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Santa Lucia Group is one of the biggest real estate companies with over 10,000 hectares of land
developed with more than 200 development projects throughout the country.
With different locations of offices in the Philippines and International. Since its inception in
1972 by members of the Robles-Santos Family, the company focused on building planned
residential subdivisions communities that cater to the emerging middle class. Sta. Lucia Group
successfully diversified into vertical residential developments and currently expanding its
business to this project category.The Sta. Lucia Group is also a leading developer of golf courses
in the Philippines, having developed the largest number of golf courses in the country and has
also developed the 10.5-hectare Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall in Cainta, Rizal. The Sta. Lucia
Group through Sta Lucia Land Inc. (SLI) expects to continue its real estate business through its

Our objective is to create a network to connect many branches through a wide area network it
can help the companies manage their internet connections and to help the company doing
company’s work especially in sharing data across the network without having a trouble and it
can also manage the traffic that will pass through the network that can ease the employees
without having a trouble in the network that can affect their data and works. With two branches
located in different place, the installation will have the cost higher because of the large quantities
of employees, but it will create a long lasting network that will give a high performance network
for the company. With the help of a wide area network it can help the companies to improve on
their works because the connections of the internet is more faster than the others, it is more easy
to do their jobs especially on the paper work. This company have a wireless connection for
wireless devices and that are use of the wireless devices for the employee only.

Network requirements
In this network proposal, one requirement is that it must have a high standard equipments
and devices that will provide a reliable and secured network that can take many years to be
replaced. The past network has a small network with its continousconnection of the switch
to provide a connection for the employees of the company. It creates a multiple switch that
creates a bulky connection that will help provide enough space, without the proper
connection and configuration it will be difficult to locate the problem within the network. It
can also be a security issue if anyone would be able to connect to the switch without the
proper security that provides protection to company’s datas. The hacker can exploit the
network of the company that will result into a slow connection, bank accounts will also be
hacked, and will cause a virus within the network. With a server that is used to share files
in the company. It will be hard to share datas or files if the server is down, there is a
tendency that all of the employees wouldn’t have any access to each other’s files or datas.

With this new network, the brances will be connected and will provide a much better
installation than the old network. It will be easier to fix up and will be easier to manage. It
will also create more space with a clean and neat order of the wirings. In this network, we
also made use of a router to maximize the need of the employees sending files to each
other, with security features in the routers and switches.
Using the wireless router at the center of the office would be able to provide a wide range
of WiFi signal in the company. By using the best and high quality materials with the
minumum prices such as the switches, routers, ethernet cables will help provide a reliable
connection and fast internet service. These devices are easy to install and can be set-up
within a day and it’ll not take too much time. The past wall jack of ethernet cable, won’t be
used again because some of them are damaged. So the switches will replace them and the
wires will be enclosed to protect from being damage.


Network requirement analysis

The company will grow more with the use of faster connections and to do their job easily. It
would help the company easily solve their problems on their network. We use the router to
secure the network and to stop huge problem that the company will encounter, we also used a
switch with a proper codes or security so that it wouldn’t easily get hacked. In our network, with
the wireless router it can improve the company to have faster connection on the internet and it
can also give connection to the wireless devices within the company. Fast connection on the
internet will give the company satisfaction especially on the IT department that has given a task
it is a big help for them to improve their skills and to help the company grow further. High speed
internet will give them more income because it will minimize the slow connection and slow
With the simplicity on our network it would be a big help to the other companies with many
branches because even if they are located on different places the connection of their network
are still working.

Hardware and software requirement analysis

NETGEAR - AC1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router - Multi

 Work and play online with data speeds of up

to 1200 Mbps and a dual-band
2.4GHz/5.0GHz frequency. Backward
compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n networks,
so you can easily upgrade.
 Access and share videos, music, and other
files on any DNLA TV, game console, or
device that’s connected to your network.
 AC1200 Dual-Band Wireless-AC Router
 Ethernet cable, power adapter
 Owner's manual

SOHO Ethernet Switch Series

 The NETGEAR SOHO Ethernet

Unmanaged Switches provide easy
and affordable network connectivity
to small offices and home/offices.
They are easy to use, reliable, and
rugged with metal enclosures.
 Choice of Fast Ethernet and
Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
 Energy-efficient technology
for power savings
 Auto-MDI/MDIX eliminates the need for crossover cables
 Non-blocking switching architecture for maximum throughput at wire speed
 Auto-negotiation for automatic connection at the highest common speed between
switch and an end device
 Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) option available for powering IP Security Cameras, VoIP
phones, wireless access points, and other PD-powered devices
 Fanless design for silent operation
 Desktop, wall-mountable or rack-mountable (GS324, GS348)

CAT6 Ethernet Patch Cable Snagless, RJ45, M/M

 This patch cable lets you connect a laptop

or desktop computer to a wall outlet, modem, router or
another networking device. It meets the CAT6 standard
and is suitable for use with 100/1000BASE-T networks.
 CAT6 Ethernet patch cable for connecting
to LANs or the Internet
 Ideal for use with 100-1000BASE-T
 RJ45 plugs with 50-micron gold-plated
connectors for clear signal
 4 twisted pairs of stranded copper wires
prevent crosstalk
 Snagless design prevents cracking and breaking

PowerEdge T330 Tower Server

 The PowerEdge T430 tower server

delivers powerful 2socket performance,
expandability and quiet operation to
small businesses and organizations.
 The T430 is an ideal choice for a wide
range of office workloads, such as:
Workgroup collaboration and
 Mail and messaging
 File and print serving
 Web serving
Epson WorkForce WF-5621

 Epsons WF-
5621 business inkjet
printer maximises
your time and
resources with its
 Print-Copy-
 Print Speed of
up to 34ppm
 Duplex Printing
and Scanning
 USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and Ethernet
 High Maximum Monthly Duty Cycle of up to 45,000 pages

ThinkPad T470 Business Laptop

 Easy to use, deploy, and service, this 14” robust laptop has
a host of cutting-edge technology, including solid-state
storage and secure fingerprint reading.
 GraphicsUp to Intel® HD Graphics 620Webcam /
Microphone720p HD webcam with dual array
 Up to 32GB DDR4 2133 MHz Storage

 Word
 Excel
 PowerPoint
 Outlook
 Access
 OneNote
 Project
 Publisher
 Visio

Avast Antivirus
 Avast Antivirus is a family of
internet security applications
developed by Avast Software[1]
for Microsoft Windows, macOS,
Android and iOS. The Avast
Antivirus products include free
and proprietary versions that
provide computer security,
browser security, antivirus

Adobe PDF

 PDF is also an abbreviation for the Netware PrinterDefinition File.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format that has captured all the
elements of a printed document as an electronic image that you can view,
navigate, print, or forward to someone else.
Web Server
 A Web server is a program that uses HTTP
(Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to serve the files
that form Web pages to users, in response to their
requests, which are forwarded by their
computers' HTTP clients. Dedicated computers
and appliances may be referred to as Web servers
as well.

 Web servers often come as part of a larger

package of Internet- and intranet-related
programs for serving email, downloading
requests for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) files, and
building and publishing Web pages.
Considerations in choosing a Web server include
how well it works with the operating system and
other servers, its ability to handle server-side
programming, security characteristics, and the
particular publishing, search engine and site building tools that come with it

Features and Services

The company have a good standard in the network, theyhave an easy communication to
their clients with the different branches.
In this situation we used the following technologies to support the whole department
 Vlan
This will be used to group the computer that will be connected to a specific switch where
there are types of vlan in different department where the employee will be assigned.
 Accesspoint
In this device it is used for wireless devices,like the laptop.The accesspoint are limited only and
its availble only to the department where there is a employee that need the laptop because of
the small space of the room and the pc cannot fit to the room so laptop are the replacement for
them.It has a password to avoid other wireless devices to join the network.It can be use by
smartphones that need internet access.With a connection of straight through connection in the
 Access control list
This Access control list it is used for router. We used the access list to determine whether the
connections are blocked or drop the internet, Access list help to know where the addresses are
located or even when the traffics are.
 Hot Standby Router Protocol
This Hot Standby Routing protocol is used also for router we used the access list to help
whether the connections are fail or not.
 Eigrp This Enchanced Interior gateway routing protocol is also used for router we used
this Eigrp to help us to connect our router to a different routers.


Ventures IP Address

Subnet Needed Allocated IP Address Mask Decimal Mask Assignable Broadcast

Name Size Size Range
Sales 2017 2046 /21
Int Sales 654 1022 /22

Accounting 429 510 /23

HR 1407 2046 /21

Marketing 506 510 /23


IT 156 254 /24

Land IP Address
Subnet Needed Allocated IP Address Mask Decimal Mask Assignable Broadcast
Name Size Size Range
Land Sales 1999 2046 /21
Land Int 1766 2046 192.168.16. /21
Sales 0
Land 937 1022 192.168.56. /22
Advertisin 0
Land 1557 2046 192.168.24. /21
Marketing 0
Land 1160 2046 192.168.48. /21
Accountin 0
Land HR 1397 2046 192.168.40. /21
Land 859 1022 192.168.20. /22
Secretary 0
Land IT 512 1022 192.168.68. /22


Ventures Inventory List
Qty. Req Model Any additional options Substitute IOS Software Rev.
or software required
9 2950-24 port none Any 2950 or 2960 12.2 or above
model switch
1 1941 ISR routers none Any multilayer switch 12.2 or above
with 2 FastEthernet or router with
ports and 2 Serial minimum 2
ports FastEthernet ports
and one serial port.
7 Cat 5 or above none None n/a
patch cables.
9 Cat 5 or above none None n/a
cross-over patch
1 V.35 DCE Serial None None n/a

Land Inventory List

Qty. Req Model Any additional options Substitute IOS Software Rev.
or software required
11 2950- 24ports switch none Any 2950 or 2960 12.2 or above
model switch
1 1941 ISR routers none Any multilayer switch 12.2 or above
with 2 FastEthernet or router with
ports and 2 Serial minimum 2
ports FastEthernet ports
and one serial port.
9 Cat 5 or above none None n/a
patch cables.
11 Cat 5 or above none None n/a
cross-over patch
1 V.35 DCE Serial none None n/a

NETGEAR - AC1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router - Multi
SOHO Ethernet Switch Series
CAT6 Ethernet Patch Cable Snagless, RJ45, M/M
PowerEdge T330 Tower Server
Epson WorkForce WF-5621
ThinkPad T470 Business Laptop