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Solar Oven Challenge 2019-2020!

Thank you so much for registering for this year’s Solar Oven Challenge! We look
forward to receiving your entry. This package contains the following information:
1. The criteria we will be using to judge your solar oven.
2. The entry form (please complete and send back upon completion).
3. A media release form (please complete and send back upon completion).

Just a reminder that the grand prize for the challenge is $500! Second and third
place can win $250!

Best of luck to you and your students!

If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please feel free to contact
Kristina Johnston, Energy Program Director, at kristina@greenlearning.ca .


This year, we will be judging the winner of the Solar Oven Challenge by the
following criteria:

1- Use of recycled materials (5 points)

The more recycled materials you use to build your solar oven, the better! Many of
us have the necessary materials around our households. Plus: you’ll be saving the
planet from the greenhouse gas emissions it would’ve taken to produce new
materials. Recycling rules!

2- Maximum temperature reached (4 points)

Bring on the heat! In this category, we are evaluating the overall efficiency
of your solar oven as a functional cooking appliance by the maximum temperature
it reached. Tip: don’t put your solar oven in the shade!

3- Complexity of recipe chosen (3 points)

We all love S’mores! But let’s face it: they’re not the most challenging recipe
to make. In this category, you get points for trying to make a more complex
recipe in your solar oven. Bon appétit!

4- Originality of your solar oven (2 points)

Does your solar oven have some neat features that make it different from
the others?
Did you use a different design, or different materials? We want to hear about it!

5- How you shared the experience with others (3 points)

Did you invite other classes or staff members to taste your delicious recipe?
Did you have a solar oven bake sale to raise funds for a worthy cause?
These are the types of things we’ll look for to award you the points for this category.

6- Use of social media (3 points)

In this category, we’re evaluating social media output: videos

on your school’s YouTube channel, posts on Instagram/Twitter
@GreenLearning, pictures that you’ve taken throughout the
challenge, etc.

7- New this year! How much energy did you save by

cooking in a solar oven? (5 points)

By using a solar oven you are saving energy! That means you’re also saving
kilowatt hours (kWhs), GreenHouse Gases (GHGs) and money. Use the ‘Saving
Energy with Solar Ovens’ handout to help you calculate them.


Teacher Name:
For our Teacher’s email address:
information… School Name:
Number of students participating:
Grade level & subject (or club name):

1. What kinds of materials did you use to build your solar oven? What portion of those
materials were recycled?

2. What is the maximum temperature that the solar oven reached? (Please also
mention the weather the day that you were using the solar ovens).

3. What did you cook in your solar oven? If you came up with your own recipe, please
write it here: it could be featured in our ‘Best Recipes’ section of the website!

4. Did your solar oven have any unique or original features?

5. How was this experience shared with the rest of the school or community?

6. Did you use social media throughout the challenge? If so, please indicate where you
posted and your handle names so we can track the great work you did! Please also
attach any photos that you took throughout the challenge: they’ll help us spread the
word about the efficiency and importance of renewable energies in Canada!

7. How much energy (kWhs, GHGs and costs) did your class save by cooking in a solar
oven? Refer to the ‘Saving Energy with Solar Ovens’ handout.

8. Do you have anything else you’d like to share with us, or that you would like us to
know? Did you enjoy GreenLearning’s Solar Oven Challenge?

GreenLearning Media Release Form
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