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The Paradox of buying organic

L'accueil de l'inspiration Bestof Sept/Oct 2019

par la sensibilité

What to do in London :
The Culture Column
November 2019

Life on Easy Mode 

Misconceptions about
the Earth Dying
The Dolphin Thames n°10 Edition

1 The Editorial by Lou Gilbert
2 The Paradox Of Buying Organic by Delphine Regnault
3 Life On Easy Mode by Diego Libreros
4 L'Accueil De L'Inspiration Par La Sensibilité by Martin Vaquié
5 What To Do In London by Sofia Him
6 The Culture Column by Chloé Molina and Martin Vaquié
7 Best of Photos CAM
Misconceptions about the Earth dying
Or How the human race is committing mass suicide

The Earth isn’t dying - the world we have built upon it is. The world can save itself. It can and it will.
The planet has become ours. Everything we see, smell and But it sure won’t save us.
touch, has been subjected to Man’s influence. The current
climate change that the planet is going through is but the We are pieces of the Earth itself. We are only a hint of a
mere effect of human ambition. In our quest for more, we passage of its history; in another million years, no one
have rendered ourselves into not having anything left. Our could ever suspect of our presence having graced the
resource well has dried up, and so have our spirits. surface of the planet. The planet is not dying – if anything,
Contemporary western society is built on the very need for the current climate change is only its way of getting rid of
one to succeed. People are so focused on their end the human virus, as if it were having a fever to cure a cold.
destination of where they want to be that they forget to We are a part of the Earth’s evolution, similarly to the
look out the window on the way there. We have become dinosaurs before us; and alike them, we will disappear
so full of ourselves that we have decided to turn a blind eventually. The only thing we can do about this is decide
eye to the impact we are having on our world. It seems to take the matter into our own hands and realize that the
therefore as though the planet – or at least what we know only thing that is bound to disappear is the human race.
of it – is bound to crumble, is it not? We are in the process of committing mass suicide. In truth,
Man cannot project himself realistically, it is beyond his
I would argue differently. The planet will be fine. The comprehension and rationality. We know only of the past
planet is undergoing changes like it always has, and this and the present, and the only future we are able to talk
process, of what we might think is destruction, is just about could even be considered as the present because on
going to lead to a new fresh era where we will no longer the scale of the Earth’s life, 100 years – which is about
belong. I would be tempted to somewhat shamelessly how far most predictions go as to the « future of the
quote Elizabeth Gilbert “Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to Earth » – is infinitely neglectable. We need to shift the
transformation”. focus from the Earth to ourselves. We need to stop
There is no such thing as death in terms of an ending point. distancing ourselves from the problem itself. We are
Death is a fully man-made concept which derived from our entirely responsible for both our termination and our
incapacity to fully grasp the infinite futility of our lives at survival. We are the problem, we are the virus, and we are
the scale of the universe. To define it as the end of life, is the cure.
completely misinterpreting the meaning of life itself. In Following Yves Coppens’ fascination and hope for human
exploring our consciousness, we have bypassed our evolution, we have never been at a higher state of
existence in terms of matter to focus rather on how we development than right now. We have all the tools in hand
exist through our psyche. Therefore, the definition we to make the changes necessary for us to continue being a
have attributed to life, and the existence of such a notion part of the Earth. Let us step away from the fear of having
as death, is, to an extent, irrelevant. children because of not wanting to bring them into a
Scientifically, things don’t die, they regenerate and turn tarnished, melting world. Let us regain trust in ourselves,
into something else. When a plant, a dog, a sea urchin or a in our world, in our values. As what one of the great
fly dies, they just give way to more life. The true meaning leaders of our times would say, Let Humanity be Great
of death could actually be interpreted as rebirth, fueling Again.
life rather than ceasing it. Just as endings imply
beginnings, death is synonymous with life.
By Lou Gilbert
The paradox of buying organic

Photos taken by Delphine Regnault at family business property

The French are increasingly seduced by the organic In addition to this, most of those tomatoes are exported
market. As a result, 9 out of 10 French citizens consume all year around which leads to massive energy waste in
organic produce regularly. Local farms are no longer transportation. It goes against the actual objectives of
enough to meet this increasing demand which explains sustainability that the organic industry seeks to attain.
how the agri-food industry has rushed to enter this
market. The question now raised is whether we can Consumers are sometimes ready to pay twice the price
produce good qualitative and quantitative organic food at for an organic product, yet its label is fundamentally a
a large scale? sham. According to the European label, it is the
consumer’s duty to take responsibility when buying
Consumers are unfortunately victims of disinformation; products, and from their point of view, distribution and
the agri-food industry has become the symbol of a energy consumption is not included in their skill set.
paradoxical model torn between the desire to meet Besides, buying a product from sustainable agriculture
demand and the desire to produce more qualitative, that is not necessarily certified organic does not mean
environmentally-friendly products. When digging into that it is bad quality product. The organic label hides
the abyss of this industry, one may discover some many uncoherent practices and lies to its consumers.
practices as astonishingly shocking. For example, Rather than obstinately buying organic, today’s
organic input on crops such as chicken faeces are not consumer should favour local distribution and directly
necessarily from organic breeding; even worse, it often buying from producers. In the end, certain non-organic
comes from GMO breeding which is highly prohibited in products are more organic than actual organic products!
France. The circuit is therefore irrelevant to the objective
of respectful agriculture. This is precisely where the In this current situation, consumers must be able to exert
contradiction and the absurdity of the organic label lie. their own critical thinking even when doing their
groceries. This speaks volumes about how we are being
The European organic label has strict specifications manipulated by the very industries we can come to
when it comes to production with essential requirements support. Don’t buy into fancy labels and make sure to
such as not using pesticides, GMOs and cultivating in the always educate yourself further than what
soil. However, in some areas of Europe, these advertisements easily portray.
requirements are only an illusion to pretend that they are
producing good quality vegetables. For example, in
Almería, Spain – which is considered as Europe’s garden By Delphine Regnault
– tomatoes are cultivated during the whole year. This
implies that greenhouses need to be heated, consuming
drastic amounts of energy.

try to compromise. However, looking back at Europe is somewhere in the middle, with
An essay on how nuclear our history, I doubt that we are capable of doing
so. To put it in the words of Hayao Miyazaki:
Americans still lagging behind. In the US,
degeneracy has become the norm: fat is healthy,
war will save Humanity “Humans cannot be forgiven for their sins, for
there are too many, too great, in too little time”.
paedophilia is a sexual orientation, and
communism is cool. If you dare oppose Islam
Some playboy billionaires, notably or third wave feminism, you will instantly
“Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, think our salvation become public enemy n°1. What could be the
worlds.” - J. Robert Oppenheimer, Trinity is in outer space. This is too optimistic. Firstly, cause of this mess? After several weeks of
nuclear test, July 16th, 1945. the technology required to conquer other stellar reflection, I have come up with a plausible
systems is too far away. Reaching just 0.06 explanation. The fact that our lives are easy is
At the end of the Second World War, PPY (Parsec Per Year) is impossible with our destroying our mental health. Humans are
a panel of experts created the Doomsday Clock, current thrusters. The journey to the closest designed to fight monsters and live in the
a thought experiment which aims to indicate habitable world would take centuries. Without forests. Everything in our genetic arsenal
how close Humanity is to destroying itself. artificial gravity, hyper sleep and a decent confirms this: our unbeatable endurance, our
Today, it sits comfortably at two minutes till protection against space radiation, we will ability to craft tools and our complex language.
midnight, the closest to Judgement Day it has never make it alive. Secondly, it is very We are survival machines, we’re not money
ever been. Many believe that it is unlikely that probable that the promised land turns out to be machines. If you protect us, we start breaking
we do not nuke ourselves to oblivion by the end hell rather than paradise. Not only do we not down.
of the 22nd century. The possibility of nuclear have the technological means to terraform a What is the consequence of life on
war is a fascinating subject, which, on top of non-habitable planet like Mars, but it is almost easy mode? Well, we never grow up. Today,
providing a solution to the Fermi Paradox, impossible that Earth 2.0 is suitable for humans people have bland, entitled, uninteresting
helps us to solve many philosophical questions from a gravity perspective. We can’t live on personalities. Our lives are boring. This is why
on the meaning of our existence. planets which are too big, or too small. Earth we spend our evenings drunk in shady
2.0 needs to be just the right size, and, as of basements dancing to loud music. This is why
It is difficult to grasp how far we have 2019, we haven’t found a suitable candidate. we feel the need to “go out” with “friends”,
come as a specie. The first humans were whom we probably don’t even like. This is why
nothing more than snacks for prehistoric beasts. we crave for “likes” on social media. This is
Today, Homo Deus rules the planet. If Life has why we play video games and watch movies
existed for 24 hours, then humans have only and read books: to escape the boring reality we
been around for the last 5 seconds. Even on our
own scale, we only became masters of the
The apocalypse is have chained ourselves to. We cannot even be
bothered to rule the universe, so we create new,
house about 600 years ago. Back then, life was
inevitable, but I choose digital gods to take care of this boring task. We
have traded our life purpose for comfort. We
Today, we are gods. We killed the old
to see it as a good thing. force ourselves to think we are better off
working fifty hours a week in an office, rather
ones and took their place back in the than fighting monsters.
Renaissance. We started to see Nature as a 2) War is profitable
conglomerate of exploitable resources. Nature
has some gnarly monsters and other scary The Western Capitalist Democracy At this point the situation looks pretty
things on its resume, but even six-hundred was made possible by the emergence of one hopeless. Enter nuclear weapons: the wild card.
years ago, that was no match for humans. The great idea: mass production. This enabled us to The modern weapons make the Hiroshima and
gods, demons, tree spirits and monsters, which provide goods in abundance, therefore reducing Nagasaki bombings look like lame firecrackers.
had ruled over the Earth since the dawn of time, prices. But, as with all great concepts, this idea In the event of a nuclear war, most humans will
were now getting thrown to the trashcan of is a double-edged sword, and the flip side to perish, but a couple million will survive. Even
history by some venture capitalists. abundance and comfort was the emergence of cockroaches can’t compete with our
We came up with various systems to the military industrial complex. adaptability. The apocalypse is inevitable, but I
best exploit Nature for our own good. These The 20th century is often regarded as choose to see it as a good thing. There are too
systems were known as “societies”. Many have the worst and the best in the history of mankind. many humans on this Earth. They cannot be
risen, and many more have fallen. However, to There were two world wars, and threats of total forgiven. Extinction events are good for life,
this day, one stands out: The Western capitalist annihilation. Communism and Nazism rose and and Judgement Day will be no different.
democracy. Whether you like it or not, this is fell, each causing millions of deaths. But, at the There is an even chance of an all-out
the best form of society to ever exist. It brought same time, we went from coal to nuclear fusion war between miserable India and its sinister
billions out of poverty, all while optimising in less than 100 years, from slow boats to neighbour Pakistan. All Western systems are
freedom and security. But, as we all know, this supersonic jets. The flip side was war. You automated for mutually assured destruction.
system isn’t perfect. If our magnum opus is cannot kill millions of people if you don’t have When the clowns in South-West Asia start
flawed, then maybe we missed something along the means to do so. You cannot destroy hitting each other on the head, everything is
the way. It’s not just the West, humanity as a countries without factories to make weapons. going to turn to absolute chaos in a matter of
whole is running straight into the wall of minutes. In such event, it’s estimated that 3
obsolescence, for three reasons. billion humans will die in the first weeks, and
3) We have lost our purpose another 4 billion in the following months, from
radiation poisoning and starvation. The
1) Humans destroy the planet Our lives in the West are relatively survivors will be playing Life on hard mode.
easy, which counter-intuitively is the root of There will be monsters that will eat them,
Unlike what a certain entitled child most of our problems. People in Western diseases that will kill them, and some guy on
would have you believe, climate change is not Europe, Japan and, to a certain extent, the the side of the road will cut their throat. The
bad news for the planet. Past climate has altered United States, are experiencing an existential game will be worth playing again. Nuclear war
between hot tropical periods and ice ages, crisis. Suicide and depression levels have never will save humanity, or at least it will give us the
without tremendous consequences. Rather, been so high. As a matter of fact, there seems to second chance we desperately need.
humans are destroying the very thing they need be a correlation between how close a country is
to live through excessive pollution. I’m not to maxing out its economy and its suicide
suggesting that Nature is necessarily good, and statistics. Japan’s economy plateaued 20 years
humans necessarily evil. Nature should give ago. As a consequence, the nation has the By Diego Libreros
humans a chance, as we are relatively new to highest suicide rate of any developed country.
the scene. Humans, on the other hand, should
L’accueil de l’Inspiration par la Sensibilité

« La sensibilité de chacun, c’est son génie. », tel définissait Baudelaire, à son

apogée créative, ce qui pour lui représentait la clé de toute œuvre littéraire et, plus
généralement, artistique. Il pensait que mépriser la sensibilité et la rabaisser comme
elle le fut longtemps aux bassesses de l’esprit, empêchant la réflexion rationnelle et
constructive, ne constituait pas moins qu’un crime contre l’humanité portée en
Cette sensibilité se doit d’être, dans tout processus d’écriture créative, l’origine
d’une inspiration puisée du mélange interactif des éléments extérieurs qui forment
le contexte d’écriture et des éléments intérieurs qui apportent la force émotionnelle
à l’ouvrage. Toute l’utilité de cette configuration d’esprit réside dans la quantité
d’informations et de ressentis qui pourront ainsi être collectés et permettront
d’enrichir davantage la production littéraire.
De ce décuplement des sens naît ce que nombreux tiennent à appeler l’inspiration.
Cette montée, graduelle ou brutale, se traduit par le besoin d’extérioriser par la
plume ce que la sensibilité aura encaissé. On ne peut la trouver volontairement,
d’où sa nature instable et complexe, mais sa présence ne fait aucun doute
lorsqu’elle est ressentie. Ainsi il faut construire et maintenir un terrain favorable à
son développement afin de rendre plus naturel et instinctif le fil d’écriture.
Alors il faut s’ouvrir au monde sans réserve, s’abandonner à ses sensations, se
laisser guider et emporter, lâcher prise et penser, non pas avec la raison, mais avec
le cœur.
Par Martin Vaquié

What To Do In London: November 2019

Halloween is now behind us which means it is finally the

time to get ready for the festive period!

This November, do not miss the Christmas lights switch-

on parties on Carnaby Street (Nov 7th), Regent Street
(Nov 14th) or in Covent Garden (Nov 12th).

From this month until January, you will also be able to go

ice skating on the iconic Ice Rink at the Natural History

And of course, let’s not forget about the most magical © Photos taken by Marie Pham Van

and Christmassy destination that is Winter Wonderland

which will open this year on November 21st.

Christmas markets will also make a comeback this

November, some of the bests are the fantastic Leicester
Square Christmas Market and the Southbank Centre
Winter Market.

If you are not into the end of the year celebrations, do

not worry: they are still many things to do in London
during throughout the month!

Taste of London is coming back for another exquisite

weekend (Nov 21st - 24th) that will please more than
just one foodie.

For those who fancy an evening at the Royal Opera,

make sure you see Sleeping Beauty which will be played
between November 7th and January 16th (ticket price
starts at only £7!).

Moreover, London will host this month many exciting

concerts: from Christina Aguilera and Snoop Dog to
Chemical Brothers and Little Mix, you will be able to
sing, dance and repeat all month long!

Finally, take the chance this November to attend an

original Hit Musical such as Harry Potter and the Goblet
of Fire or even The Woman in Black.

The CAM Society hopes that you will have a great time in
London during the end of the year. If you wish to attend
some of the events with us, make sure to follow our
Facebook page.

By Sofia Him

The Store X the Vinyl Factory presents Other Spaces

with United Visual Artists. [Free]

Light, lasers and sound. That s what it takes to get

your senses lost and immerse yourself in an outer
world made of deep although somewhat kind
darkness, where eyes and ears become, more than
ever, perception keys. Three rooms, three
atmospheres and one unique sensation of a
reinvented notion of space using choreographed
movements to easily trick our curious minds. Be
sensitive, observe, feel, and let yourself get
destabilized and carried away from London s fast Photo taken by Jack Hems, found on event’s website
pace into a living dream-like atmosphere.

Baudelaire ‒ Poetry, France

He was a journalist, art and literary critic, but above

all, Baudelaire was a poet, one of the greatest and
most talented of his time.

Marginal, bohemian, he lived a life of debauchery

built around a characteristic spleen. His generalized
misery, his numerous libertine adventures and his
own romantic sensibility were the main sources of
inspiration which simultaneously weighed on him
heavily and enabled to give birth to works of
exceptional complexity and singularity, capturing the
era he lived in through varying filters.

Forerunner of literary modernity with his main work

Les Fleurs du Mal, he was accused of immorality,
considered scandalous, a corrupter of nature and a
THE WORK OF ART revolutionary, which gives an idea of the outstanding
Nighthawks, Edward Hopper impact he had on French poetry and literature.

Through Nighthawks, Edward Hopper signs one of

the greatest successes of his career and of the 20th
century s art.

A heavy and cold atmosphere emerges from this

depiction of the 1940s in America, emanating from
the dark and raw colours used by the artist. To these
sharp colours is added a play on shadow and light
particularly immersive as well as a limited
perspective. The latter prompts us to focus on the
main stage which, even if the few characters that
appear do not seem engaged in any action or express
any emotion, sends back a feeling of strong solemnity
associated with the weightiness of the painting.

The genius of Hopper lies in his ability to making us

By Chloé Molina and Martin Vaquié
wait, in front of this motionless picture, for a sequel
to the mystery established.


Special thanks to Juliette Mouden

The Thames Dolphin would like to thank all the people who
have contributed to this fall edition’s creation.

We hope you have liked reading us. Thank you.

Edited by Lou Gilbert and Emma Le Vourch

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