-Line 1-22 (extended similes)

-Line 6, Line 17, …. (personification)
-Line 37 (hyperbole because the line is written all alone)
- Lines 1-21 “like the…” (repetition to create a more entertaining or
enjoyable reading of the poem) (SNOT: To create the simile and
comparisons of two unlike things.)
-Lines 1-4 (rhyme scheme/pattern: ABAB)

● So, how does the speaker feel/attitude about or toward the

T subject?

Line 5 “like the champ, I’m here to fight”= confident tone

Line 21 “like the winner, I’m here to win” = determined tone
Line 37 “ I am enough” = self-worth/self-value tone
Line 11 “like the heart, I’m here to love” = compassionate

● So, what is the moral or lesson the speaker teaches us from

T the poem?
Theme -Believe in yourself even when others may not.
- Fight for your dreams.
- Stay true to who you are.
-Embrace everyone.
- Always appreciate who you are.
- Never lose sight of who you were meant to be.

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