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Mallikarjuna B N V <mallikarjuna.b@zerodha.com> Tue, 17 Sep 2019 at 13:39


Hope you are doing well.

As a business, we have set a target of reaching 2 million clients over the next 1 years, and we are looking for partners to get
there. We thought the best people to partner would be our clients like you, who have used our platform and servicesPlease
payment details 
Why partner with Zerodha?
1. Less than 0.1% (<1 million) of India actively invest on the stock exchanges. With the government focusing on
greater financial inclusion, this % can increase significantly over the next few years. We will be in the forefront of
the Indian retail brokerage business to capture most of it.
2. Technology first brokerage firm. India’s best trading technology – Kite, Pi, Console and Coin
3. Lowest brokerage costs. Completely transparent with no hidden charges or conditions.
4. The credibility of having run the business successfully over the last 8years with 8 lakh clients.
5. Business of scale. Even though the yield per customer acquired is less, it easy to scale greatly. Higher yielding
products like Mutual funds and Insurance products should add significantly to partner revenue.
6. Niche platforms using Kite connect. One of our endeavors is to grow the shallow retail participation on the Indian
capital markets. We believe that just great charting and trading tools, or zero brokerage won’t be enough. Using
Kite Connect, we are providing an easily accessible gateway to new-age fintech firms to build their platforms
using Zerodha infrastructure. This can attract huge number of internet enabled millennials in India to the stock
7. Referral business. Superior trading platforms and initiatives ensure continuous organic generation of leads from
existing client base. Our unique partnership model ensures you get complete benefit from any referral business.
8. One deal. Every client at Zerodha gets the same offering in terms of pricing, risk, and anything else. This makes it
a very easy product to offer support for.
9. Tier 1 & 2 cities. Majority of our business is currently from metros like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and
Mumbai, among others. We see a huge opportunity in growing our business in smaller cities, especially more with
the exponential rise in Internet penetration because of popular platforms like FB, Whatsapp, etc.

Benefiting from  Zerodha Service

1. Kite Publisher. With a few lines of HTML and Javascript, embed trade buttons on your website and mobile app,
and allow visitors to execute trades with just a couple clicks. Earn a revenue share for the trades executed
through your Kite buttons Click here to know more.
2. Generate Affiliate Link. You can also generate your affiliate link and add these to your webpages, facebook any
other site which generates leads for you to generate click here.
3. ZLM Support.  Use the Zerodha Lead Management system to enter manage and track your leads and view
detailed conversion and earnings reports In addition enjoy the assistance of our dedicated sales staff who
manages end to end services. 

Brokerage estimate 

 a) Partners sharing slab will start with 40% as basic slab, with a condition saying every 6 months they need to add
minimum 30 accounts. If there are inactive we will review and do a final settlement. 

b) For a higher slab 50/60 % partner needs to follow up there own leads

c)For new partners, we will start processing the payment once their initial           revenue of Rs 5000 is accumulated. We
will start recurring payment for them if  the monthly earnings are above Rs 1000.

d)Partner team will send a stamp paper (with content) to partner, they need to   just sign and resend. Once we receive the
declaration letter, the partner team   will ask to submit an invoice for payment. Payments will be cleared within one   week.

Slab Commission

0-1L 40%

1-2L 50%

>2L 60%

We are looking forward to partnering with like-minded individuals who have

a customer first attitude. Please Reply if you are interested. We will call you back and discuss the partner program in detail.

Please reply with the below information After completing the registration.
1. Educational background:-
2. Profession:- 
3. Current Location:- 
4. Lead source (Means of lead generation by partner) :-  
5. Promotional activities if any:- 
6. Association with other brokers:-  
7. Target leads set for the partner for next 6 months:-

To register your self please

Choose manager name as SHUBHAYU BHOL
Registration fee: 1180/-

Need to be paid on below account number.

Account Name: Zerodha
HDFC Bank Ltd 
Richmond Road
57500000302211 .