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My sincerest congratulations to our dear graduates and their parents/ guardians of the
School Year 2017-2018.
Your academic success is another milestone in your life. Your patience, perseverance
and hard work paid off. Continue your journey in education. Aim high and step the ladder
towards success. You will never go wrong if God is with you. Challenges will come along your
way. Accept them for they will shape you to be a better person. With all the skills and concepts
given to you by your teachers thru K-12 Curriculum which develop lifelong skills, you are ready
to face these challenges. You have your own potential strengths and resources that you will
discover as you come face to face with your life’s battles. Share your success to others.

Do not forget to look back to all people such as your parents/ guardians, teachers and
friends who support you in achieving your goals.
Wish you all the best and good luck in your next journey.


Elementary School Principal II