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Endless opportunities: Connect your terminal.

what is your idea? Get your data.

We handle the rest.
We’ve already heard from hundreds of different
companies in dozens of industries looking We’ve made it easy for you to connect your remote
to connect their devices to a cost-effective global devices by giving you low-cost terminals, flexible data
network like ours. plans, and APIs that let you have access to your data
We’d love to hear about your needs! when you need it. We are bringing expensive satellite
applications down to earth with pricing that makes space
within reach for the first time.

Maritime A powerful terminal...

64 nanosatellites. We are working with a wide
We start with a power efficient ASIC that you can integrate
directly into your high volume applications,
or use our Astronode terminal for serial communication
variety of maritime applications
A universe from fishing buoys, fisheries,
container tracking, bilge
with your device.

of applications,
and exhaust discharge
monitoring all to help make
the oceans safer and cleaner. ...connected to
dedicated our nanosatellites.
We will have 8 planes of 8 satellites orbiting
to your business. the earth, giving us a low latency, two-way network
for IoT applications.
Thanks to our dedicated L-Band frequencies,
your network can scale to the millions without fear
of noise generated by other devices.
In today’s rapidly changing world,
staying on top of your remote assets
is more critical than ever. LoRaWAN®,
NB-IoT, and other terrestrial platforms
Mining, oil Ground stations
are great when they have coverage near & gas collect the information...
you, but what about the 90% of the globe
not covered? We are helping mining operations A geographically distributed network of ground stations
Astrocast is your answer. better maintain their equipment collect the data gathered by the satellites
in some of the most remote places and then uploads it to the cloud, only one step away
on earth and helping oil from your information system.
and gas companies with monitoring
wellheads, pipelines
and discharge sensors.
...and after the cloud
We’ve integrated our network with the Azure
IoT hub giving you access to a wide variety
of tools to host, manage and analyze
your data.

Environmental ...you can enjoy

From water kiosks in remote villages your data.
in Africa to Tsunami warning buoys
and sensors monitoring water quality Our platform provides REST APIs that allow you
in rivers and streams, we are helping to integrate the data into your information
improve lives the world over. system, enabling you to easily monitor
and control your world.
Elevate your connections

We are Astrocast.
We’ve partnered with the European Space Agency, Airbus,
and Thuraya, to develop an advanced nanosatellite network
dedicated to IoT applications. Airbus and Astrocast developed
a low-cost ASIC and module that provides the most power
efficient satellite modem. The constellation will consist Astrocast SA
of 64 CubeSat satellites in Low Earth Orbit with low latency.
Astrocast was founded in 2014 by the developers
EPFL Innovation Park Building L South
of SwissCube, one of the longest lasting, operational Chemin de la Dent d’Oche 1B
nanosatellites in space. 1024 Ecublens, Switzerland

Launching 2019