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Dear Asli,

This has reference to our last meeting, my apologizes for not writing to you earlier, as I have been

I fully understand the challenge and the frustration that you and your management are facing to gain
market share in the Middle East. Middle East is not an easy market, which am sure you are aware. You
need a local partner, who will compliment your technical expertise and presence in the market, with a
good network with clients to initiate, follow-up and bring realistic projects for working on it.

You are based in Dubai but have a very large territory to cover, especially with various countries
involved -- this becomes very difficult to focus and get the desired local support that is required to
monitor and closely follow-up with projects and customers.

The market is very challenging especially with seasoned players who have been in the market for a very
long time, namely Dupont (Danisco), Palsgaard, Fanar Al Khaleej etc.

You need additional manpower to support the technical edge that you bring along with various
ingredients that you offer to clients.

You also need local intelligence, support, customer contacts and closeness that is required to challenge
the competition.

As discussed, I wish to highlight that there is a mutual interest to grow the Caldic business in the region.
I see a great opportunity to collaborate together in region and can support by way of the following to
develop the market –

1. Offer the local support required

2. Work on specific / focused projects
3. Close follow-up with client
4. Travel to various countries together
5. Offer local distribution in UAE and Saudi Arabia – the two most important countries in the
region, along with Kuwait.
6. Sharing office space etc.

For all of these services that we offer Alsi and Caldic, we will work with Marketing fee / retainer fee of
for the first year. For the subsequent years, this will be reduced to the business commission of the
existing and new business that will be generated.

We see a great opportunity with a bigger picture in mind, not only with the Food ingredient business but
also with other business lines like industrial, pharmaceutical, personal care etc.
As you are aware, major global chemical distributors have started to focus in the Middle East with
Brenntag and very recently Azelis, who have entered in the Middle East with local partners.

Caldic being one of the top 10 chemical distributor could look at this opportunity to have a long term
cooperation in the Middle East.

Solyman Services (UK) ltd., is part of a very large Saudi Group (Yousuf M A Naghi & Sons Group), which is
family owned. The Group is into diverse business activities and I see a very good synergy between
Solyman Services (& Group companies) with the Caldic Group activities. The Group also believes in
having JV’s, including investments with business partners for Saudi and the region. The Group has
various JV’s with global and regional business partners such as MARS, Reckitt Benkiser, L’Oreal, Julphar
etc. to name a few.

I am sure that the interest and cooperation that I envisage will surely bring diversification and access to
Caldic in the Gulf markets.

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