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& Technology
Aconex is a document management and collaboration
system that uses the internet to manage the storage and
flow of information for projects in the construction,
engineering and facilities management industries.
Powerful features and an easy-to-use interface allow
participants to manage and log project activity as they
go. Every mail, every document, every variation is
securely stored and organized for fast, easy retrieval.
Clients have access to their information anytime,
anywhere, from one single login.
The on-demand service, known for its document security
and ease of use, has set the international industry

standard for web collaboration. Compared with software-
based systems, Aconex can lower your project
expenditure and reduce risk, and removes the need for
internal IT support.

to use
Aconex is designed to get you started quickly. Included
training and support ensure high uptake and early user
acceptance right across the project team.
Features & Technology
Inbound faxes can be automatically Documents within the register can be
Task management captured into the system via a project- sent electronically to any party involved
Every Aconex member is provided with specific fax line. Faxes received are in the project. Transmittals include the
a summary of project-related information scanned as a .pdf or .tif file and then same information as a typical paper
in a task management overview screen. managed like any other electronic transmittal but with direct links to the
It includes details of unread, outstanding document in the system. underlying documents.
and overdue mail items, document
update notifications, incoming and An inbound transmittal automatically
outgoing tenders and current and Document control updates the organization’s document
register, ensuring all relevant project
overdue actions.
Each company within the project has participants have immediate access.
Any action in the Aconex system can a private document register which can
create a task for another member – from support virtually any file type including Aconex users can easily print documents,
responding to requests for information .pdf, CAD files, image files (such as .jpg, plans and drawings through a network
to reviewing and approving a drawing. .tif and .gif), Microsoft formats, open- of commercial print centers. All print
The concept is simple yet powerful. source formats and others. By default, requests can be monitored, priced and
the document register displays the managed directly through Aconex, without
most recent revision, but all document burdening the company’s email systems
Correspondence revisions are held. The complete or IT infrastructure. Aconex automatically
document history is stored and easily
management accessible. The register may be
archives print requests to produce a
searchable audit trail.
Aconex serves as an electronic project searched by a variety of document
mailroom and archive. All correspondence attributes, free text or wildcards.
relating to the project can be created,
delivered, recorded and archived by the Each document is uploaded once
Online viewer
system. On Aconex, project mail is not upon creation. Subsequent revisions Aconex has an in-built viewer that allows
held in individuals’ folders but in a supersede existing entries, removing members to view multiple file formats without
company mailbox, the equivalent of a the need for repetitive data entry and the need for additional software. The viewer
central filing system. Correspondence is ensuring that all members have access also provides online, collaborative, real-time
available to all project participants within to the very latest document. markup and measuring tools. Its innovative,
the organization and confidentiality can easy-to-use compare function allows all
be enabled when required. revisions to be compared and viewed in
a single document.
All project mail is delivered on company-
specific templates, maintaining your
firm’s identity within the project. Mail
templates can be defined for RFIs, site
instructions, transmittals, variations,

How Aconex works

quotes, invoices, design instructions,
project advices, project claims, and
architect’s advice and consultant’s
advice notices.
Online Management
Aconex mail functions are very familiar, as
All of your information is stored online. Aconex puts you in control of your
they mirror standard email packages. Files
Project details are accessed via a single, project, with an ongoing view of how
may be attached to any piece of project
secure login on the internet. This means work is progressing. You have a clearly
mail from the controlled documents
you can view information on any project tracked log of all projects and you know
register, or the local drive or network.
from any location at any time. Regular who has updated what, when. With the
Hard copy letters and existing data back up and the use of remote, ability to view the very latest information,
documents can be captured into the professionally-managed data centres you can manage your project from
system through a scan/registration provide high levels of security for anywhere at any time.
process, ensuring all correspondence critical project information.
is logged.
Aconex takes care of everything
All project mail is automatically logged
Aconex helps you to keep all of your you need to get your project online.
and cannot be deleted or modified once
information together. No matter what Unlimited training, ongoing 24/7 phone
sent. Mail can be filtered by a variety
format they are in, all correspondence support and start up programs
of attributes, free text and wildcards.
and documents to do with your project for all of your project partners. Aconex
Mail to or from any members within
are in the one place. This includes gets you up and running fast.
a company or project can be found
everything from building plans and
instantly, ensuring accountability and It’s that easy.
audit reports, to faxes and emails.
full quality assurance.
Workflows can be developed to It also handles the time-consuming
Directory operate within or across organizations, job of extracting tender data and
All Aconex members are listed in the for example to ensure that all purchase comparing responses. Users can view
central directory which is available to orders are reviewed by the finance original and adjusted amounts as well
all other members. Because members manager before release. Workflows as weighted scores. Automating the
manage their own details on the system, enable managers to monitor progress administration can eliminate errors
the administration burden is removed in real time, reducing delays and during this assessment phase. Once
from any one organization. Directories improving the ability to oversee multiple the tender is awarded, Aconex can
are presented at both project and global projects at once. automatically notify unsuccessful
levels and are fully searchable. Unlimited tendering parties.
numbers of distribution groups can be
set up for each project. Tenders module
Members can deliver information The tenders module provides
to non-members using regular email functionality to manage tendering
or an automated fax service. This electronically. It significantly reduces
correspondence and any replies are the time needed to create and manage
captured and stored within the system. tender packages, and simplifies the Aconex offers:
administration of the entire process.
> Unlimited data storage
Each tender template is reusable,
Reporting creating time and cost savings each > Unlimited use by subcontractors
time the organization goes to tender. & consultants
List, sort and filter functions in Aconex
enable comprehensive reporting. And automation of administration and > Unlimited training for all participants
approvals processes increases speed to
Reports are generated from all > 24/7 telephone support at no
market and reduces project overheads.
documentation and correspondence additional cost
for the entire lifecycle of a project. Aconex is like a tender process > Fast implementation time
Powerful search, filter and task dashboard, tracking each respondent’s
progress – whether they have accepted, > Fast & familiar search screens
management functions ensure that
reports are produced from the most viewed, started responding to, or > Powerful document viewing,
up-to-date information. Searches can be lodged the tender. comparison & real-time mark up
saved for regular use and the resulting
reports are easily configurable.
Detailed reporting minimizes the
risk of disputes over variation and
miscommunication. It enables managers
to make well-informed decisions and to
act immediately on potential issues.

Workflows module
Waiting for approvals on drawings or
plans often causes significant delays
on projects.

The Aconex workflows engine

accelerates standard approval processes.
Project managers can generate an
automatic flow of dependent tasks
around a team. Each participant required
to act on a task receives an alert of the
pending task and notification of the
response deadline.
Features & Technology
Registered members access functions
Technology Data security
or document types, rather than specific
Aconex data is stored on redundant documents or data. Each function or
Aconex is designed by our experienced
servers hosted in multiple world-class activity can be enabled for each member
in-house development team and the
data centres. These facilities have 24 on a project-by-project basis, which gives
company holds full intellectual property
hour surveillance, redundant power the company administrator full control
rights to the technology.
and data connections and sophisticated over the system. A full audit trail tracks
Underlying technology fire suppression systems. Servers are all activity.
locally backed up on a continuous basis
Aconex uses 100% Java on a series of Enterprise-wide solution
as well as to a remote offsite location.
Linux servers. Use of Java means that
All data can be fully encrypted for Through the Aconex login site, registered
Aconex functions are designed for
transfer. members can access all data across
expansion and compatibility. All templates
and forms can be customized with System access multiple projects. Information can be
corporate and project logos and terms. shared or passed from one project to
Once a member is registered and another, or from the project site to
System requirements approved by their organization’s head office. Managers can maintain
administrator, they are allocated a role an organizational view across projects
To access their documents and
that corresponds with access to certain and generate organization-wide
correspondence members of Aconex
functionality and tasks. All access to reports through one login. The address
simply need a standard web-browser.
data is through a single, secure site. book contains both organization and
Organizations retain control of project directories.
their data through private document
registers, and can select documents
for exchange in a virtual plan room
or document register.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. We provide full start-up implementation
and ongoing support from our friendly professional team.
Contact us today to find out how easy it is to manage your
project information with Aconex.