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Anthony Justin F.

Prof. Ann Ruth Lamug
Session I-2
August 16, 2019

Management of Technology and Innovation: An Overview

This overview highlighted the different kinds of approach, purpose and role of what a
management of technology and innovation can offer. It also provided information on how
inventions can be more useful in applying innovation to gain a powerful tool to be used as and to
be part of today’s technology. It also educated people on how a certain technology and innovation
expand its knowledge, not only locally but worldwide, in order to know other capabilities, jobs and
experts through outsourcing and the usage of internet. This chapter helped us understand on how
management of technology and innovation can be played by being functional, challenger and
game changer to have a successful result to the society and businesses.

How can a technology consider to be a powerful tool in today’s society and businesses?
How are we supposed to innovate methodologies that can help us achieve a successful result in
using technologies? These are mainly the questions that have been answered in the overview of
management of technology and innovation. Its significance and roles were focused to give us
more knowledge on how to use them. This chapter provides a balanced view in showing the pros
and cons of using them and on how it can help businesses to grow and to expand. One of its
example is the usage of RFID in the market, on where it gives a better control to the inventory and
data and an efficient way to serve large customers. It helped a lot of businesses, but was it
attainable to others? Sometimes, costs of such technology can be a factor in order not pursuing to
use it especially for small suppliers. And that’s where the subject of making decisions for
managing the technology through innovation goes in. Firms must foresee that, what is needed
today might be different in the future. That’s why I agree with the set up that firms and businesses
must use strategic management on where you should plan the concept, content and usage,
implement and release the technology of what the market is needed and evaluate its negative and
positive impact to the customers. The examples and learnings provided on this chapter helped us
think outside of the box, to be a risk taker in order to know what’s needed to change and to
achieve your goals. There are so many ways in order to achieve success in using technology. But
sometimes, before thinking of being successful, you need to start from the scratch and study hard
for its concept. This taught us that proper planning and usage of management will give us a
successful result that can lead today’s society and businesses in a more useful way.

The biggest question that the topics gave me is how should I prepare? I have learned that it
will not always give you an instant success to achieve one’s business goals. Sometimes, you need
to fail for so many times to achieve a greater result. It gave me now an idea on how to properly
plan on things you needed today and in the future. This also gave me knowledge on how I should
handle decisions when it comes to achieving my goals. One lesson that I’ve learned is the way a
business should use strategic management because it shows proper processes in order to be on
track and be successful. Just like being a process analyst in my company today, the topic made
me realized that you need to study and to get outside of the box, so you can innovate, give more
ways to evolve it and provide a continual improvement. After reading the topics, I’ve realized that
whatever knowledge and information you provide as a person and as an employee, it will always
affect others whether it’s positive or negative, so always have the proper planning and execution
by using the information we have learned in managing technology and innovation. The moral of
these topics is to always prepare and to know the basic concepts of the technology or things you
want to achieve. After which, have a proper planning and execution on how to expound it and on
how it can help others. By the time you achieved it, learn to evaluate its result. Will it be helpful
and relevant? If yes, continue with your goals. If not, what can you do in order to make it better?