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The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) as the primary coordinative, promotive, facilitative,

and regulatory arm of the Philippine Government with the country's trade, industry, and
investment activities fully supports mining activities in the Philippines whether open pit or
Pursuant to our mission and vision to achieve a more inclusive and prosperous Philippines with
employment and income opportunities for all, the DTI continues to be the economic catalyst that
enables innovative, competitive, job generating, inclusive business, and empowers consumers.
Mr. President, we are of the position that mining has several economic impacts which undeniably
have an impact to our economy and ultimately the lives of the Filipino People.
In an article written by Val Villanueva in business mirror, he submits that "Mining is literally the
bedrock of civilization. That the industry’s critical future impacts on mankind’s quality of life
shouldn’t be debated at all. Almost everything that people use—household appliances,
computers, farm implements, transport vehicles, mobile phones, beauty and hygiene items,
medicines, fertilizers, etc.—is a mineral product or relies upon minerals and metals for production
and distribution."
Mining products undeniably enables trade and business opportunities for the country and for the
Filipino people. Not to mention our growing national outstanding debt that needs to be addressed.
We will base our position in line with our department's motto "Trabaho, Negosyo, Konsyumer"
The mining sector have been providing jobs for the Filipino locals. In fact, not only jobs were
provided by mining companies but also scholarships, microfinancing, and, healthcare.
Moreover, pursuant to the Philippine Development Plan for 2017-2022, to achieve the goal for
lower poverty incidence in the rural areas, from 30 percent in 2015 to 20 percent in 2022, we
should exhaust all available opportunity which can provide jobs for the filipinos.
It is an undisputed fact that mining in the Philippines brings about business. We encourage foreign
entities to enter into the mining industry which in effect pumps billions of pesos in our economy.
The Philippines being a top producer of gold and copper becomes more and more involved in
trade and investment in the global market.
As we have pointed out, products out of the mining industry is everywhere. Shutting down mining
activities will have a grave effect in our manufacturing industry putting our market in a bad position
which will cripple our economy.
While we recognize the environmental hazards that mining might bring, we submit that strict
implementation of regulation is key to bring about a healthy environment and a healthy economy.
Mr. President, we are entering the peak of technological era. Mining products will surelty be a
huge factor in years to come. We should not prevent legitimate and responsible corporations from
pursuing ventures that will benefit almost every sector and every economic aspect of the
Philippines. Based on the foregoing points, I am against any prohibition, closure, and/or
provisional ban of mining activities in the country, be it open pit or otherwise.
Sec. King Noe Badong, J.D, K.R
Department of Trade and Industry