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Sangguniang Barangay Officials

Punong Barangay: Romeo D. Romatan

The Sangguniang Kabataan of San
Catalino I. Saculles Jr.
Vicente East would like to acknowledge Vidal D. Learez Jr.
with profound gratitude and warmest Wilfredo D. Romatan
appreciation to all our benevolent donors, Katherine O. Esperanza
friends and supporters who heartily gave Pablito M. Duqueza
their moral and financial support for the Frederick C. Medina
success of this event. Roman R. Pascua
Brgy. Secretary: John Michael De Guzman
Brgy. Treasurer: Sonny T. Duqueza

APOLOGY Sangguniang Kabataan Officials

To those whose names were
erroneously omitted, misspelled and Chairperson: Jervin Bon Tayde
SK Members: Sonny Licudan Jr.
inadvertent misplaced or for any
Justine Dave Licudan
shortcoming committed in the preparation
Bea Ayyelind Ginez
of this humbled program, please accept our Alea Corrine Ferranco
sincerest apologies. Liza Rose Santos
To err is human; to forgive is Divine. Ely Joe Apilado
Raymart Ramirez
SK Treasurer: Alexander Apilado This serves as an invitation
PART I  Reading of Criteria for Judging MYTHICAL FIVE FOR BASKETBALL
 Contest Proper MIDGETS
 Invocation  Special Messages 1. Billy Jake Enriquez
Audiovisual Presentation Mayor Heidee Chua 2. Angelo Carino
Vice Mayor Carlos Lopez Jr. 3. Carlos Neil Mangabat
 National Anthem Municipal Councilors 4. Kenneth Delfin
Audiovisual Presentation 5. Alexis Nardo
MVP – Billy Jake Enriquez
 Welcome Address  Awarding of Basketball and Volleyball
Tournament Winners and Special ADULT
SK Chairperson Awards 1. Rodel Velasco
Atty. Ricardo Cachola Jr 2. Reynan Ganancial
 Inspirational Message (Donor of Trophies & Medals) 3. Ramil Ibay
Hon. Romeo D. Romatan
4. Louie Ordonio
Punong Barangay BASKETBALL (Midget) 5. Mario Teodoro
 Champion - Fighters MVP – Rodel Velasco
 Introduction of the Guest of Honor and  1st Run. Up - Juniors
Mr. Jervin Bon Tayde  Champion - Cousins  Best Server- Roman Licudan
SK Chairperson  1st Run. Up – Fighters  Best Setter- Joshua Lapira
 2nd Run. Up – Amianan Kings  Best Digger- Roman Licudan
 GUEST OF HONOR & SPEAKER  3rd Run. Up – Centro  Best Blocker- Jason Mangosong
Ms. Athena Ira G. Chua VOLLEYBALL  Best Spiker- Sonny Licudan Jr.
(Women’s Division)  MVP – Sonny Licudan Jr.
 Champion – Lady Knights
PART II. Modern Dance &  1st Run. Up - Cousins  Awarding of Winners for Modern
Singing Contest (Men’s Division) Dance and Singing Competition
 Introduction of the Board of Judges  Champion – Caleb Smashers
Ms. Bea Ayyelind Ginez  1st Run. Up – Colyn Spikers
 2nd Run. Up – Centro Spikers  Closing Remarks
SK Member Sonny Licudan Jr.
SK Member