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Feed the Hungry group short on donations

by Andrew Cauthen its annual Thanksgiving event at derly and needy people. sonal donations, individuals can
Andrew@dekalbchamp.com Turner Field in Atlanta. To help eliminate the shortfall, help HFTH by go to their faith-
“We need people to give sacri- HFTH is sending out requests for based groups and organizing food
With donations down about 40 ficially,” said Elisabeth Omilami, additional support to its current drives and love offerings, Omilami
percent, it will be difficult for the chief operating officer the group donors. Donations from individu- said. “A thousand dollars from 30
DeKalb-based Hosea Feed The and daughter of civil rights leader als account for 60 percent of the churches would make a big differ-
Hungry and Homeless (HFTH) and founder of the group, Hosea organizations $1.7 million budget, ence.”
organization to feed the 10,000- Williams. The group anticipates Omilami said. HFTH is also seeking to form
15,000 people expected to attend taking another 6,000 meals to el- In addition to making per- new partnerships with companies
See Hosea on Page 15A

DeKalb Former
schools set police chief
to repeal dies after
non-resident extended
student policy illness
by Pureterrah Witcher

The policy that permits DeKalb

County Schools to spend more than
$8,000 per pupil on students who
do not live in the district because
their parents are full-time employ-
ees with the school system is be-
coming an expensive perk, accord-
ing to school officials.
“Every time we accept a non-
resident student the system loses the
difference between what state fund-
ing provides per student and what
the county does,” DeKalb School’s Louis Graham. File photo 2006
attorney Judith O’Brien said.
The DeKalb Board of Educa- DeKalb County Sheriff
tion’s Instruction and Board Policy Thomas Brown, responding to
Committee approved a measure to the Nov. 15 death of former Police
overturn its non-resident student Chief Louis Graham, said that the
policy on Nov. 9 at its scheduled law enforcement community “lost
meeting – a move some say will a giant.”
draw criticism. Graham died following an
“This is a controversial change. extended illness, according to pub-
And I anticipate that you will catch lished reports. “He was a true pro-
some flack – some heat,” O’Brien fessional and a valued friend who I
cautioned the committee members will miss greatly,” Brown said in a
before voting. news release.
“If you approve this and go to Graham was named chief of
the full board for approval I ad- the DeKalb County Police De-
vise you not to go lightly into this partment in 2004, a position he
policy change. You have to be fully resigned two years later amid con-
committed,” she added. troversy stirred by a secret profani-
By rescinding its non-resident ty-laced tape recording of Graham
student policy, all students that are and his assistant that included ra-
non-residents will no longer be al- cially inflammatory language.
lowed to attend DeKalb schools – Graham’s law enforcement
regardless of their parent’s employ- career started with the Atlanta Po-
ment status. lice Department in 1964. He was
Because the county does not named chief of Fulton County’s
code the enrollment of its employ- police force in 1991. After his
ee’s children who are non-resident The splendor of fall is apparent in this Avondale retirement from that position,
students differently from the way it Graham became an assistant chief
Estates neighborhood with the DeKalb County Police
See Schools on Page 15A Photos by John Hewitt force.

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www.championnewspaper.com THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2010 A Section • Page 3A

County plans water,

sewer improvements
by Andrew Cauthen old, Brennan said. The system has
Andrew@dekalbchamp.com maybe 5,200 miles of water and
sewer lines, one treatment facil-
DeKalb residents can expect ity for drinking water and two for
higher water and sewer rates over waste water.
the next few years, after a vote last In addition to issuing the bonds,
week by the DeKalb County Com- the county is expecting to raise wa-
mission to issue $28.4 million in ter and sewer rates by 13 percent
federal bonds to pay for improve- each year for three years beginning
ments to the county’s aging system. in 2012 to help finance the capital
This allocation is part of $36 improvements which include:
million in federal stimulus bonds
that were once proposed to be • $378 million for the Snapfinger
used for the redevelopment of the Wastewater Treatment Plant
old GM facility in Doraville, said • $65 million for the Polebridge
Burke Brennan, interim chief com- Wastewater Treatment Plant
munications officer for DeKalb • $38 million to upgrade the Scott
County. The bonds are expected to Candler Water Treatment Plant
be issued in December. • $179 million to improve parts of
The remainder of the federal the water distribution system
stimulus bonds will go to the con- • $600 million to update the waste-
struction of a north DeKalb police water collection system
precinct, upgrades to the Recorders • $82 million to start water reuse
Court and the building of a family and to return treated wastewater to
protection center. the Chattahoochee River, per state
The county commission has water planning requirements
identified more than $1.4 billion in • $36 million for vehicles and
capital improvement projects for the equipment for the improvement
water and sewer system, which in project.
some places may be about 50 years
File Photo

DeKalb’s new DA sees a mountain of

challenges but ready for the task ahead
by Nigel Roberts ence heading the two of- tually know how to manage James, he said, is his desire crimes against the elderly
fices. people.” to be in a position where are likely to rise as well. Yet
DeKalb’s new district Some of the differences He pointed to prosecuto- God could use him to help the resources to tackle the
attorney won 64 percent of are obvious: The solicitor rial experience as another others. “I’ve never set out problem are not in place.
the vote but doesn’t have general prosecutes misde- skill that goes hand-in-hand to make money,” he said. As solicitor general, he es-
much time to bask in meanors while the with management acumen— “I have a burning desire to tablished a partnership with
the glow of his vic- district attorney which is critical when the help people improve their Emory Healthcare, which
tory. He must oversee oversees complex district attorney makes deci- lives. That’s what drives donates bed space at its ge-
prosecution of high felonies and handles sions on how to prosecute a me.” riatric center for immediate
profile cases that are a larger budget. But case, he explained. As solicitor general, he assistance and safe haven
already under way, as more than that, the “Nothing has come sought to help many through for abused elders while his
well as several death district attorney has easy,” said the Murfrees- his initiatives aimed at attorneys prosecuted the
penalty cases. Now greater responsibility boro, Tenn., native. “When youth, the elderly and vic- abuser.
that the election is and pressure. you’re young and you want tims of domestic violence James has reached a
over, the real work James “The stakes are to do something that doesn’t that he plans to continue milestone in his career and
begins for Robert higher and more fit in the box (for your as district attorney. One of remains ambitious, but he’s
James. people are watching,” James age)—there’s not a lot of the programs, Jobs Not Jail, not thinking about the next
Just two weeks follow- said. “A solicitor general support.” provides first-time young rung on the career ladder.
ing the election, James is could make mistakes that James recalled that few offenders with opportunities “Right now I have a whole
scheduled to be sworn in never come to light but peo- people thought it was a to complete their education lot of work ahead of me,” he
to fill the vacancy left by ple know when the district good idea from him to run and get a job. He stated that said. “I have ambitions, but
Gwen Keyes Fleming, who attorney makes an error.” for solicitor general because warehousing some offend- I have not done anything yet
resigned to take a job with But James, 38, said of his age and inexperience. ers in prison is not the best as the district attorney for
the Environmental Protec- he’s up for the challenge. “In fact, it was tougher solution in some cases. me to talk about what I will
tion Agency. Fleming, like “Management experience running for solicitor gen- His position also enabled do next. I’ve got my work
James, served as solicitor is the most important skill eral than it was running for him to help abused and ne- cut out for me as the DA.”
general before becoming set for this job,” he said. district attorney,” he said. glected elders. James said
district attorney. And oc- “In addition to having the But when you’re successful, DeKalb has one of the fast-
casionally, he spoke with fundamentals like balancing “there’s a snowball effect.” est growing elderly popula-
Fleming about her experi- the budget, you have to ac- The engine that drives tions in the Southeast and

The Newslady
Wesley Chapel CID?
Commission. Wesley Chapel CID is one of three Chapel CID, individuals, organiza-
That is a major first step in being considered for South DeKalb. tions and neighborhood associations
achieving the CID status. The next Commissioners are looking at the should help any way we can. We
step is to raise the $100,000 seed Candler Road area and the area owe a huge debt of gratitude to peo-
money needed to launch the CID. around the Mall at Stonecrest. ple like Realtor Bobbi Sanford and
The WCCOC anticipates raising Businesses in the proposed Rent-All owner Jeff Wearing, RBC
$30,000 and hopes the DeKalb Wesley Chapel CID have already banker Ashton Carter and other
County Development Authority will pledged $15,000 toward their goal. members of the WCCOC.
put up the other $70,000 needed Organizers must get at least half It has been their unrelenting
Could it be—a Wesley Chapel for incorporation of the new CID. the commercial property owners in drive, their unfaltering determina-
Community Improvement District It will extend from I-285 to Panola the corridor to commit to tax them- tion and financial sacrifice that has
similar to the non-profit organiza- Road and from Covington Highway selves the extra mils each year to resulted in the overlay designation
tion that manages the Perimeter to Flat Shoals Parkway. fund the CID. The ROI (return on and the LCI designation from the
Mall area? Could the Wesley Cha- Here’s how a CID works. The investment) is excellent in terms of Atlanta Regional Commission. It
pel area become a vibrant, attractive majority of business owners in a the ability to attract federal dollars was no small feat. Despite setbacks
corridor that is aesthetically appeal- given area voluntarily tax them- for improvements in the area, job and disappointments they perse-
ing and bustling with high end busi- selves above the millage rate, which creation and safety, not to mention vered. Now the community must
nesses? gives them the leverage to get fed- the increase in business. support their efforts. Could it be?
Business owners Bobbi San- eral dollars by as much as 10 times The first major public fundraiser Could we see a Wesley Chapel
ford, her son Sandy Sanford, Jeff what they have raised through the was held Nov. 18 at the Golden Community Improvement District
Wearing, Greg Alexander and additional tax. The Wesley Chapel Glide Skating Rink in Decatur off in the not too distant future? If I
Ashton Carter among others de- CID would tax itself an extra 2 to Wesley Chapel. Owner Greg Alex- were a betting person, I’d lay odds
serve major kudos for the inroads 5 mils a year with the goal of rais- ander, an early and active member 10 to 1 that it will become a reality.
already made to make the Wesley ing up to a million dollars a year. of the WCCOC, donated the use of Look how far the WCCOC has al-
Chapel CID a reality. They have The federal government then kicks the rink to raise funds for the CID. ready come.
worked hard to establish the Wesley in major funds to be used for such The community is abuzz with
Chapel Community Overlay Coali- projects as security for the corridor, excitement and talk about the pos- Steen Miles, The Newslady, is a
tion, which has snared a Liveable new roads, bridges, streetscapes and sibilities the CID brings to the area. retired journalist and former Geor-
Communities Initiative (LCI) des- other beautification projects such So when we hear about fundrais- gia state senator. Contact Steen Mi-
ignation from the Atlanta Regional as those in the Perimeter area. The ing activities related to the Wesley lies at Steen@dekalbchamp.com.

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www.championnewspaper.com THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2010 A Section • Page 5A

Guest Opinions
Recession? What recession?
The rich are getting richer and the poor, poorer, with many who used to be
middle class sliding into the second camp
Obama and Wall Street to say, Business surely gets the drift that other companies, maybe based
“OK, no sweat. It’s over. All we today’s unemployment will be abroad. Rich individuals follow
have to do now is find jobs.” with us for the long haul. As tes- suit.
No one is fooled. But as memo- tament, my own city is watching This economic perversity has
ries fade, the history books will a new enterprise prepare to open helped speed up that long-term
show the Bush/Obama recession up in the center of downtown…a trend of the rich getting richer
only lasted a year and a half. May- Dollar Store. and the poor getting poorer, with
be those guys weren’t so bad after Long-term unemployment many who used to be middle class
all. How about a Nobel Prize? also unleashes another pernicious sliding into the second camp. Free
Well, unfortunately Bush was disaster on America’s bizarre eco- trade is sending jobs overseas and
You may not be familiar with that bad. He weakened the over- nomic system. Lost health insur- technology is replacing jobs alto-
the National Bureau of Economic sight of everything, allowing cor- ance. No job, no coverage. Thus gether. Simultaneously, savvy em-
Research. Who is? Regardless, it’s porate excesses and suicidal trade we are enduring a speedy growth ployers are using the job shortage
the official determiner of when we agreements to plunge us deep of folks without protection, as to drive down wages, weaken or
are in a recession and when we are into the economic depths. Obama well as a speedy growth in Med- eliminate health plans, and crush
not. Right now, we are not. Ac- wisely responded with a stimulus icaid enrollment for those who are unions. No wonder the Republican
cording to the bureau, the Great package that desperately needs truly down and out. This added Party has been flooded with corpo-
Recession ended back in June, a booster to keep us out of the expense further impoverishes state rate money this year. The United
2009. Who knew? I thought un- economic crevasse. Republicans governments. States has become an employers’
employment was still around 9.5 in Congress don’t care about the You might ask, “What is the paradise.
percent. crevasse. Most struggling citizens Federal Reserve doing about all That may mean ample profits,
Well, actually it is, but unem- who fall into it wouldn’t vote for this?” As tradition requires, the but it’s all still suicidal. As we
ployment isn’t one of the official them anyway. What the GOP cares Fed has lowered interest rates to slink into that still open crevasse,
measures of recession. That defini- about is power. Making Obama near zero, and as expected, cor- sales will fall so far that even
tion is more involved with Gross fail economically is the way to get porations are borrowing large clever companies can’t pull them-
Domestic Product, banking stuff it back, crevasse or no. amounts of the Fed’s cash. And selves out. Then who will rescue
and productivity. In fact you’ll be Obama meanwhile, perhaps why not, since it’s nearly free? us? The Tooth Fairy?
pleased to learn the Great Reces- under a demonic spell, insists on Unfortunately those companies
sion only lasted 18 months. pursuing Bush trade pacts with aren’t investing that cash in jobs, William A. Collins is a former
This bizarre definition of the Colombia and Korea. More jobs They are ‘ just hoarding it, or state representative and a former
economy allows President Barack down the hole, never to return. looking for good deals to buy up mayor of Norwalk, Connecticut.

GOP magic act

Voters responded to hard times by increasing the power
of an avowed enemy of prosperity
Republicans now find Voters responded to
themselves in the dilem- hard times by increasing
ma of a car-chasing dog by Donald Kaul
the power of an avowed
that finally catches one. Columnist enemy of prosperity. Go
What does he do with it? figure.
The rhetoric of the In keeping with the
“Republican revolution” theme of strangeness,
that swept the party to victory in the voters in Kentucky made Rand Paul
recent elections is long on generalities– the first Aqua Buddhist ever elected to
smaller government, lower taxes, less the U.S. Senate. Talk about religious
spending–but short on specifics. tolerance. They did this in spite of (or
How much smaller? Whose taxes? perhaps because, I don’t know since The following comments are pulled straight from our Web site and
What spending? Inquiring minds have I’ve never been to Kentucky) a video are not edited for content or grammar.
asked these questions without receiving showing a Paul supporter stomping a
satisfactory answers. woman’s head at a pre-election rally.
The magic spell that led to the Re- Disappointingly, Delaware voters Long, church respond to allegations against
publican victory was extraordinary. The refused to be tricked into electing Chris- New Birth pastor
GOP ran on a traditional Republican tine O’Donnell as the first witch elected
spats-and-top-hat platform, yet managed to the Senate. (Don’t tell me she’s not a “The devil is targeting the generals”?! Seriously?
to reveal itself as a populist uprising. witch; I know a witch when I see one. Could it possibly be that “the man of God” isn’t re-
In an economy that has terrified peo- You might as well say Paul isn’t an Aqua ally? Consider it. I agree that New Birth should be in
ple about job loss, Republicans argued Buddhist.)
against stimulus programs that create You win some. You lose some. our prayers; however, I reject the notion that Eddie
jobs. I knew Obama’s party was in deep Long is without fault in THESE cases. If it were only
In an environment where the filthy trouble when I saw the Joe Manchin one young man, then maybe that one person is ly-
rich keep getting filthier all the time, campaign ad that was so popular with ing, but four?! Come on, don’t be blinded!
Republicans favored tax cuts for the rich West Virginia voters: the one showing
and health care cuts for the poor. him shooting at a climate-change bill the –MM posted this on 11/14/10 at 7:59 p.m.
With more people facing bleak eco- president backed with a high-powered
nomic circumstances, Republicans said rifle. The thing is, Manchin’s a Demo-
they would cut government services. crat! When candidates in your own party This is the time that the entire Christian fam-
And less than two years after a newly are winning with ads like that, it’s a hint ily across the globe to commit to prayers and rally
deregulated financial industry had all things aren’t going well. round Newbirth Church. As a member of the body
but martyred the country with its reck- California Democrat Barbara Boxer, of Christ, what affects one afftects all. The devil is
less risk-taking, Republicans promised however, was re-elected to the Senate targetting the generals of God in order to bring the
to free big business from regulation–yet by actually embracing Obama’s policies
again. rather than running away from them. gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ into disrepute. This
They won control of the House of But California is a weird state. Its is a trying time for Newbirth Church and they will
Representatives and narrowed the Dem- voters rejected a law that would have le- prevail. The anointed man of God will triumph as
ocratic majority in the Senate anyway. galized (and taxed) the sale of marijuana. sure as God is on the throne. We should pray for
It wasn’t an election. It was a magic California marijuana farmers opposed it Strength and comfort and God’s grace to abound.
act. because they thought being legal would God will confound the adversaries and bring them to
Democrats were reduced to apolo- be bad for business. Jerry Brown, a
gizing for voting for better health care, relic of the 1960s, was brought back to shame.
repairing roads and bridges, and saving sit in the governor’s chair again–cross-
General Motors from bankruptcy. They legged, of course. – KK posted this on 11/14/10 at 2:13 p.m.
promised not to do it again, but the vot- And Senate Majority Leader Harry
ers didn’t believe them. Reid of Nevada, the Democrat who was WOW, i believe this hanging heavy over the head
So, now what? All we know for sure the GOP’s top target, survived a nasty of African American Chrisitans and we really need to
is that Senate Minority Leader Mitch campaign.
McConnell (R-Ky.) has a goal. He told a If progressive Democrats are looking pray. As an African American Catholic, until the truth
group of Republican fat cats “the single for that rabbit in the hat (and who isn’t?), came out in many of these instances we were not
most important thing we want to achieve it’s that so many conservative Democrats free.
is for President Obama to be a one-term lost that Dem lawmakers are, on the av- It is critical that justice be done and the Truth
president.” erage, more liberal than they were before persevere. I willpray for New Birth and the entire
Ponder that for a moment. How can the election. Christian community. The innocence and protection
Republicans ensure Barack Obama’s But they’re a minority in the House
defeat in 2012? By working to keep the now. of children is paramount in our ministry and is criti-
economy in the tank for the next two OtherWords columnist Donald Kaul cal to the future of the church. It was not until the
years! That’s the primary goal of the Re- lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. www.oth- Catholic Church confronted this head-on and began
publican leader of the Senate. erwords.org investigations worldwide that change came.
May God keep you all....during this difficult time..it
is equally difficult to speak Truth to power.
Printed on 100% Denise

post-consumer Diocese of Oakland

St. Patricks

recycled paper – Denise Gums posted this on 11/10/10 at 3:08 p.m.

www.championnewspaper.com THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2010 A Section • Page 7A

DeKalb mayors say other counties Charles Martin

Champion of the Week
should help with transit system
by Andrew Cauthen MARTA is aided by a one- Not all of the funds cedures,” Martin said.
Andrew@dekalbchamp.com cent sales tax in DeKalb and raised would go to a transit “Through an appoint-
Fulton counties. system; some would go ment with the DeKalb
The mayors of the nine “And the time is now,” to roads and bridges, too, CSB, I have an op-
cities entirely in DeKalb Floyd said. He said the Floyd said. “We have portunity to give back
County say mayors wanted enormous transportation to the community that
a regional to publicly show problems in the Atlanta has supported me for
transit system their support for area,” said Floyd, adding 25 years by working
is needed to the Transportation that the Atlanta region has to remove the stigma
address the Investment Act the 15th worst traffic in the
transportation of 2010. The bill, country. “Transit is certainly attached to mental
issues of the passed by the part of the solution.” disabilities.”
counties of state house earlier Floyd said MARTA is Martin also serves
metropolitan this year, created a “good organization that Charles Martin, a individuals with dis-
Atlanta. The 12 statewide tax does a good job,” but it Decatur resident and abilities through his
mayors made districts. Each has serious governance attorney with Martin role as director of
a show of district can levy a problems in its board. & Jones, PLLC, who the Georgia Client
solidarity one-cent sales tax The MARTA board setup has represented dis- Assistance Program
during a press Floyd for 10 years and the “makes it hard to be and the vice presi-
conference on money raised by a efficient. It’s always been a abled individuals for
more than 30 years, dent of the National
the steps of the district must go to problem,” Floyd said. Organization of So-
state Capitol building last fund projects in that district. MARTA also has serious recently was elected
board chair for the cial Security Claim-
week. Roundtable groups for image problems and “a lot
“We need a regional each district will ultimately of baggage that we probably DeKalb Community ants’ Representatives
system, run regionally, set select the transportation don’t want to deal with” in a Service Board (CSB), (NOSSCR). In addi-
up regionally, and funded projects. The Atlanta regional transit system. a public provider of tion to his work as an
by more than just DeKalb area roundtable consists One idea would be to let mental health, devel- attorney, Martin owns
and Fulton counties,” said of 21 members: the 10 MARTA run the bus system opmental disabilities Avondale Software
Decatur Mayor Bill Floyd. area county commission for DeKalb and Fulton and addiction ser- and writes case man-
There are 10 counties in chairmen, one mayor from counties, and let each vices. agement software for
metropolitan Atlanta– each county and Atlanta county in the region have Martin first became law offices.
Clayton, Cherokee, Cobb, Mayor Kasim Reed. Floyd its own bus system. Then, He enjoys playing
DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, is the mayor from DeKalb a regional transit system interested in volun-
teering to serve on the classical guitar, roast-
Fulton, Gwinnett, Henry County on the roundtable. could run a rail system for ing his own coffee and
and Rockdale. Floyd said the revenue all the counties. DeKalb CSB board 10
years ago; however, running marathons
Expanding and generated by the one-cent Doraville Mayor Ray
enhancing the Metropolitan sales tax is estimated to Jenkins agrees that the area there were no avail- in his spare time. In
Atlanta Rapid Transit reach about $7 billion. needs an improved transit able positions at that September, Martin
Authority (MARTA) may “Without a regional transit system. “I think it should time. Since then, he participated in the
not be the answer to the system we aren’t going to have been expanded a long continued to follow DeKalb CSB’s fourth
region’s transportation be able to make good use of time ago,” Jenkins said. legislation about com- annual Walk of He-
woes, Floyd said. Currently the $7 billion,” Floyd said. munity service boards roes 5K race, where
and in 2008 was he won first place in
sworn in to join the his age group.
board of the DeKalb The DeKalb CSB
CSB. In his new posi- is a public provider of
tion as board chair, mental health, devel-
Martin presides over opmental disabilities
board meetings and and addiction services
carries out the deci- to residents of DeKalb
sions of the board. County who are faced
“Community ser- with these challenges.
vice boards need peo- Annually, the DeKalb
ple who are familiar CSB serves more
with service delivery, than 10,000 children,
as well as legal pro- teens and adults.

If you would like to nominate

someone to be considered as a
future Champion of the Week,
please contact Kathy Mitchell at
kathy@DeKalbchamp.com or at
404-373-7779, ext. 104.

Jartavius Edmond, a patient at Egleston Hospital, was visited by supermodel Cindy Crawford as part of an ongoing partnership between Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
and Rooms To Go. Photo by P. Witcher

Supermodel Cindy Crawford visits

Children’s hospital patients
by Pureterrah Witcher personal. reassuring,” Henderson said. “I
Pureterrah@dekalbchamp.com “I know that when a child gets definitely know where she’s com-

A wide grin spread across Jar-

a diagnosis, it’s as if the entire
family receives the diagnosis.
ing from.”
In addition to a fairy god
‘This is the first
tavius Edmond’s face when the There’s no way around it,” Craw- mother and a cadre of clowns that
13 year-old who has lost both his
kidneys laid eyes on supermodel
ford said.
“I can recall when my mother
roam the hallways of Egleston,
Children’s foundation president
time we’ve had
Cindy Crawford in person for drove hours, several hundred Gene Hayes said Crawford’s ap-
the first time.
“I’m just happy she came to
miles between Illinois and Wis-
consin to take my brother to the
pearance was unmatched.
“This is the first time we’ve
a supermodel.
see me and to finally get to meet hospital. Back then there weren’t had a supermodel. I’m sure our
her,” Jartavius said.
Edmond, who has end-stage
as many places [hospitals] like
this. That’s why Children’s is so
patients will be elated to see her.
We are so grateful to have people
I’m sure our
renal disease, was one of sev- important. You look around and like Ms. Crawford come to raise
eral patients Crawford visited at
Egleston Hospital Nov. 12, as
know this is a hopeful place.”
In 1976 Crawford’s brother,
awareness. We couldn’t do all we
do without people like her and
patients will be
part of an ongoing relationship Jeff, died from Leukemia. the philanthropic support of com-
between Children’s Healthcare
of Atlanta and Rooms To Go–
Juanita Henderson, mother
of 11 year-old Trenavius Hen-
panies like Rooms To Go,” Hayes
said. elated to see
the manufacturer of Crawford’s derson who received a heart A portion of all sales from
furniture line–Cindy Crawford
transplant while at Children’s in
May, said she could identify with
Crawford’s appearance at the
Rooms To Go super store in the her....’
The supermodel turned entre- Crawford’s story considering her Perimeter area Saturday, Novem-
preneur has worked with Rooms family lives in Tifton. ber 13 will go to Children’s.
To Go since 2005 and in that time In early November Trenavius According to organization of-
visited several children’s hospi- was asked to return to Atlanta ficials, Children’s manages more -Children’s foundation president
tals around the country. after his blood tests came back than half a million patient visits Gene Hayes
With first-hand experience in inconclusive. annually at three hospitals and 16
childhood illness and its effects “I didn’t know that her fam- neighborhood locations through-
on families, Crawford said her ily has been through something out the state.
support of pediatric medicine is similar to mine. It was kind of
www.championnewspaper.com THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2010 A Section • Page 9A

Major Gen. Maria Britt, center, receives a plaque from DeKalb County Veterans Day Celebration master of cer- A large crowd gathered for the county’s annual Veterans
emonies Ray Sauls, right. They are joined by DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis. Photos by Robert Naddra Day celebration, kicked off the by the singing of America

Women soldiers honored at

the Beautiful by 2009 American Idol finalist Genesis Moore.

Veterans Day celebration

by Robert Naddra fifth-largest contingent of women
robert@dekalbchamp.com veterans of any state in the coun-
Freamon Dixson held his “Now more than ever we need
small American flag high as he to recognize the importance of
listened to Major Gen. Maria specific issues pertaining to fe-
Britt speak about the challenges male veterans,” Ellis said. “The
facing female veterans. incidences of sexual trauma for
Dixson, a Lithonia resident, females are five times more than
didn’t have the opportunity to males in the military. They have
serve with female soldiers dur- higher levels of post traumatic
ing his two-year stint in Vietnam. stress disorder and traumatic
But he felt a bond after reading brain injury than males.
about Britt in the program for “Female veterans often are left
the DeKalb County Veterans to maintain the balance of work
Day Celebration and hearing and family alone,” Ellis contin-
her speak. The event at the Old ued. “Taking care of our women
Courthouse in Decatur focused on veterans is not the charitable thing
the achievements and challenges to do, it’s the right thing to do.”
of female veterans. ers, throughout her career. have been killed on active duty in There are many examples of
“We really do have some cou- Being among the first group of the past 18 months. heroism among female veterans
rageous veteran females,” said women to be commissioned at West “I mentor both men and women who have followed in Britt’s foot-
Dixson, a U.S. Army veteran who Point, Britt is a pioneer among soldiers,” Britt said. “And I want to steps. Britt spoke about 23-year-old
fought in Vietnam in 1968-69. “I women veterans and uses her ex- make sure I’m always there for the Lee Ann Hester, a member of the
think it’s good that they’re given perience to foster a greater under- women soldiers and share my ex- Kentucky National Guard, who
the opportunity to show their com- standing of what women face in the periences. I enjoy sharing my lead- killed three insurgents and became
mitment to their country.” military. ership experiences not only with the first woman since World War II
Females were first admitted to “I see myself as a soldier and a military women but women in the to earn the Silver Star.
the United States Military Academy leader,” Britt said before the cer- private sector as well.” “We serve because we don’t
in 1977. Britt, a 27-year veteran emony. “I know I’m sort of a pio- The ceremony was attended by want our moms to be the one in the
who now is the commander of the neer, but to me it’s not a big deal. I dozens of military veterans as well back of the plane making a frantic
Georgia Army National Guard, en- just want to lead and make a differ- as many DeKalb County public of- cell phone call minutes before the
tered West Point in 1979. Through- ence.” ficials. plane slams into the Capitol build-
out her career she has held many At her current post, Britt is re- DeKalb County CEO Burrell ing,” Britt said in her address dur-
high-ranking assignments in mili- sponsible for training and equipping Ellis spoke of the importance of ing the ceremony. “It’s personal to
tary police and intelligence. the 11,250 soldiers that comprise honoring and supporting female me.
Britt has been awarded the Le- Georgia’s national guard. More than veterans. Ellis pointed out that 40 “This is a time to let us reflect on
gion of Merit medal, the Army 10,000 Georgia National Guard percent of all National Guard sol- the commitment and character of a
Commendation medal and the Meri- soldiers have been deployed since diers and reservists in Georgia are generation of great soldiers,” Britt
torious Service medal, among oth- 9/11, Britt said, and 10 soldiers female, and that Georgia has the added.
www.championnewspaper.com THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2010 A Section • Page 11A

Dunwoody’s identity gets branded with

phrase ‘Smart people. Smart city.’
by Robert Naddra said. when it was discovered
robert@dekalbchamp.com “The reason for brand- the economic development
ing is to bring attention to board of Plano, Texas, was
“Smart people. Smart businesses or services,” Da- using the phrase. Changing
city.” mann said. “Any city needs the original tag line did not
With those four words, to sell itself to the people cost any extra money, Dam-
Dunwoody has taken an- and we wanted to create a ann said.
other step toward creating unique brand to promote The new brand was
its own identity. It became Dunwoody as a place people unveiled Oct. 23 at the
incorporated as a city on would want to be.” Dunwoody Music Festival,
Dec. 1, 2008. The cost of the rebrand- where more than 20,000
Dunwoody began its ing effort was split, with were expected over the two-
rebranding process in Sep- the city and the Dunwoody day event. A video, com-
tember of 2009, said Edie CVB each paying $50,000 plete with music, was cre-
Damann, marketing and and the chamber chipping in ated for the launch and dis-
public relations director for $5,000, Damann said. played during the festival.
the city. A marketing firm The slogan was origi- “This was something the
was hired, community in- nally “Smart people. Smart city had always planned to
put was received and focus place,” but was tweaked do,” Damann said.
groups were used to help
ensure the right tag line was

The brand is used by the
city as well as Dunwoody’s
chamber of commerce, the
convention and visitor’s
bureau and the community
impact districts, Damann
(Degree, Diploma or TCC)
Military Brief
Army National
Guard Pvt. De- Thursdays Has DeKalbTech
monta H. Wright
has graduated from
basic infantry train-
been a part of
ing at Fort Benning,
Columbus. Shop
Shop Shop
Shop your life?
During the nine
weeks of training, Local
Local Decatur
the soldier received
training in drill and Holiday shopping on East Court Square. We want to reconnect with you
ceremonies, weap-
ons, map reading,
through our newly launched
tactics, military cour-
tesy, military justice, DTC Alumni Association website!
physical fitness, first
aid, and Army his-
tory, core values and
traditions. Additional Please Register at
training included de-
velopment of basic
combat skills and
battlefield operations
and tactics, and 404-297-9522 x1139
experiencing use
of various weap-
ons and weapons
defenses available Nearly 30 Shops and Restaurants
to the infantry crew- Open Late Every Terrific Thursday
man. Through Dec. 16
He is the son of
Demetrius Garling-
ton of Ellenwood.
Wright is a 2008
graduate of South decaturga.com
Atlanta High School, thedecaturminute.com Downtown Decatur
Advertising funded by the Decatur Craft Beer Festival.
A-79562 (A_LeftSide_10x14) 11/18/10

Plenty of savings make it easy t

Publix Young Turkey

We have a wide variety of sizes of young, broad-breasted,

USDA-Inspected, Grade A frozen turkeys so you can
choose the one perfect for your gathering, 10- to 24-lb
Limit Five per Customer.
(More Than 5 ... lb .99)

25 24
Land O Lakes Kraft
Sweet Cream Butter . . .M 00 Shredded Cheese . . . . . . . .M 00
Assorted Varieties, 15 or 16-oz pkg. Or Cubes, Assorted Varieties,
ALL-NATURAL 5.8 to 8-oz pkg.
SAVE UP TO 1.98 ON 2 SAVE UP TO 2.78 ON 2

Swanson Broth . . . . . . . . 1
Mm Celery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
Assorted Varieties, 14.5-oz can Grown in California, Fresh, each
Quantity rights reserved. Quantity rights reserved.

Publix Deli
Cranberry-Orange Relish 99 1
Cool Whip
Whipped Topping 1
Mm Dinner ...............................................................

The centerpiece of the traditional holiday feast is a succulent, fully cooked

8-oz pkg. Assorted Varieties, 8-oz bowl 10- to 12-lb turkey. Ours comes with delicious old-fashioned cornbread
SURPRISINGLY LOW PRICE Quantity rights reserved.
dressing, homestyle mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry-orange relish,
and apple-cranberry cobbler for dessert. Just heat dinner before serving,
Serves 7 to 10, each

111810_ATL_SPREAD_10x14.indd 1 11/10/10 10:49:29 AM

www.championnewspaper.com THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2010 A Section • Page 13A

A-79562 (A_RightSide_10x14) 11/18/10

y to create a hearty holiday meal

Fresh Potato Rolls, Pepperidge Farm

Yellow Squash .................................

Along with being high in fiber and vitamin C, squash is

.99lb 12-Count 1

Enjoy them just the way they are or warm them in the oven.
Stuffing ...........................................

Made from premium Pepperidge Farm breads and a blend

incredibly versatile and makes a beautiful, colorful addition They’re perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner, 15-oz pkg. of special seasonings, our stuffing is a gratifying must for
to your Thanksgiving table. SAVE UP TO 1.00 your Thanksgiving meal, 12 or 14-oz bag

Baby Cut Carrots 1

Cook them up and top with a bit of butter and a

Kendall Jackson
Chardonnay Wine 1199

A great wine-and-food combination makes both wine and

Pumpkin Pie ........................................

Why search for ingredients and get out your mixer?

sprinkling of brown sugar. Give your Thanksgiving a touch food taste better.Here’s to a feast with family and friends! Our Publix Bakery Pumpkin Pies are the perfect dessert,
of nature’s sweetness, 2-lb bag 750-ml bot. 24-oz size
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Select locations only.

Whether we’re cooking or offering advice,

p u b l i x . c o m / s a v e
we’re experts at creating meals
Prices effective
If your wish is to enjoy a delicious, complete meal that you Thursday, November 18 through Wednesday,
can simply heat and serve, order a Publix Deli Holiday Dinner. November 24, 2010.
Effective in all Metro Atlanta Publix locations.
For details, visit publix.com/entertaining or pick up a Publix Deli Quantity rights reserved.
Holiday Dinners brochure from your local store.

111810_ATL_SPREAD_10x14.indd 2 11/10/10 10:49:58 AM


Africa’s Children’s Fund educating students at home and abroad

by Nigel Roberts mantras is that “people in Mountain has been a part-
need can become people ner in ACF’s Gift of Books
Orphaned and home- who give hope to the needy.” since 2002. Jacquelyn
less at age 11in his native Through his organization, Pryor, a school counselor
Nigeria, Victor Mbaba he works toward making a at Wynbrooke, recalled that
used education to improve better education possible for the school’s first book drive
his life. Today, Mbaba is students in Africa. ACF’s resulted in 10 boxes of text-
the executive director of Gift of Books program ships books.
a DeKalb-based nonprofit discontinued textbooks, “Our parents also got
organization that promotes which would otherwise dis- involved by contributing
education as a means to carded, from schools in the books from their homes
help underserved students United States to schools and when they found out that the
get ahead. libraries in Africa. books were going to children
Mbaba established Since 1993, ACF has in Africa who needed them,”
Africa’s Children’s Fund shipped more than 1.28 mil- she stated. “Knowing that
(ACF) in 1993. Since that lion books to help build or the books are going to chil-
time, ACF has assisted chil- improve libraries in schools dren without access to books
dren and their families from in several African countries. is important to us.”
Stone Mountain to South Wynbrooke Elemen- Over the years, ACF has
Africa through its educa- tary Theme School in Stone collected and shipped text- DeKalb County-based Africa’s Children’s Fund collects discarded
textbooks and sends them to needy schools in the United States
tion, medical and housing and Africa. Photo by Nigel Roberts
See Book on Page 17A
According to Mbaba,
the education programs are
“not charity but an invest- DeKalb County Wants to Hear From You
ment.” Project Excel has Regarding the Proposed Franchise Agreement Renewal
been one of ACF’s most with Comcast Cable Communications
successful programs. Since
1995, it has provided more Send your comments and/or concerns regarding Comcast’s current performance under
than 4,000 students in the the current franchise agreement and/or the future cable-related needs and interests of
metro area with remedial your community to cable@co.dekalb.ga.us.
reading, tutoring, mentor-
ing, SAT preparation and The Champion Weather Nov. 18, 2010
youth leadership training.
Seven Day Forecast In-Depth Local Forecast Today's Regional Map Weather History
Stephenson High School in
Today we will see mostly sunny skies with Nov. 18, 1957 - A tornado, 100
Stone Mountain is one of THURSDAY a high temperature of 63º, humidity of yards in width, traveled a nearly
the main program centers in Mostly Sunny 62% and an overnight low of 40º. The “straight as an arrow” 27-mile
the county. High: 63 Low: 40 record high temperature for today is 80º 61/39 Lilburn path from near Rosa, Ala. to
Mbaba, who has worked set in 1985. Friday, skies will be sunny Smyrna Doraville 62/40 near Albertville, Ala., killing
as an educator, said his vi- Sunny
with a high temperature of 61º. 62/40 62/40
three people. A home in the
Susan Moore community in
sion is not limited to help- High: 61 Low: 40 *Last Week’s Almanac Decatur
63/40 Blount County was picked up
ing students improve their Date Hi Lo Normals Precip
Atlanta 63/40
and dropped 500 feet away.
grades. “Education opens SATURDAY Tuesday 74 38 65/45 0.00" Lithonia
College Park
the door to a promising Sunny Wednesday 75 38 65/45 0.00"
64/40 Nov. 19, 1921 - The Columbia
High: 65 Low: 41 Thursday 75 38 65/45 0.00"
future and improved self- Friday 70 44 64/44 0.00"
Morrow Gorge ice storm finally came to
64/40 an end. In Oregon, 54 inches of
esteem,” he said. “Through SUNDAY Saturday 68 36 64/44 0.00" Union City snow, sleet and glaze blocked the
education, we can reduce Sunny Sunday 69 36 64/44 0.04" 64/40 Columbia River Highway. Apart
much of the negative be- High: 65 Low: 47 Monday 58 55 63/44 0.36"
Hampton from traffic on the river itself, all
havior that leads our chil- Rainfall . . . . . . .0.40" Average temp . .55.3
65/41 transportation between Walla
MONDAY Normal rainfall . .0.98" Average normal 54.4
dren to encounters with the Mostly Sunny Departure . . . . .-0.58" Departure . . . . .+0.9
Walla, Wash. and Portland, Ore.
came to a halt.
criminal justice system, High: 67 Low: 48 *Data as reported from De Kalb-Peachtree Airport
drug and alcohol abuse and Local Sun/Moon Chart This Week Tonight's Planets
violence.” TUESDAY Day Sunrise Sunset Moonrise Moonset
Rise Set
One of Mbaba’s favorite Sunny Full Thursday 7:12 a.m. 5:33 p.m. 3:27 p.m. 4:15 a.m. New
Mercury 8:45 a.m. 6:29 p.m.
sayings is: “No condition in High: 66 Low: 42 11/21 Friday 7:13 a.m. 5:32 p.m. 4:01 p.m. 5:12 a.m. 12/5
Venus 4:58 a.m. 3:58 p.m.
Saturday 7:14 a.m. 5:32 p.m. 4:40 p.m. 6:12 a.m.
life is permanent.” In many WEDNESDAY Sunday 7:14 a.m. 5:31 p.m. 5:25 p.m. 7:13 a.m.
Mars 8:48 a.m. 6:39 p.m.
ways, his life is a testimony Mostly Sunny Last Monday 7:15 a.m. 5:31 p.m. 6:17 p.m. 8:13 a.m. First
Jupiter 2:32 p.m. 2:19 a.m.
to that belief. After losing High: 64 Low: 41 11/28 Tuesday 7:16 a.m. 5:31 p.m. 7:15 p.m. 9:10 a.m. 12/13
Saturn 3:47 a.m. 3:33 p.m.
Uranus 2:38 p.m. 2:35 a.m.
his parents in a civil war Wednesday 7:17 a.m. 5:30 p.m. 8:19 p.m. 10:02 a.m.
in his homeland, Mbaba Local UV Index National Weather Summary This Week Weather Trivia
fell three years behind in
The Northeast will see scattered rain and snow today, mostly clear to partly cloudy How far did the
school. At age 13, he went skies Friday and Saturday, with the highest temperature of 57º in Georgetown, Del. radioactive cloud from
back to elementary school 0 - 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11+ The Southeast will see mostly clear skies today through Saturday, with the highest Chernobyl travel?
after the war and went on to UV Index
temperature of 84º in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The Northwest will see partly cloudy to cloudy skies
Answer: A cloud of radiocative
with isolated rain and snow today, widespread rain and snow Friday and Saturday, with the high-
complete high school and to 0-2: Low, 3-5: Moderate,
est temperature of 62º in Colville, Wash. The Southwest will see mostly clear skies today and
debris circled the Earth several times.
earn an undergraduate col- 6-7: High, 8-10: Very High
11+: Extreme Exposure Friday, isolated showers Saturday, with the highest temperature of 81º in Gila Bend, Ariz. © 2010. Accessweather.com, Inc.
lege degree in agriculture
in Nigeria. After coming to StarWatch By Gary Becker - Looking Forward to December
the United States, Mbaba Now I feel as if I am in the midst of the astronomical doldrums, but in December there is going to be screaming and shouting about several wonderful sky events,
both influenced directly by the moon. The first is the Geminid Meteor Shower, occurring on the evening and morning of the 13th/14th, when the moon is at first quar-
earned a master’s degree in ter and sets just as the action begins. Rates of 50-100 meteors per hour can be expected. The other happens early on the morning of December 21 when the full moon
agribusiness from Tuskegee is eclipsed by Earth’s shadow. If you have seen several lunar eclipses, you know that Earth’s shadow projected onto the moon is always round. The Greeks realized
University and then a sec- this from observing many lunar eclipses occurring in different seasons and visible in different parts of the sky at different times of the night. Their conclusion was that the Earth had
to be spherical in shape. If the Earth would have been disk-shaped, its shadow would have appeared elliptical during most eclipses and as a dark line when projected onto the moon
ond master’s in education in an edgewise fashion. Since the moon always presented its same face towards the Earth, one might hypothesize that it could have really been a disk. However, the moon goes
from the University of West through a cycle of phases, and except for first and last quarter, where the sunrise-sunset line called the terminator, appears straight, this boundary is always seen as a curve. Only a
Georgia. sphere could produce a curved terminator. A disk would have appeared in illumination either on or off, although the brightness of the sunlit portion of the disk would have changed
Another of Mbaba’s dramatically, depending upon the angle of illumination. Returning to eclipses, don’t think that the lunar phases result from the moon going in and out of the Earth’s shadow. They
are just a natural consequence, as mentioned before, of a spherical body, the moon, in orbit around the Earth. www.astronomy.org
www.championnewspaper.com THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2010 A Section • Page 15A

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that can provide resources to help ment; eye exams; distribution of

the charity, Omilami said. One vitamins and over-the-counter
such company is Glory Foods, medicines; and nutritional coun-
which has pledged to donate seling, Omilami said.
15,000 canned goods, she said. There have been several in-
For the dinner, HFTH will use stances where people coming
1,000 turkeys and 900 cans each in for one of the holiday events
of green beans, corn and yams, needed urgent care and were
Omilami said. rushed to a hospital, she said.
“We need meats desperately,” In addition to its holiday din-
she said. “We need a tremendous ners for Martin Luther King’s
amount of food.” Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and
And the food is not just need- Christmas, HFTH provides pov-
ed for the holidays. More and erty mitigation services through-
more “newly poor are draining out the year, Omilami said. The
the resources of HFTH,” Omila- organization serves 1,000 people
mi said. There are some working a year just in DeKalb County,
middle class people who “want to which is just one of the 37 coun-
get food after hours because they ties in which HTFH works. Every
are ashamed to sit in the lobby,” day HFTH provides food, rent,
Omilami said. utility and mortgage assistance.
About “300,000 will be Requests for help have in-
added to the role of food scarcity creased 128 percent, Omilami
in Georgia this year,” Omilami said. And 70 percent of those
added. requests were for income-based
This year, HFTH is expand- housing.
ing its medical clinic to include “People have not been looked
chiropractic care, podiatry, den- after and sought after,” Omilami
tistry and flu shots, Omilami said. said. “People just look the other
Already, the organization of- way” when they see the impover-
fered blood pressure, diabetes ished.
and HIV screening; wound treat-

Continued From Page 1A

does other students, the number of that grading period the student is
non-resident students is unknown. withdrawn.
The committee requested that Prior to passage of its non-
the number and details of the resident policy in 1995, DeKalb
non-resident student policies of schools had open enrollment.
surrounding counties be provided This practice ended when county
before the change goes up for a full schools began to be overcrowded
board vote at the next school board by non-resident students.
meeting on Dec. 6. Since then, employees have
“The numbers are important routinely claimed hardship and
because apparently we are our own filed administrative transfers to
worst enemy,” District 2 board avoid adhering to the policy, ac-
member Donald McChesney said. cording to Robert Moseley,
“In tight economic times we’re DeKalb School Deputy Chief Su-
talking about every dollar count- perintendent of School Operations.
ing. We can’t let everybody in like “One and one half years ago
we used to,” he added. when we were asked to clean up
Atlanta, Clayton, Fulton and administrative transfers, we dis-
Gwinnett county school systems covered that the main people who
allow the children of all full-time made complaints were employees
employees who do not live in the who had children attending district
county to attend district schools schools,” Moseley said.
free of charge. “As for this policy we are far
None of these counties have more generous with non-school-
open enrollment, which allows based employees than we are
non-resident students from other school-based employees. Children
counties to attend district schools of non-school-based employees go
at no cost. to school wherever they choose,
In Atlanta non-resident students sometimes even overcrowded
whose parents are not employed schools,” attorney O’Brien added.
by the system can attend district Under state law school-based
schools if they pay the current an- employees [those working in
nual tuition of $10,160. school buildings] are allowed to
Clayton County Schools allows enroll their children as students at
non-resident students to attend the school where they work. How-
its schools if the student recently ever, non-school where based em-
moved out of the district and is ployees, such as central office ad-
in the current nine week grading ministrative employees, who have
period, furnishes their own trans- no right to this privilege under state
portation and maintains acceptable law, can enroll their children in any
behavior and attendance; at the end school in DeKalb.

DeKalb County Sheriff Thomas Brown (at the podium) raffled 50 turkeys at the Lou Walker Senior Center in Lithonia during an event designed to recognize seniors for their
work in shaping the next generation. Photos by Andrew Cauthen

Sheriff gives Thanksgiving turkeys to seniors

by Andrew Cauthen difficult for the Sheriff’s office to had a turkey” for Thanksgiving, said meat.”
Andrew@dekalbchamp.com stay in contact with the community, Gary, who will be getting additional Brown entertained the seniors
Brown said. The seniors have food for her Thanksgiving meal throughout the event with a cell
DeKalb County Sheriff Thomas shaped the next generation and from her church. phone comedy routine, pretending
Brown gave away 50 turkeys to “in many respects they’re just like Brown told the turkey winners to get phone calls from government
seniors at the Lou Walker Senior veterans who have served their to enjoy the turkey if they could not leaders such as President Barack
Center in Lithonia on Nov. 12. country.” afford one, but “if you don’t need Obama and later from Michelle
The turkeys, donated by Costco, Brown told the seniors that he this turkey, you pass it to someone Obama. He even pretended to give
Honey-baked Ham, Kroger and had to come visit them because else.” instructions to U.S. Secretary of
Sam’s Club, were raffled during the “you never get locked up so I never Another turkey winner, Mary State Hillary Clinton.
inaugural DeKalb Sheriff’s Turkey see you,” Brown said. “I’ve got Woodard, said the giveaway was “I am sought after,” Brown said.
Trot. some of your grandsons, so we’ve an excellent idea. “I am going to At one point, Brown asked the
Also raffled were items such as got to work on that.” share the turkey with my family and seniors who were single and had
candles, a clipboard, a roasting pan, Norma Gary, who goes to the another family,” she said. won a bottle of lotion to raise their
a candy jar, notepads and lotions. senior center every day, said it was As he raffled the turkeys, Brown hands. Then he asked whether they
Brown told the attendees the “wonderful” to win a turkey. Gary, told the crowd of his family’s wanted his Chief Deputy Jeffrey
Turkey Trot was the department’s a former school cafeteria worker, Thanksgiving tradition. He said Mann “to lotion your feet? ‘Cause
way of “thanking you for your said she does all the cooking for her when he was younger his family he’s single, too.”
contribution to the community… extended family of nine. “always liked to fight over the
in training the next generation.” It’s “I don’t know if I would have turkey butt. That’s a good piece of
www.championnewspaper.com THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2010 A Section • Page 17A

Mother determined to turn tragedy into triumph

Seeks to spread message of consequences of distracted driving
by Gale Horton Gay

Teens in a car….an acci-

dent…the rush to a hospital…
the death of a son.
Cynthia Williams’ experi-
ence that began four years ago
and continues today follow-
ing the car crash that took the
life of her oldest son Chris-
topher, 17, has changed the
course of her life.
She’s begun a campaign
that she hopes will open the
eyes of youth about distracted
driving as well as provide
much-needed support for
families who face the painful
and uncertain reality of deal-
ing with the after-effects of
an accident due to distracted
In 2006, Christopher, 17,
was a passenger in a vehicle
with three other young adults.
According to his mother, he
wasn’t wearing his seat belt
when the vehicle flipped nine
times. He suffered extensive
head trauma, so extensive that Darryl Ford, owner of Stone Mountain Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealership, left, with actor Quinton Aaron, center, and Cynthia Williams of
his mother agreed to have him Love From Afar, Inc., with the wrapped car Ford donated to Williams charity. Photo by Angela P. Moore
disconnected from life sup-
port days later. in the movie The Blind Side, leaves. children with no relatives she said. “I realized there was
Williams said she was is spokesperson for the or- “We have it all spelled in the area. She said it was not a state in the country that
told three different versions ganization and made a guest out,” said Williams. extremely tough navigating had a program to reach out
of the accident by the other appearance. Earlier this year, Williams through such a tragedy with to parents of crash victims
passengers, however, she said Williams speaks to stu- created Parents Against Dis- so little support. while they’re in the hospital
she believes distracted driving dents across Georgia about tracting Driving. “Our goal is “I watch the news and trying to deal with the sudden
was a factor. constructive decisions versus to go to the hospital and meet surf the internet to find crash changes. What I realized is
Now, Williams is on a destructive decisions, and she the parents of crash victims victims in our area, and I that the moment you get the
campaign to drive home a plans to take her campaign and their families. The big- meet the families at the hos- phone call that your child has
message about safety and nationwide. She brings with gest reason I do this is be- pitals and offer the families been in a crash, your life is
ownership for one’s action to her photos of the wrecked car cause I try to relate situations support that I lacked when going to change.”
youth, and remind parents that her son was riding in as well that I’ve experienced in my I experienced my tragedy,”
they can’t emphasize driving pictures of him in a casket. own life to be a positive out-
rules too much. Three years She said although she told her come for others so they won’t
ago, she founded Love From son about wearing a seat belt be as harsh as mine. And,
Afar, Inc.-The Christopher and being safe when in a car, they can learn from what I’ve
Williams Foundation as a it wasn’t something she em- been through and they won’t
formal way of reaching out to phasized each and every time have to experience it them-
others. he left the house. selves,” said Williams.
One individual support- Now that her 19-year-old Whether it is getting a
ing her effort is businessman daughter is driving, Williams family member some water,
Darryl Ford, who donated a said she makes it a point to keeping them company in a
Dodge Magnum to Williams’ go over the rules her daughter waiting room, getting them
foundation to help her take should be following before some food or fulfilling any
her message, “Don’t Text and she gets behind the wheel: no other request, Williams said
Drive,” to the streets. The talking on the phone, no tex- being there for them is thera-
vehicle, emblazoned with ting, always wearing the seat- peutic for her.
slogan, was unveiled in a belt, not allowing distractions Williams, who moved to
ceremony Nov. 13 at Ford’s of any kind (music, eating, Stone Mountain from Chi-
dealership, Stone Mountain interaction with passengers). cago in 2005, said that at the
Chrysler Jeep Dodge. Actor And she said she makes her time of her son’s accident
Quinton Aaron, who starred repeat the rules before she she was the mother of four

highest demand for schools more than 1,200 dictionar-

Books and students in Africa and ies.
Continued From Page 14A the Caribbean. Conse- “Sending 10 boxes of
quently, ACF developed a books to children in Africa
new program in 2009 called is better than sending 10
books in English, math, sci- One Dictionary, One Child. bags of rice,” said Mbaba.
ence and social studies. But According to figures from “When the rice is finished,
dictionaries have emerged ACF, partners have enabled it’s gone.”
as the category of books in the organization to donate

ATLANTA in the Communist Party
before the House Un-
The theater is located
at 119 Center Street in
storytelling and more. It
is reported that children
Methodist Church is
located at 1523 Church
Nurses named to American Activities Avondale Estates. For on Santa’s “nice” list Street, Decatur. For
national academy Committee. Polonsky more information, call may even get a personal more information, e-mail
wouldn’t direct another (404) 474-8332 or visit letter from him after the pmo@ndumc.org.
Three Emory nursing picture for 22 years. the Web site at www. event and should be
leaders have been Parking near White academytheatre.org. reminded to keep their Youth Activity day
inducted as fellows Hall is available for free eyes on the mailbox. To planned
into the American starting at 7 p.m. in the Tree lighting to feature reserve an opportunity
Academy of Nursing brand new Oxford Road food, festivities to visit with Santa, call Rainbow Park Church
(AAN). Susan Grant, parking deck. For more (770) 986-5016. is hosting a students
chief nursing officer at information, visit www. Avondale Estates activity for middle and
Emory Healthcare, Mary filmstudies.emory.edu or has announced that its high school youth
Gullatte, associate call (404) 727-6761. annual tree lighting will on Nov. 20, at 2941
chief nursing officer be Monday, Nov. 29. The Columbia Drive,
at Emory University event begins at 6 p.m. Decatur, 7 – 11 p.m.
Hospital Midtown, and
Lynn Sibley, associate
AVONDALE when Boy Scout Troop
6 will be selling hot dog
Agnes Scott professor
earns research grant
The event will feature
Columbia High School’s
professor at Emory’s
Nell Hodgson Woodruff
ESTATES dinners as part of the
festivities. At 6:30 p.m., Agnes Scott College
marching band and
Raize the Praise dance
School of Nursing, were the First Baptist Church has received a grant group. Activities will
Garden Club to host of Avondale Estates will to help study the
recently inducted during Pancake Breakfast include three basketball
a formal ceremony at begin caroling, and the brain’s ability to control tournaments as well as
the American Academy tree lighting with hot attention and inhibit a panel discussion. The
The Avon Garden cider and doughnuts, response to irrelevant
of Nursing’s 37th annual Club will host its annual event is free and food
conference and meeting and a special guest stimuli. Williams will be provided for all
Pancake and Sausage appearance by Santa Hopkins, professor of
in Washington, D.C. Breakfast on Saturday, attendees.
Induction into the AAN Claus will be at 7 p.m. psychology at Agnes
Nov. 20, 8 to 11 a.m. Scott College and a
Fellowship is one of This year marks the 20th
the highest honors in research scientist at the
year of this event that
nursing. Fellows are
elected through a highly
brings together friends
and neighbors at the
CHAMBLEE Yerkes National Primate
Research Center at
selective process that Santa to be in Emory University, will
Avondale Community
recognizes individuals
who have made
Club. Before and after
breakfast, visitors can
Chamblee soon lead the project. He will
receive approximately MOUNTAIN
major contributions Santa is scheduled to $600,000 from the
browse the Garden Bou- National Institutes of Pottery Night presented
to nursing and health tique for garden tools, visit the Chamblee Civic
care and whose work Center for breakfast Child Health and Human at ART Station
plants, baked goods, Development, part of a
has influenced nursing handcrafted items, on Dec. 11. The man
$4 million grant shared Stone Mountain’s ART
practice and health Christmas ornaments in red is coming back Station is hosting Pottery
policies benefitting all to hear children’s with Georgia State
and books. Proceeds University, University Date Night on Nov. 20
Americans. from this event help fund wishes for Christmas. at 7 p.m. at 5384 Manor
According to a source, of Oregon and SUNY
numerous projects ben- Buffalo. Drive in Historic Stone
Free film screening efiting Avondale Estates, Santa will have time Mountain Village. The
announced scholarships and youth for approximately 100 evening begins with
children each hour. Holiday parents’
organizations. A detailed morning out set wine and cheese in
A screening of list of these projects Visits with Santa are the ART Station Café
the film Force of will be on display at the scheduled for 8:30 a.m., followed by a tour of the
Evil, will be in Emory 10 a.m. or 11:30 a.m. Parents who want
breakfast. Tickets may three exhibitions in the
University’s White Reservations are to go holiday shopping galleries. At 7:30 p.m.
be purchased at the but don’t want to
Hall 205, Wednesday, door. The Avondale required. McDonald’s the group moves over to
Dec. 1, at 7:30 p.m. on Peachtree take the children can the pottery studio where
Community Club is lo- find babysitting at
The event is free and cated at 59 Lakeshore Industrial Boulevard an introduction to “hand
open to the public. In will donate biscuits for North Decatur United building” is provided. At
Drive, Avondale Estates. Methodist Church’s
1948, MGM agreed all the children who 8 p.m. participants begin
to let screenwriter attend. Each child will ARTwithHEART Parents’ construction of their own
Improv comedy show Morning Out Saturday, projects. All works will be
Abraham Polonsky set for Academy also be given a digital
direct the studio’s hot portrait of them with Dec. 4, 9 a.m. – 1 glazed and fired by the
Theatre p.m. The cost is $20 instructor and participants
star John Garfield in Santa. There will be a $5
this post-war crime per child fee to cover the for the first child and will be called when their
Laughing Matters $10 for each sibling. projects are ready for
drama. Three years presents the BattleActs cost of the photos. All
later he was refusing other activities are free. Reservations must pick up. The cost is $75
improv show Nov. 28 at be made by Dec. 1. per couple per class. For
to answer questions the Academy Theatre. There will be arts and
North Decatur United more information call
about his membership Tickets are $15 each. crafts, face painting, (770) 469-1105.

company turning
cooking grease
into biodiesel
by Robert Naddra making biodiesel fuel and I
Robert@dekalbchamp.com pursued it.”
Curbside is recycling the
Richard Younge and cooking grease into biodie-
Todd Williams are help- sel, which it uses in its
ing to save the environment company vehicles, Williams
1.25 gallons at a time. said. Curbside is not selling
As principals with Curb- biodiesel commercially, but
side Recycling, the pair has that is something it would
created an efficient way of like to do in the future, he
keeping cooking grease out said. It also is in the pro-
of DeKalb County sewer cess of making soap from
systems and watersheds. glycerin produced from the
Curbside began a pro- biodiesel, but it is not yet
gram in March that allows being sold commercially.
residents to collect their “We want to get up to the
cooking grease and set it out level where we can produce
for pickup once a month. A enough biodiesel to mix
one-time registration fee of with petroleum diesel to
$10 is required and residents run a fleet of school buses,”
are provided with a plastic Younge said.
bucket with a locking lid. In addition to four part-
The company has ap- ners and a group of employ-
proximately 300 customers, ees who work on commis-
primarily in DeKalb and sion signing up residents for
Fulton counties, and is pur- the recycling program, the
suing business in Clayton company also works with a
County and parts of Forsyth chemist and an engineer.
County. The company is work-
“I watched the dotcom ing with schools to spread Celebrating more than 70 Years
explosion and decided I the word about recycling of Service
didn’t want to miss the next and biodiesel possibilities.
wave,” said Williams, who
has an MBA from Clark At-
Curbside is a collaborator
at the Center for Alternative
Curbside Recycling partners Todd Williams, left, and Richard
Younge. The company collects cooking grease in 1.25 gallon con-
tainers and recycles it into biodiesel fuel and soap (shown on top EVENTS
lanta University in account- Renewable Energy at Clark of the bucket). Photos by Robet Naddra November 18th – Ribbon Cutting
ing and an interest in sci- Atlanta and recently helped Ceremony – Delta Community Credit
Union – 11:30 am.
ence. “When green energy students at the DeKalb could partner with the city. them in their homes and on
began to take off I figured Academy of Technology and “We want to educate their water bills,” Younge November 18th – Business After-Hours
this was a way to get into it. Environment learn about people how this will help said. – Hilton Garden Inn – Stonecrest – 7890
Mall Ring Road, Lithonia, Ga 30038 –
Biodiesel was an exciting how soap is made from 678-526-1000. Chamber Members – No
part of it.” glycerin. Cost. Non-Members - $10.00. Register
online at www.dekalbchamber.org.
Younge and Williams Another way Curbside is CITY OF STONE MOUNTAIN
met two years ago at the getting the word out about November 25th – 26th – Thanksgiving

South DeKalb Business In- its grease recycling program PUBLIC NOTICE Holiday. The DeKalb Chamber Office
will be closed.
cubator, where Younge was is through its “Trash for
the director. Younge, who Cash” program. Williams The proposed 2011 fiscal budget will be presented to the December 2nd – 60 Minutes to Safety:
Coffee & Crime Workshop – Time: 8:30
was retired before joining said the company organizes City of Stone Mountain governing authority at the City am – 9:30 am. Location: Doubletree
Williams at Curbside, also recycling drives and asks Council Work Session to be held on Tuesday, November Hotel – 4156 LaVista Rd., Tucker, Ga. –
770-938-1026. Register for this meeting
served as director of the residents to take $10 off 16, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. The budget will be by December 1st - 12:00 noon. Open to
Atlanta Minority Business what they are paid for their the Public and no cost to attend.

Development Center from recyclables to register for available at City Hall for review between the hours of 8:00
December 6th – First Monday Lunch –
1997-2003. the grease recycling pro- a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday beginning Keynote speakers – CEO Burrell Ellis
“I was looking for some- gram. Wednesday, November 17, 2010. The Public Hearing to and Commissioner Larry Johnson.
Topic: The Year in Review – 2011
thing to do in the green Williams also was sched- discuss and hear public input on the proposed 2011 fiscal Priorities. Location: Atlanta Perimter
revolution,” Younge said. uled to meet with Clarkston budget will be held on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at 7:30
Center Marriott – 246 Perimeter Center
Parkway, Atlanta. Register your
“We have a mutual friend mayor Howard Tygrett attendance online by Dec. 3, 2010.
who told me that Todd was recently about how Curbside p.m. at City Hall, 922 Main Street, Stone Mountain, For more information on DeKalb Chamber related

events or to receive email updates, call 404-378-
8000 or visit www.dekalbchamber.org

Residents vote, speak out at school

systems first public redistricting meeting
by Pureterrah Witcher audiences’ immediate of these percentages. There “In my neighborhood decades ago.
Pureterrah@dekalbchamp.com response – in return they is an obvious difference in they closed a really good William Carnes of MGT
received instant feedback in how people here in north school. It made no sense of America, the company
Kammy Wesley does the form of a bar graph. DeKalb and those on the how they made that hired by the system to
not want to see another Question 1: Which of south side, where I’m from, decision,” Wesley, a parent facilitate its public meetings
good school in DeKalb the following would be the feel,” Rayton said. of two said. and facility assessments,
County close. In her mind most important factor in “So many people “I have to be honest I’m moderated Wesley and
Nancy Creek Elementary deciding to change school selected historical data a little upset. I feel like Pevey’s group discussion
was perfect for the families boundaries? To that the based on projected decisions were already made and said much of what he
in her neighborhood, but it audience responded: enrollment and that doesn’t about what schools would be heard sounded familiar.
was shut down in 2008 due appeal to south DeKalb.” closed. It’s going to be hard “Around the country
to low enrollment. • Geographic proximity Trained facilitators to get that trust back,” she I hear a lot of the same
For that and other received 17 percent of the engaged smaller groups in said. problems. Most recently we
reasons, Wesley and some vote discussions of the results The group of 20 debated completed this process in St.
350 people filled the • Previous redistricting of that and other questions, school overcrowding, Louis and the entire state of
Chamblee High School received five percent such as: Are program funding issues, negative Colorado,” Carnes said.
gymnasium Nov. 9 to • Feeder alignment received offerings equitable among media attention, incompetent “From my experience I
participate in the first of 22 percent DeKalb schools? teachers, school choice, know that it’s not impossible
five public meetings on • Instructional capacity Seventy percent of the administrative accountability to put children first, but the
the school system’s 2020 of schools received 15 audience disagreed. and the fate of buildings key is that you’ve got to
Facilities Master Plan. percent “One thing that’s missing built more than three listen,” he added.
As the crowd of parents, • Difference in program from this discussion is
faculty, staff and taxpayers offerings received 5 academic performance of
entered the room they percent the school,” said Mark Come see what everyone is talking about!
received a wireless keypad • Historical and projected Pevey, another parent with
called a ResponseCard, enrollment received 29 students in county schools. Greenforest-McCalep Christian
which enabled them percent “If a school demonstrates Early Learning Center
to electronically vote that they are doing Ask about FREE ENROLLMENT and additional discounts
on a number of school Thomas Rayton, a something right and the • Now Enrolling: • Small class size
redistricting and parent of two children students are showing 6 wks - 4 years • Safe environment
consolidation issues. attending county schools improvements it shouldn’t • Monday-Friday, • Convenient location
For half an hour 20 voted and said he was be closed so arbitrarily,” 6:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
multiple choice questions shocked by some of the Pevey added. Celebrating 20 years of proven excellence
flashed across a large numbers. Wesley, who was in Accredited with Quality by The Georgia Accrediting Commission, Inc. • Non-discriminatory admissions policy

projection screen for the “I wasn’t expecting some Pevey’s group, agreed. 3250 Rainbow Drive Decatur, GA 30034 • 404-486-6763 • www.greenforestacademy.org
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Football: Five county teams cruise into second round

by Robert Naddra to qualify for the state playoffs won build a foundation. that we haven’t had talent there be-
Robert@dekalbchamp.com their openers. Cedar Grove won its first state fore.”
There are no No. 1 or No. 2 playoff game since 1992 and at 7-4 Sophomore Jonathan McCrary
Tucker coach Franklin Ste- seeds remaining in Tucker’s quarter has its most wins since 1999. The passed for nearly 300 yards and
phens saw what can happen in the of the draw. The Tigers, who face Saints beat Cartersville 30-24 in the three touchdowns against Carters-
state football playoffs when a team Hiram in the second round, will not first round and face Gainesville (10- ville, and has more than 2,900 yards
is not prepared. face a ranked opponent until at least 1) on the road Friday. passing and 26 touchdowns.
Northside Warner Robins, the semifinals. “We want to build a program M.L. King also has advanced
ranked No. 1 in Class AAAA, was “I think speed was a big factor and we’ve been able to get it to .500 on the strength of its passing game.
upset in the first round last weekend [against Loganville], but this week and keep it there,” Saints coach Ray The Lions (8-3) beat Harrison and
by Whitewater 28-21. The Eagles Hiram has just as much speed as we Bonner said. “Now we’ve taken the face Colquitt County in the second
could have been Tucker’s third do, or more,” Stephens said. “Their next step. We’ve got a young ball round. If the Lions keep winning
round opponent had both teams con- quarterback is fast and he does a club and they’re coming together.” they could have rematches with
tinued winning. great job managing the game in the The Saints went 0-10 in Bon- South Gwinnett next week and Val-
“We haven’t addressed it with wing-T.” ner’s first season in 2002, but the dosta in the semifinals.
the team, but if I were to address M.L. King in AAAAA, Marist team won five or six games in six of Junior quarterback Jonquel
it I would say that’s why you can’t in AAAA, and Cedar Grove and the next seven seasons. Bonner said Dawson has passed for more than
overlook anybody and you can’t af- St. Pius in AAA all won first round he attributes the success this season 3,000 yards with 35 touchdowns.
ford to have a bad game in the play- games last weekend. Stephen- to a roster that includes many play- St. Pius possibly has the most
offs,” Stephens said. “That’s why son, the No. 2 team from Region ers from three straight undefeated difficult route to the Georgia Dome
we stress to them week in and week 2-AAAAA, lost its first-round game junior varsity teams over the past and a berth in the state champion-
out to be prepared.” as did Southwest DeKalb, the No. 3 three years. ship game. The Lions, which beat
The Tigers (11-0) followed Ste- team from 6-AAAA. “The kids are believing what Allatoona 24-17 in the first round,
phens’ advice and beat Loganville While Tucker is shooting for its they are doing is right,” Bonner faces No. 2 Carrollton (11-0) on the
50-6 in the first round. Five of the second state title, another DeKalb said. “We finally have a quarterback road Friday and could face No. 4
seven teams from DeKalb County team is using the post-season to who can make a big difference–not Cairo in the third round.

Chris Sanders dives for a Tucker touchdown. Photo by Travis Hudgons

Football playoffs: First round highlights

Tucker 50, Loganville 6: Bashr 17-for-25 for 298 yards and a touch- thew Barker each ran for a touch-
Coles rushed for 106 yards and two down. He has 4,856 passing yards to down.
touchdowns, while N’Quan Maggett, break the 27-year-old record set by
Chris Sanders and Norman Hayes Peachtree’s Todd Rampley. With sev- Cedar Grove 30, Cartersville 24:
each rushed for one for the Tigers. en catches for 153 yards and a score, Jonathan McCrary threw for nearly
Hayes threw two touchdown passes. Demarco Robinson set the single- 300 yards and three touchdowns for
Sanders also had five catches for 103 season receiving record with 1,408 the Saints.
yards and a touchdown, and James yards, breaking Dick Conn’s record
Vaughters caught a touchdown pass. set in 1968. Semad Obeng rushed for St. Pius 24, Allatoona 17: Trey
Defensively, Vaughters had five tack- two touchdowns. Patrick Callaway White rushed for 163 yards and a
les and a sack, and Ramal Davis had led the defense with 15 tackles. touchdown, and passed for a score
six tackles and two sacks. for the Golden Lions. Payne Pen-
Marist 27, Heritage-Conyers 10: ter caught a touchdown pass for the
M.L. King 25, Harrison 17: Jonquel Gray King rushed for 103 yards and Lions, which had 316 yards total of-
Dawson set the DeKalb County re- a touchdown on seven carries for the fense.
cord for career passing yards, going War Eagles. Andy Perez and Mat-
www.championnewspaper.com THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2010 A Section • Page 23A

Boys basketball preview

Defending champ Miller Grove banking on experience, depth
by Robert Naddra DeKalb and Dunwoody
robert@dekalbchamp.com also should compete for a
playoff berth in the subdi-
With only one starter vided region.
gone from last year’s Southwest’s William
Class AAAA state cham- Goodwin joins Parker as
pionship team, Miller one of the top underclass-
Grove has its sights set on men in the area. Goodwin
a third straight state title. led the county in rebound-
The Wolverines have ing (11.1 per game) and
garnered national atten- blocked shots (5.8 per
tion the past two years game) and had a 16.8
and are ranked in the point scoring average.
top 20 nationally in two Lakeside’s Al Key
polls—Max Preps (16th) will lead the Vikings after
and Prep Nation (18th). an 18-8 record and play-
“Our strength will be off berth a year ago. Key,

our experience and lead- a senior, averaged 15.9 Miller Grove’s Henry Brooks (22)
ership, and our depth is points and seven rebounds
very good,” Wolverines’ last season. He also was

coach Sharman White among the county leaders
said. “They’ve got a savvy in assists and steals.
about the game itself and Miller Grove also will
that ties in with experi- get plenty of non-region

ence.” competition. The Wol-

The Wolverines return verines open the season
every starter from last Nov. 20 against Rockdale
season except Donte Wil- County (a AAAA state
liams, who is on scholar- playoff team last year)
ship at the University of play Class AAAAA state
Georgia. Junior center champion Milton on Dec.
Tony Parker, who aver- 4 and AAA champion
aged 12 points and 11 Columbia on Dec. 10.
rebounds, and senior for- The Wolverines also will
ward Henry Brooks, who travel to top-rated tourna-
averaged 10 points and ments in South Carolina
nine rebounds, lead a deep and Ohio.
team. Parker is one of the Columbia is com-
most heavily recruited ing off its third state title
players in the nation, since 2006 with senior
with offers already from Chris Daniels and junior
Auburn, Clemson, Con- Jarmal Reid leading the
necticut, Florida, Georgia way. Daniels has commit-
and Georgia Tech, among ted to Georgia Southern
others. and Reid has several of-
The Wolverines will fers including Georgia,
be playing in an improved Marquette, Oklahoma,
and expanded Region Wake Forest and Clem-
6-AAAA. Six of the 12 son. Reid averaged 6.9
teams in the region made rebounds per game as a
the state playoffs a year sophomore. Also, Tahj
ago. Shamsid-Deen returns at
“We want the region point guard after leading
to be tough, we don’t shy the county with 8.1 assists
away from it,” White said. per game as a freshman.
Miller Grove was one In Class AAAAA,
of 11 teams from DeKalb Thomas Dumans returns
County to make the play- at M.L King after averag-
offs last season. The oth- ing 14.8 points and 4.6 as-
ers were Marist, Lakeside, sists per game.
Chamblee, Redan, M.L. In Class AA, Decatur
King, Stephenson, Druid begins a new era after the
Hills, Columbia, Decatur retirement of longtime
and Paideia. head coach Carter Wil-
Chamblee, Lakeside son, who also serves as
and Marist all made the the school’s athletic direc-
playoffs out of Region tor. Charlie Copp takes
6-AAAA last year and over a program that has
region newcomer Redan had four straight winning
made the AAAAA field a seasons and played in the
year ago. state tournament last sea- Nobody covers DeKalb
Tucker, Southwest son. high school sports better! championnewspaper.com

Redan’s Kierra Paige (15) Southwest DeKalb’s Olivia Gibbs (34)

Girls basketball preview

Southwest DeKalb shoots for fourth straight state title
by Robert Naddra returns with point guard crop in Division B.
robert@dekalbchamp.com Zuri Frost and two-guard The Bulldogs return

Destinee Smith. Both com- one of the best players in
osing eight seniors bined for eight steals per the state in Jasmine Camp,
from last year’s game and Frost averaged 12 who has committed to
state championship points last season. Stanford. The senior guard,
team, including But Columbia and along with returning junior
all five starters, may not be Southwest are just the begin- guard Lucy Mason, each
as damaging as Southwest ning of the trail of girls bas- averaged 13.8 points and 3.8 TM

DeKalb girls coach Kathy ketball talent in the county. assists for the Bulldogs, who
Walton first thought. Redan joins Region were 19-5 last season. Bre-
Southwest, the three- 6-AAAA this season af- ana McDonald also is back
time Class AAAA state ter making it to the Class after averaging 8.7 rebounds
champion, beat 2010 Class AAAAA state champion- per game.
AAA state champ Columbia ship game last season. The The Bulldogs also may
60-46 recently in an exhibi- Raiders had their 58-game have the services of three
tion. Columbia lost four se- winning streak snapped in or four transfers, who are
niors from last year’s team, the loss to Norcross. Kierra working out eligibility is-
but both are expected to be Page and Aneesah Daniels sues, according to coach
state contenders again this both return as starters after Paul Ireland.
season. Southwest DeKalb each averaged 12 points per “I think we’ll be much
will aim for its fourth game last season. Daniels better than last year,” Ireland
straight state title. also averaged 10.6 rebounds said. “We went undefeated in
Walton’s lone start-
ing senior, 6-foot-1 center
Persephone Goodwin,
per game a year ago.
Six other DeKalb Coun-
ty teams advanced to the
a fall league at the Suwanee
Sports Academy. We’ll be
a guard-oriented team, play 1
already has signed a schol-
arship with South Carolina
State. Junior Olivia Gibbs
has an offer from Miami and
playoffs last season – M.L.
King, Stephenson, Cham-
blee, Marist, Cedar Grove
and Paideia.
high-pressure defense and
run a lot on offense.”
In Class AAAAA, M.L.
King returns three players
leads a strong junior class.
“We’ll have a different
style of play this year,” said
Walton, whose team opened
the season Nov. 16 against
The expansion of
6-AAAA will make things
interesting as the region is
subdivided – Division A fea-
tures county teams Cham-
who should help the Lions
compete for another playoff
berth. Senior Keyona Ben-
ton averaged 13 points per
game and junior Tenisha
Southwest Atlanta Christian, blee, Marist, Dunwoody, Wallace averaged 9.5 re-
the No. 3 team in Class A. Lakeside and Tucker, as bounds per game last season.
“I think we’ll be more team well as Class AAA runner- Junior Maya Perryman av-
oriented and we don’t have up Carver Atlanta. Division eraged three steals a game.
as much individual ability. B includes county teams Also, Terri Jacobs and
Scoring will be more bal- Redan, Southwest, Miller Diamond Marchand return
anced and we’ll be different Grove and Lithonia, as well for Cedar Grove after lead-
defensively.” as state playoff participant ing the Saints to a 15-14
Walton said she expects Mays. record and their most wins
to be able to play eight to While Redan and South- since 2004. Jacobs aver-
10 players in a game this west are the early favorites aged 12.3 rebounds and 2.5
season. in Division B, Chamblee blocks per game last season.
Columbia’s backcourt may be the cream of the