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Ms. Zankhana Shah (149)

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Dr. Vandana Khanna

Services Marketing

K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research


Zankhana Shah (149)

ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY: An unfolding opportunity
Entertainment is now thought of as a commodity – which has to continuously evolve
with the current market supply and demand factors. It is a potential revenue generator for
the economy, though currently the share of entertainment revenue in India's GDP is very

Entertainment & Media (E&M)

industry is a cyclical industry that
grows faster when the economy is
expanding. The filmed Entertainment
and Television segment dominate the
industry followed by the Print, Radio
and the Music segments. Churning out
nearly 1,000 films a year, the Indian film industry is the largest in the world. Now, aided
by technological advancements, the industry is set to take a further leap - across
production, exhibition and distribution.

The movie watching experience in India

has gone through many changes. Growth
in cable and satellite television in the
country since the early nineties emerged as a
major deterrent to cinegoers and has
adversely impacted cinema attendance. Then
the era of multiplexes dawned, wooing back a large number of cinegoers who had
stopped going to cinemas in the nineties. The days of long queues for tickets or heated
negotiations with the black-ticketeers, overcrowded shaky chairs, poor print quality and
distorted sound are passe.

Zankhana Shah (149)

India’s multiplex industry is thriving on the back of rising disposable incomes,
favorable demographics, low screen density,
changing spending patterns and taste of
consumers, retail boom and the relaxation of
entertainment taxes by various State

Multiplexes were the natural choice for

distributing movies in large cities. Space
was at a premium and several movies were
competing for limited number of screens.
Multiplexes not only increased the number of available screens, but also provided them
with excellent acoustics and enhanced picture display and luxurious, glamorous

Several state governments have

provided incentives to encourage the
growth of multiplexes. The single
screen movie theatre has now
become a dying breed. Several
theatres are planning to upgrade to the
multiplex concept and hence provide a
boost to big screen cinema.
With better occupancy rates coupled with entertainment tax exemption benefits, it is
believed all players in this sector are set to achieve robust growth on back of aggressive
expansion plans supporting higher margins.
The multiplex’s steady proliferation in the metropolis’s and simultaneous penetration into
some smaller cities and towns testifies to its increasing popularity, coinciding with the
rise of disposable income in the hands of the urban Indian family.

Zankhana Shah (149)

The multiplexes manages to draw audiences to
the theatre with package deals, something for
everyone under one roof— well behaved
ushers, good security service, state-of-the-art
sound and projection quality, branded snacks,
hygienic toilets, shopping arcades, play areas,
restaurants and food courts, and ample parking
space. Demand for multiplex would remain
good as it provides a variety of films (4-5 movies of different genres) to the audience
coupled with shopping malls and food courts.

High set-up costs, withdrawal of tax breaks by state governments, intense competition
from unorganized players, film piracy, inferior content (of films) and a slowdown in
urban spending are among the major concerns that would hamper the prospects of this
Cinemas Fair Value Current screens Revenues/screens
(Rs.) (Rs. in mn.)
PVR Ltd 363 68 20.2
Adlabs Films 422 39 12.4
Shringar Cinemas 44 30 18.8
Inox Leisure 123 41 27.5

The urban population between the age group of

15-34 years is the most frequent movie going
section in the country and growth in this
segment would propel growth in the multiplex
segment too. A younger population tends to
have higher aspirations and will spend more as
it enters the earnings phase.

Multiplex advantage:

Zankhana Shah (149)

Multiplex cinemas offer significant economic advantages over similar size single-screen
theatres like better occupancy ratios, greater number of shows, better exploitation of
a movie and better cost management. Rise in consumption levels, changing lifestyles,
the availability of quality real estate and significant investments in malls are
expected to result in an increase in the size of the organized retail business in India. The
country’s organized retail market of $4bn is expected to increase its share of the total
retail market of $200bn to $15bn by 2010.

Multiplex in a mall is the mantra for managing junction of retailing and

entertainment in India and the merging of these is one of the biggest trends facing
stores and malls today. Shopping centres and business districts are using entertainment
In this model, the operator has the option of
to set themselves apart from competition.purchasing the land, constructing and fitting out
the multiplex or alternatively the operator may
The idea of providing shoppers with a pleasurable experience offers an opportunity to
purchase the civic shell of a mall from a
increase sales. Organised retail outlets are
Ownership attempting
developer andtocompletes
attract large footfallsofby
the fit-outs thesetting
Model multiplex. This model is suitable where the lease
up malls that cater to every consumer group.
rentals are very high and where capital available
at a very low cost.
Corporatisation of the Indian film industry considered to be one of the most important
aspects for the growth of the industry, continued to gather momentum in 2005. The
industry is witnessing mark improvements in all spheres, from technology used in
making films to the themes of movies, These
modelsfinance, andcapital
are more marketing and even
efficient in its why
and that’s
major multiplex players follow this model.
business environment. Indian film producers are also looking overseas for co-production In this model
the operator leases out the civic shell from the developer
and the future looks immensely bright with a number of theatres
and invests poised of
in the fit-outs to the
go digital.
There are 3 ways of entering into a lease model namely
Fixed rental model, Fixed rental plus % revenue sharing
Lease Model
The acquisition of a majority stake by andReliance
the last isCapital
Lease ofinexisting
not onlyandmarked
the entry of the largest industrial house in the E&M industry but also broughtmultiplex
into a multiplex (Retrofit). In the 3rd case the the
operator leases an existing theatre, refurbishes it and
importance of having integrated film companies
converts ittointo
the afore. Industry
multiplex. sources
That’s whyalso
lease rentals
are generally low in this
that more than half of the releases in 2005 were by corporates rather than individuals.case.

Entertainment Tax (ET) is one of the largest costs of a theater, except in cases where the
entertainment tax rebate is available.

In this model, a developer constructs the

necessary infrastructure of the multiplex and
outsources the operations to a multiplex operator
for a fixed period of time. The multiplex operator
charges a fixed fee or a share of the revenue
Zankhana Shah /(149)
profit from the multiplex.
Adlabs is transforming into an Entertainment behemoth with business starting from
Film Processing to Exhibition to Distribution, FM radio and Home video. FM radio
seems to be the first initiative that will roll out by Oct’06.
Adlabs foray into FM Radio business will further de-risk its business model and will
enhance the business prospects in the long run.
Key Highlights

Zankhana Shah (149)

 Adlabs’ film processing business continues to maintain its leadership position
with more than 65% market share in Western region and has grown at an avg. rate of
19% over the last 5 years. Its a high margin business (OPM of 42% in FY’06) and
this division contributed around 60% of total revenue in FY’06.
 Film exhibition is the latest focus area for the company and by 2009 total screens
with Adlabs would exceed 250 from the current 34 screens. EBIDTA margins which
are currently at 23 % continue to be second best in this industry (after Inox). Post
expansion, 70-75 % of its multiplexes would avail entertainment tax benefits.
 Overseas distribution division of Adlabs has rights for 5 big banner potential
blockbuster films of 2006-07; Krrish, Baabul, 36 China Town, Jaaneman and Guru.
With the margin of 15-20% in overseas distribution, the company expects to release
16-18 films every year, the highest by any single distributor.
 Adlabs is looking at the acquisition route as part of the company’s plan to emerge
as a big player in the rapidly growing segment of home video.
Adlabs is a leading motion picture processing laboratory, incorporated in 1978. CEO &
MD, Adlabs Films, Mr. Manmohan Shetty is a highly respected figure in the Indian
Film Industry and is known for his astute business sense. He is one of the original
founders of Adlabs Films Limited. An arts graduate by qualification, Mr. Shetty has more
than 27 years of experience in film processing and Printing and currently looks after
strategic business planning, finance, business development and client interface. Today
Adlabs is a market leader in the entertainment industry with an integrated business
model covering the entire value chain from film production & processing to distribution,
exhibition, Home Video & FM radio.
Anil Ambani-led Reliance Capital acquired majority stake (51%) in Adlabs Films in
a deal valued at Rs 360 crore. As of March 31, ’06 ADAG held 54.9% stake in Adlabs
Films. Even as management control shifted to the new promoters the operations
continued under the existing management team (Mr. Manmohan Shetty and others).
The company has processed films for almost all production companies in Mumbai. It has
a 70 % market share in the 35 mm negative film processing and 60 % market share
in the 35 mm colour processing in the western region.

Zankhana Shah (149)

Adlabs setup the first Imax dome theatre that was open for public screening on 31st
March 2001. The company launched the first multiplex with 4 theaters in the same
premises as the IMAX Adlabs theatre in Oct’01
Company Visibility:
It is looking at spanning the entire value chain of the entertainment content carriageway;
the Anil Ambani group is ensuring its footprints across every possible facet of
entertainment. Ranging from television
to radio to films to exhibition to home
video, the ADAE group seems to have a
blueprint for every division in place, and
the kick-off into the media and
entertainment segment does not seem
too far off. As of now, Adlabs has
bagged 45 licenses in all, making it the
largest player in terms of number of
licenses owned including stations of existing players.
Film Distribution:
Earlier Adlabs in a 50:50 J.V with Mukta Arts was catering to overseas distribution
only but later Adlabs bought that 50% stake by paying little less than Rs 50 mn.
The Overseas distribution business commenced operations aggressively in November
2005 and has distributed over 15 titles till May’06. It has an excellent line up of potential
blockbuster movies in the current fiscal including Krrish (under Rakesh Roshan banner)
& Baabul (under Ravi Chopra banner)
Film Exhibition Business:
Adlabs entered the Film Exhibition Business in the year 2000, with the setting up of a
518 seat IMAX® Dome theatre, (The largest Dome Theatre in the world) along with
Mumbai's first multiplex (4 screens and 1314 seats). Currently Adlabs is having 9
multiplexes with 34 screens and 11450 seats and it’s planning to expand rapidly its
multiplex business in next 2-3 years.

Zankhana Shah (149)

De-risked Business Model:

Head of Imax Adlabs:

Ms. Pooja Shetty is a Whole time director on the Board of Adlabs Films Limited, a
market leader in the Film Processing business. She has created a niche for herself in the
industry by spearheading the company’s successful foray into Film Exhibition. Pooja has
been responsible for setting up the world’s largest IMAX dome theatre and 4-screen
multiplex at Wadala, Mumbai. Today, besides handling Strategic Planning and
Operations of the divisions' multiplexes, Pooja oversees New Business Development for
the Exhibition division and New Business Ventures of the group.

Zankhana Shah (149)

Ms.Pooja is also a member of the Uttar Pradesh Development Council – Entertainment
Committee and a member of the CII Committee on the Entertainment Industry.

No. of Multiplexes 9
No. of Screens 34

…. Multiplexes would be the Cash cow in coming years…

…. Market leader in western India with more than 70% in Post -production
facilities …
…. For international film distribution, currently it signed up 7 big banner
…. Digitalisation of theaters: A good bet…
…. Home Video segment would add more value as its an untapped market
so far…
…. Expanding investment in content production…
…. Untapped potential for outsourcing in film processing…
National presence with 45 FM Radio licences…
…. IMAX Dome theatre not performed up to the mark….
…Faces competition from south players in Film processing business…


The theatre is no more only a product. It is divided into
Product + service = Experience

The core service is the movie showing hall in the theatre.

Basic service:

Zankhana Shah (149)

Providing with the food and beverages inside the multiplex, sitting arrangement for
everyone in the theatre
Expected service:
Quality of different services provided is the best, and there are 4 to 5 screens for better
choice to the customer. Clean and hygienic décor enhances the overall outlook of the
Augmented service:
 Providing with bookstore, chocolate shop, gaming zone inside the theatre.
 Home delivery of tickets on just one phone call.
 Online booking of tickets for ease in booking of the same.
 Giving the customer a wholesome retail mall like experience in the theatre itself.
Potential service:
The customer is given sofa cum bed for watching a movie. Food and beverages served at
the seats to the customer. Bank ATM’s, Cheque drop collection boxes, credit card
collections, Internet banking terminals. Courier Agency, Post Box, Browsing / Computer/
Business Center with Video Conferencing, Std/ISD/ fax receiving & sending, Financial
services selling, Tele Shopping counters, Complaint centers for Cable TV/ Utilities,
Designer Seats for physically handicapped.

Other products available at the outlet are:

Crossword bookstore, coca-cola co. products, international chocolate counter, Kiosk of
other cosmetic products, Food from other suppliers, etc add up to the product as a
peripheral to the core service of the theatre.
Revenue Source of ADLABS:
Main source of revenue for multiplex business are Ticket revenue, Food & Beverage
income and Sponsorship income (Advertising revenue).
Ticket income is the largest contributor to the multiplex and is a function of Total
number of seats, Avg. no of daily shows, Avg. ticket price and avg. occupancy levels.

Zankhana Shah (149)

Ticket revenue contribution varies between 70-77% of the total revenue and that too
50-55% of revenues are collected during weekends where typically occupancies are
 Ticket prices of the outlet vary from Rs. 100 to 250/-
 The introductory rates of the multiplex were kept lower that was the advantage to
pull the crowd to the theatre. Around till 6 months the prices were Rs. 40-60/-

Food & Beverage revenue is the revenue generated through sale of food items such as
popcorns, cold drinks and confectionary items. This part of revenue some times directly
proportionate to the avg. number of patrons and form 20-22% of total ticket revenue

Advertising revenue is relatively small source of income; it comes around 3-5% of total
revenue that includes on-screen and off screen advertisements. Apart from efforts to
increase revenues from this source multiplexes are now resorting to hitherto untouched
territories like in-theatre promotions alternative sources like live cricket matches
(which is now a craze for youngsters), F1 races and corporate screenings.
Areas like elevators, ticket counters, ticket jackets, seats, floors, walls, popcorn
containers and washrooms that were never used by traditional cinemas for advertising
are being exploited now.

Operating Cost of ADLABS:

Of the various costs incurred by multiplexes, entertainment tax and payments to
distributors are the major costs each taking away around 18-20% of the revenues. With
most players operating on leased properties, lease rentals steal away a further 8-10% of
the turnover.

Zankhana Shah (149)

The other costs include cost of Food & Beverages (F&B), employees, marketing and
utilities like electricity, water, security, maintenance, IT and telecom etc. but such
overheads are lower per screen since most of it is shared by multiple screens. In any case
Multiplexes enjoy better bargaining power with producers, distributors and F&B
Distributor cost is nothing but the cost incurred to acquire the film content. Distributor
cost is normally paid as a % of the remainder of the total box office collection after
netting off all taxes (notional or actual). It account for 30-40% of the total ticket revenue.
F&B cost is cost of various food and beverages, which is 6-7% of total cost. Lease rental
cost varies between 10-15% depending on the location of the properties.

All Cinemas are located at premium locations and symbolize excellence in design,
ambience and service. Every Cinema is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, so as to
provide a moviegoer with a superior cinema viewing experience.
Imax Adlabs is in the inner areas of the wadala and not on the main highway, and hence
the patrons had to travel a lot after coming to main road. So theatre started with the bus
service before ½ an hour of show timing, making it easy for patrons to travel till the
multiplex. The introductory rates of the multiplex were kept lower that was the advantage
to pull the crowd to the theatre. The whole place is developed with complexes and whole
residential area has been created. Just through one multiplex the whole area is now
developed with housing complexes.


Young Upwardly mobile people with high disposable income constitute a substantial
percentage of our patron profile.

Zankhana Shah (149)

Adlabs indulges into different kinds of indoor and outdoor promotional activities.
The cinema advertising concept is new in India. It's a new medium that is capable of
producing advertising recall that is up to five times greater than that elicited by television
At our various Cinemas, you can choose to have a host of on-the-floor promotion
activities. These activities complement and support conventional media activities.
Various interactive activities can take place at Imax cinemas:
 Product launches  Popcorn cones.
 Product displays and on-the-floor  Menu branding at the café.
contests  Ticket jackets.
 Tie ups with the Game Zone or  Movie schedules.
F&B.  Seat Jacket
 Sampling.

Fun Innovations:
Every campaign challenges the brand to break the clutter. We believe that too. An
innovation by the brand is always more than welcome – excites us all the more.
 Laser shows  Look under the seat contest
 Jingles during the intervals  Projection TV

Zankhana Shah (149)

 Inflatable  Interactive Voice Response
 Gobo projections. (IVP)

 Music programming  Ticket flyers – home delivery

 Ticket backs  Branding on ticket envelopes

 Automobile display
On screen Branding:
Branding on the big screen! Fantastic opportunity with tremendous impact – always
 Slide displays.
 Commercial displays.
Off screens Branding:
The brand can be made visible at various strategic places within the Cinema. A
wonderful opportunity to display floor or wall displays.
 Signage (back lit & front lit)  Box office
 Danglers  Restrooms
 Lifts  Floor sticker
 Staircase
Movie Associations:
This is one of the most interesting ways to get noticed. One can tie up with a particular
movie across all of their properties:
 On-the-floor contests based on the theme of the movie
 Press advertisements, radio spots, flyers, banners and standees inside the cinema
 Web advertising and newsletters
Some recent success stories include:
 Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift & DC Design.
 Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna & DNA After Hrs.
 Superman Returns & Mattel Toys.
First Cut
One can choose to be a part of their paid previews on Thursday nights. The idea is to
target film buffs and opinion leaders. The following are the ways to grab their attention:

Zankhana Shah (149)

 The brand's logo can be placed on press ads, slides, flyers, newsletters and
standees along with periodic mention in radio spots
 On the ground contest, promoting it via press and radio
Associations with festivals:
Generally, movie festivals attract people with specific tastes. More often than not, they
have their likes and preferences in place. They generally recommend ways to help you
associate with this kind of an audience. A different festival will attract a different profile.
Hence, they require a custom designed approach. They help one to decide what approach
will work for your brand so as to ensure maximum impact. Generally, the following
activities are recommended
 On-the-floor contests
 Press ads, radio spots, flyers, newsletters and standees
Online promotions:
Regular online promotion increases hits on the sites and hence increases brand awareness
& loyalty.
E.g.: Buy 5 tickets online for superman and win merchandise of superman like bags,
watches & key chain.

Every new employee in the organization is given indepth training and are asked to get in
sync with organization policies and values. The technology is taught to help them gain
 Workplace free of Harassment
The Company is committed to providing a work environment free of discrimination
and harassment ie. a congenial environment motivating the employees to give their
optimum output. The Company’s anti-harassment policy applies to all persons
involved in the operation of the Company and prohibits unlawful harassment of other
employees including supervisors, outside vendors, clients.
 Healthy and productive work environment
The influence of drugs and alcohol on the job is absolutely prohibited.

Zankhana Shah (149)

 Safety in Workplace
The safety of employees in the Workplace is a primary concern of the Company.
 Each employee must acquire appropriate and sufficient knowledge of
requirements relating/affecting/regulating his duties while executing his functions in
day to day business to enable him to recognize his individual responsibilities and also
be able to guide his subordinates to function within the framework of applicable laws,
rules and regulations.
 Confidentiality
 Misrepresentation for personal profits/gains
 Expense shall not be reimbursed by the company.
 Customer Relationships
If the nature of an employee’s job responsibilities puts him in contact with any
Company customers or prospective business clients, it is critical for him to remember
that he represents the Company to the people with whom he is dealing. He is hence
required to act in a manner that creates value for the Company, helps to build a
relationship based on trust and goodwill thus enabling the Company to capitalise on
this customer relationship to nurture its growth. The Company and its employees
have provided services for many years and have built up significant goodwill over the

Existing Theatres are connected Digital Theatres involving installation of the following
equipments at the Theatres:
 Digital Projectors
 Servers
 Connectivity equipments:
 High Definition (HD) Recorder and Telecine
 System Integeration.
 Software Solution Provider

Zankhana Shah (149)

From box office to back office
Vista’s ticketing software covers the gamut of Adlab’s operations—right from box-office
to the MIS reports—and forms the core of the company’s operations. All the other IT
requirements and installations have been built around this package. Vista can be broadly
categorised into five functional areas—Back office module, box-office module,
concessions module, signages module and IVR call centre module.
IT in the F&B counter
The Concessions module ensures that details of the total stock is fed into the system and
then distributed to the five refreshment counters. Every transaction is locked at the point
of sale. The online stock updates us with real-time inventory balances.
Security Systems:
The company also has special devices for monitoring staff. Every employee is given a
‘proximity card’, which regulates their access over the premises of the theatre. For
instance, the multiplex has designated people for designated areas, and the log of every
person entering official premises is entered into the system.

One can advance book Tickets for any day any show any theater at any place. We have
evolved multiple mechanisms like Virtual card, Smart Card, Per-paid card, Scratch card,
Package schemes etc as part of innovative and ease of use of collections. These include:-
 Counter Walk-in
 Over the phone / Cell Phone / SMS

Zankhana Shah (149)

 Through Internet
 Through credit/ debit card: All the theaters have Credit Card interface and
customers can purchase the same on any Point of Sales machine.

Product at Adlabs would be ADD-ONS
All the theaters has certain basic features like quality seating, good house keeping, Proper
parking, Good fire control & safety features etc.
Seating in the Theaters is unique from other traditional theatres. The audience who are
coming to the Adlabs Theatres are excited and enthralled with the new atmosphere inside
the theater.
 Any theater has not more than 500 seats.
 Larger leg space
 Food Table for each bay
 Wider Arm rest
 Cozy neck rest
 Fullest Pushback
 Cozy cushion
 Proper Housekeeping is planned to ensure hygiene and cleanliness with trained
 Toilets are always kept clean.
 First-Aid equipments are made available in the premises to ensure medical

Food & Beverages (F&B)

F & B is a major source of income in Cinema other than ticket sales. Adlabs has tie ups
with major food chains to offer multi variety fare. These food outlets serve general public

Zankhana Shah (149)

also. The F&B is available with price points priced for all categories of viewers. Special
food like Health is also made available.
Integrated parking management is planned. Valet parking is also available.
One of the Major issues for Theater is access and lack of affordable transportation
facilities. Adlabs has their own bus for transportation from main roads & highway to
theatre premises. Coming to their theater chain should be a pleasurable.
Other Services
 Cloak room / locker where one can leave their luggage
 Gaming Centers
Other Features
 High Quality Lighting  Lobby/ Lounge
 Good Air Conditioner  Fountain
 Exhaust Fans  Water Outlets
 Standby Pedestal Fans  Decorated Sidewalls
 Cleary marked Flooring Plan
All statutory guidelines are adhered to in letter & sprit. Metal Detectors are placed in the
auditorium to ensure proper security. There are proper Fire-fighting equipments &
Smoke-alarms. Emergency Exits are marked and lighted properly. Baggage Checking is

Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Zankhana Shah (149)

To have a better understanding of the service provided by adlabs, a consumer satisfaction
research was conducted. The survey was conducted among people who have experienced
the service offered by Imax adlabs. The samples were randomly picked up from
individuals who were at the outlet as well as other individuals who have had a prior
experience at Imax. The respondents come from different communities, life-styles and
different age groups.
These individuals were asked various questions pertaining to their eating experience and
attitude towards Adlabs. They were also asked to rank various attributes like the quality
of the food, the service time, price, etc on a scale of 1 to 5. The analysis of the data has
been given below:
Customer satisfaction is another key factor in the Adlabs Theatre. Complaints are
attended and rectified at once. Customer Service is ensured for the audience right from
the booking of the theater till he leaves the theatre after the show.

Most of the respondents were aware of Imax as a multiplex, and are satisfied with the
overall experience at the theatre.
 The awareness about the Imax was majorly due to the Ads in the newspaper about
the dome theatre ad which is one of its kind.
 Very high word of mouth is also a reason why the theatre was a hit.
 There are more number of people coming with friends during the show timing of
3-6 and with family during show timing of 9-12
 Tickets are booked just before the show but online ticketing and phone booking is
also very highly rated.
 Tickets are not bought in advance by coming to the theatre as its too much in the
 Not all the visits by a single individual is planned. But the availability of the
tickets is not the major issue with the theatre.
 International Chocolate counter at Imax is visited least by patrons. Mostly loved
counter is food & beverages.
 For kids most liked is gaming zone, for which parents do have to come well in
advance before the show to let the kids play to the fullest.

Zankhana Shah (149)

 The kiosk keeps on changing at the theatre, but almost all the kiosk is able to
attract a lot of footfalls.
 Among all the factors Signage, Availability of the tickets, Visual and audio is
rated good.
 The factors like Nearness to residence, Ambience, Value for money are given
 While factors like quality of food and beverages, service personnel is rated
 Overall experience at the theatre is believed to be 4/5.
 Unique thing being a mall like experience at the theatre.
 Imax may have their own full time bus service, club class for people who need
privacy, a STD/PCO booth is required badly at the theatre.
 People are aware about different prizes and free gifts available at the theatre,
“lucky seat no.”

Zankhana Shah (149)

Consumer Questionnaire:
1. Name a few multiplexes that you are aware of?
2. Have you visited any of the Adlabs theatres?
 Yes  No
3. Which one have you visited?

4. How did you come to know about the theatre existence?

 Through advertisement  Word-of-mouth from
 Prior experience friend
 Show timings column  Others,
from newspaper specify__________________

5. With whom did you visit the theatre?

 Family  All of the above
 Friends  Others, specify
 Colleagues _______________
6. How did you book the tickets?
 Online  Just before the show
 Collected by  Other,
friends/relative specify_______________
 Advance booking
7. Are your visits at the theatre always planned?
 Yes  No
8. What is the frequency of your visit to the theatre?
 Once in a week  Once a month
 Twice in a week  Once in 3 months

Zankhana Shah (149)

 Occasionally
9. What were the other services used by you at the theatre?
 Book store  Beauty counter
 Food counters  Gaming zone
 Beverages  Others Specify,____________
 Chocolate counter
10. Rate the following factors on a scale of 1-5 (1 being mostly disliked and 5 mostly
Factors 1 2 3 4 5
Nearness to residence
Availability of the tickets
Variety in Food & beverages
Value for money
Quality of the food & beverages
use of technology
Visual & audio effects
Service of personnel

11. How would you rate the overall experience at the theatre? (1-5)
12. What will like to add to your Imax theatre?
13. Have you received any promotional goodies at Imax?
14. What is the unique thing that gets you back at the theatre?

Zankhana Shah (149)


Sr. No Name of the Book Author

1 Services Marketing Christopher Lovelock
2 Marketing Management Philip Kotler
3 Marketing Management Ramaswamy

Value for Money

Imax Adlabs


1 5

Zankhana Shah (149)