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2018 (EN02)


I. Number the sentences in the order that they appear in a complete email:

Sentences Order
1. Do you do a course for university students, which helps them with their 4
essay writing skills?
I’m hoping to come over in June, so if you can get back to me as soon as 9
possible, it would be great. Thanks for your help.
Best regards, Jaana Nikkinen 10
2. How many hours a week are the courses? 5

Subject: Information about summer courses 2

3. What sort of accommodation do you offer? 6

I’m a university student from Finland and I’m writing to get some information 3
about your language courses this summer. I’ve got a few questions:
5. Do you do any trips to other towns in the UK? 8

Dear Mr Jones 1

4. What after-school activities are there? 7

II. Number the sentences in the order that they appear in a complete email:

Sentences Order
With regards to accommodation, do you only provide homestay-style lodgings 4
or are there any other possible alternatives? I feel I wouldprefer to stay in
shared accommodation with self-catering facilities.
Finally, I was wondering if any extra-curricular activities such as lectures or 5
excursions are offered at your school. If so, are these included in the price, or
at an additional cost?
I am writing to enquire about your language courses in the summer. I am a 2
university student studying to become a translator.
I would like to know whether your school offers courses specifically for 3
university level students as I would like to study techniques for essay writing
in English. Could you also tell me how many hours of lessons there are per
I would be grateful for any information you can give me and I look forward to 6
hearing from you soon.
Dear Mr Jones, 1

Yours sincerely, Jaana Nikkinen Jaana Nikkinen 7



Follow this link to watch a video clip about an interview with BTS, a seven-member South
Korean boy band.


Then answer the questions below:

1. What is the role of RM in the band?

He is leader of this group and kind of the spokesperson.

2. How did RM teach himself English?

He saw sitcom film “ friend”

3. According to the show, what does A-R-M-Y refer to?

The name of their fanclub.

4. According to Ellen, what does “hooked up”mean?

It means slang word about male and female relationships.


Follow these links to do the exercise:

then take a screenshot of the result and paste it HERE