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1. Call to order

2. Public comment and announcements

3. Approval of minutes:
a. December 12, 2018 meeting Action Item
b. February 13, 2019 meeting Action Item
c. April 19, 2019 Meeting Action Item

4. Matthew Myers Presentation: Wayfinding Signage Program 2020

5. Budget Review
a. Review of the staff recommended reallocation of funds intended for Hanging Plant
Program Action Item
i. Out of reach graffiti abatement - $5,000 per district
ii. Safe City Video Network Grants - $10,000 per district

5. Ambassador Program Updates

a. Review April and May Ops report
b. Review of year to date staffing levels

6. 13th Street Improvements Update

a. PWC Recap
b. Indenture Agreement Signed
c. Update on project timeline and next steps
d. KQED Article

7. Clean and Safe RFP 2019

a. Review Previous RFPs
b. Set the schedule
c. Next steps

8. Contracted Services Updates

a. Swan’s Market/EBALDC
b. Clorox
c. 1111 Broadway
d. Discuss 601 12th St. Proposal

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9. Next Meeting: October 16, 2019

Government Code 54950 (The Brown Act) requires that a brief description of each item to be transacted or discussed be posted at
least 72 hours prior to a regular meeting. The Corporation posts agendas with the City at 1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, #101. Action
may not be taken on items not posted on the agenda. Copies of the agenda are available from the Downtown Oakland Association
at 388 19th Street, Oakland, CA 94612. Meeting facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities. If you require special assistance
to participate in the meeting, notify our office at 510 238-1122 at least 48 hours prior to the meeting. 2

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for SOBO related expenses is 43% LMUDA and

57% DOA.

Most of the Associate memberships are going
away as those properties are now within
district boundaries. The Additional Services
contracts at 1221 and 1100 Broadway will
remain in effect.

Ambassador updates:
Porsche Washington has the new title of
Operations Supervisor, with updated hours,
4am - 12:30pm. She will oversee Team Leads,
Administrative work and other tasks.
Team Coverage is now 7-days per week with
hours on Friday and Saturday (5 safety)
9:30am - 11:30pm. In addition, there is a
robust cleaning team on Sunday using two

2019 Budget Review
LMUDA review: purchasing new hanging self-
watering baskets and corresponding brackets
program since it has been a couple of years.
Timing to be determined. All items need to be
purchased in 2019 to be implemented in 2020.

Moved the Public Space Activation portion of
the budget is being moved to the Marketing
and Economic Enhancements line Committee
which will handle the Oakland Central Presents
Music City project.

13th Street pilot - 13th Street Commons. 2019
will possibly host close to 120 live activations
between 3rd Thursdays, Music in Plazas, Ice
Rink, Soiled Dove and more.
Next Meeting Date TBD
Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 1:12 p.m.

Minutes taken by: Tamiko Garner, Administrative Coordinator


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Total available non-assessment funds DOA:
Total available non-assessment funds LMUDA:

BBB Updates The January Operations Report as prepared by

a. Review January Block by Block was provided in the packet for
Board report committee review.

Highlights include:

Updated Roles:
a. Porsche Washington has a new role as
Operations Supervisor handling the
hiring and training processes, all things
maintenance related, overnight pressure
washing, ATLV's, and illegal dumping.
b. Al directs and manages the whole
c. Ted- focuses on safety issues,
hospitality training, CCTV, case
management development, crime stats,

Hours: Currently under the contracted hours
over a 2.5 month period as there has been
some challenge in hiring and retaining staff.

13m Street There is a verbal commitment of an initial

Improvements Update $210K of which $130K is to be allocated toward
capital improvements. This 3-year pilot
project, dubbed 13 th Street Commons, will
require $80k yearly for programming and
landscape maintenance.

All parking will be removed, a one lane road
created, and painting across the road to create
a beautiful space. There will be parklets, for
merchants and cafes to use for seating.

The name has been selected for the area.

The Department of Transportation has signed
off on the project and we are on track for a
May 3rd launch in partnership with Walk
Oakland Bike Oakland and Bike East Bay to
celebrate Bike to Work month. Festivities will
include a ribbon cutting ceremony, live bands,
food, etc.

This project is 10 years in the making with
robust programming and new design will help


to reduce loitering and crime.

Work on project begins April 20, 2019.

Request for Non- Non-assessment funds were raised above and (DOA) Laurie Berberich
Assessment Funds beyond the assessment funds received from Moved and
a. Cigarette Butt the City. These funds can be utilized seconded the
Containers differently than the assessment funds and can motion to approve the
(DOA/LMUDA) be requested by the committees for specific recommend to request
b. Big Belly projects. to Board for non-
Maintenance a. Cigarette Butt Receptacles: Additional assessment funds for
(DOA/LMUDA) cigarette butt containers to attach to cigarette butt
Hanging Plants the Big Belly in order to encourage the containers, Big Belly
Baskets disposing of cigarette butts in the maintenance and 17th St.
d. 17th St containers vs the Big Belly so as to not Clock (DOA only). The
Clock(DOA) cause a hazard. Requested amount: motion was approved
DOA- $1,500, LMUDA-$1,000 unanimously.

b. Big Belly: general maintenance and (LMUDA) Samantha
upgrades as needed. Requested Stires Moved and Don
amount: DOA-$6,000, LMUDA $4,500 Rogers seconded the
 motion to approve the
Hanging Plants: The request for recommend to request
hanging plants is being removed at this to Board for non-
time. assessment funds for
 cigarette butt
d. 17th Street Clock: paint, recharge neon, containers, Big Belly
and remove graffiti. Requested amount: maintenance The motion
$2,000 (DOA only) was approved and
Frank Ogawa Plaza Natural playgrounds resemble something like
Activation the Discovery Museum in Marin. Natural play
a. Natural Playground structures are made from items found in nature
Pilot as opposed to metal structures. Materials like
mulch, tree branches to climb, rocks, etc. are

Andrew has been approached by a group that
would like to build a temporary natural
playground structure in Frank Ogawa Plaza for
6 months from May to October. They need
5,000 sq. ft. of space to build the structure and
they would be providing educational
programming as well. The area being
considered is the space by the BART elevator
shaft entry and bike storage.

This type of activation can help change the
perception of downtown Oakland.
Clean and Safe RFP Currently contracted through December 2019
2019 under a third annual amendment.
a. Discuss process


b. Set the schedule The Clean and Safe committee will be the
c. Next Steps hiring committee/task force for this RFP

Staff will update the RFP template with new
and relevant information in addition to wage
information. Staff will present the updated
template to the hiring committee for review.

The scheduling Staff is considering is as
1. Release of RFP in early September
2. Receive RFP responses in mid to late
3. Interviews and final deliberations in late
4. Preferred vendor selection presented at the
October Board meeting
5. New contract adopted in January

Contracted Services Swan's update: 20 hours per week of

Update Ambassador services are currently being
a. Swan's provided. Hours are now being divided
Market/EBALDC between the lunch rush and the evening to
b. Clorox better manage issues that arise during those
c. 1111 Broadway time frames and things are going well.
d. Discuss BART 
Proposal All contracted services are going well and
hours are being met.

There is a potential for an additional services
contract for Blue Shield.

BART is looking for hospitality service and the
contract is currently being reviewed.

AC Transit just approached Staff to assist with
graffiti abatement along the BRT route. The
work would be done as a stand-alone,
dedicated entity of the Ambassador team with
different uniforms and a branded truck. The
vendor (BBB) would hold the responsibility of
doing the work and funds earned on this
contract would go into the non-assessment
Other Parks & Recreation is hosting their business
breakfast on March 12, 2019 at Lake Chalet.
Next Meeting Date April 17, 2019
Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 1:41 p.m.

Minutes taken by: Tamiko Garner, Administrative & Marketing Coordinator


Downtown Oakland Association and Lake Merritt/Uptown District Association

Joint Clean & Safe Committee Meeting Minutes
April 17, 2019 at 12:00 p.m.
CBD Office

Present: Dan Pitcock, Laurie Berberich, Jamie Choy

Absent: Tanicia Jackson, Mike Guerra, Don Rogers, Samantha Stires

Staff: S teve Snider, Andrew Jones, Tori Decker, Tamiko Garner

Guests: Albert Burruss (Block by Block), Rich Mongarro (Block by Block), Derrick (Block by Block)

Discussions held and decisions made by the SOBO Committee

Subject Discussion Action?
Call to order The meeting was called to order at 12:04 p.m.
Public comments and There were no public comments.
Approval of minutes of the The minutes of the December 12, 2018 and February 13, Action was not taken on this
December 12, 2018 and 2019 meetings were presented to the committee for item as quorum was not met.
February 18, 2019. review.

Budget review Staff presented the YTD budget snapshot:

Clean & Safe: Favorable TV due to December billing being

paid in January at lower bill rate and February and March
hours billed were less than budgeted.
DOA: $310,202.79 LMU: $248,186.60

Misc.: DOA: $136.05 LMU: $253.52

Program Director: Favorable TV due to the percentage of

the projected end of year bonus included in the monthly
DOA: $23,256.00 LMU: $17,544.00

Program Coordinator: Favorable TV due to the

percentage of the projected end of year bonus included in
the monthly allocation.
DOA: 13,516.00 LMU: $10,196.00

PROW Maintenance: Favorable TV due to strategic

projects pending implementation. DOA: 8,086.12 LMU:


Total available non-assessment funds DOA: $79,000.00

Total available non-assessment funds LMUDA:

Staff is proposing to make a one-time purchase of self-

a. Reallocation of watering planters. This purchase would render a cost
funds intended for savings of $19,000 in DOA and $15,000 in LMU.
hanging plant
program Staff is requesting the Committee consider the idea of
reallocating this year’s cost savings to be used for
Ambassador bonuses, façade grant program, 13th Street
programming, and other PROW maintenance projects.
The funds would be requested through the established
BBB Updates Al Burruss presented a recap of the first quarter. One of
a. March Ops Report the highlights of the quarter was obtaining a Stay Away
b. Update from BBB staff Order for a problematic individual who took up residence
in Franklin Square. Obtaining the Stay Away Order, was
the first step in regaining some level of control of the
public space. It is our hope that this individual is receiving
the musch needed assistance he requires.

The team is fully staffed and managing the transition

period well.

Rich and Derreck with Block by Block presented to the

committee an update on the improvements already made
to the program and those to come.

13th Street Improvements TMG has committed to $75,000 and HP Investors also
Update committed $75,000 to complete the needed funds of
$140,000 for capital improvements,

There is a goal to raise $80,000 per year for programming

and maintenance and, currently, there is a commitment
of $45,000 per year.
Clean and Safe RFP 2019 This line item was not discussed due time.
a. Review Previous 2019
b. Set the schedule
c. Next Steps
Contracted Services Update All contracted services are going well with 5.5 FTE’s.
a. Swan’s Market/EBALDC
b. Clorox
c. 1111 Broadway
d. Discuss BART Proposal
Other Isaac Abid is willing to lease the T-Mobile space to the
districts for a yet to be determined period of time in order
to better oversee the 3-year activation of 13th Street. The
vision is to offer a hybrid of services and activities such as


a welcome center, music, and art gallery possibly

designed by Gensler.
Next Meeting Date June 19, 2019
Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 1:20 p.m.

Minutes taken by: Tamiko Garner, Administrative & Marketing Coordinator

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 ',1#*-,$** ',2#++1$-, '+#*2/$-, ',*#-3,$** ',+#,+,$** '2,*$** !  
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January 1, 2015

Re: Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt Uptown Associations-Request for


Dear Safety/Hospitality and Maintenance Company Provider:

Your company is encouraged to participate in the bid process for providing contract
Safety/Hospitality and Maintenance Ambassador (hybrid) services to the
Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt Uptown Association two jointly managed
Community Benefit Districts (CBDs). Enclosed for your review is a Request for
Proposal (RFP) and information pertaining to the specifications of submitting a

The enclosed RFP is intended to provide each service provider with enough
information to submit an appropriate bid for service to our districts. The purpose
of this process is to determine the service provider who best meets the demands of
the Oakland community and requirements of the CBDs contract. The CBDs intend
to select the company capable of providing the personnel and services specified in
the enclosed RFP at the most competitive price.

All contractors who have been presented with an invitation to bid must also attend
the mandatory pre-bid meeting on Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at 3:30pm, at
388 19 th St. Oakland, CA 94612. Service providers not represented at this meeting
may not submit a bid. Members of the CBDs will be present to address any
questions or concerns related to the enclosed information.

Six copies of all bids should be submitted in an envelope marked

"Safety/Hospitality and Maintenance Services Bid" no later than Monday
January 19, 2015 at 4:00pm. Please ensure that all requested documentation is
provided; only complete packages will be considered. You may send packages
by mail or drop them off in person at the address provided below:

Andrew Jones
District Service Manger
Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt Uptown Associations
388 19 th St.
Oakland, CA 94612


Included in this package in addition to the Safety/Hospitality and Maintenance

RFP are the following documents:

► Exhibit A
Instructions to Bidders

► Exhibit B
CBDs Site Map

► Exhibit C
Sample Contract - Will be provided to bidders at pre-bid meeting.
Bidders must agree to execute contract as written. Bidders are also asked
to RSVP via email to Andrew@downtownoakland.org to confirm their

Please feel free to contact the CBD office directly at 510-238-1122 if you require any
further information in order to complete a proposal. Thank you in advance for your
time and interest in servicing the Oakland community.

Very truly yours,

The Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt Uptown Associations





Introduction and Background

The Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt Uptown Associations, two jointly
managed Community Benefit Districts ("CBDs"), announce the release of a Request
for Proposal ("RFP") for the provisions of safety/hospitality and maintenance
Ambassadors to patrol public spaces in downtown Oakland. The personnel assigned
to those varied functions must come from one vendor that specializes in providing
safety/hospitality and maintenance Ambassadors to the private and/or the public
sector. The contract will commence on approximately March 15, 2015 for a period of
nine (9) months with annual options for renewal for a total of three (3) years.

The Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt Uptown Associations consist of a

combined 55-block area bounded by Clay Street on the west, Franklin Street on the
east, 25 th Street on the north and 8 th Street on the south. In this CBD, property owners
have agreed to levy an additional tax to provide the monies needed to operate a
private safety/hospitality and maintenance ambassador services. This RFP addresses
the need for a vendor to provide the personnel and basic services needed to operate
the safety/hospitality and maintenance functions. The vendor will be expected to
provide staffing and adjust staffing needs to fulfill existing and future contract needs.
Staffing levels may increase or decrease as a result of organizational and contract
requirements, and the vendor is expected to readily adapt to our requirements.

The CBDs' mission is a challenge and not every safety/hospitality and

maintenance company will have the ability to meet the demand. We are seeking
qualified and experienced safety firms to provide public safety services within the
boundaries as outlined in the maps attached in Exhibit B, utilizing bike patrols
and unarmed Safety Ambassadors that will walk the streets. The CBDs require
that the vendor provide sufficient personnel to staff a safety program who can
professionally interact with the public and have the skills and abilities that are
pertinent when dealing with the mentally ill, drug addicted, violent and homeless
population. The CBDs require that the vendor provide sufficient personnel to staff
a maintenance program and who can professionally interact with the public and
have the skills and abilities that are pertinent when dealing with the mentally ill,
drug addicted, violent and homeless population as well and the requisite skills to
maintain cleanliness in the public right of way.

The CBDs' mission is to improve the quality of life in patrolled areas.

Environmental change in a community can only come about as a result of focused
personnel who have been designated to provide a service to the property and
business owners who are funding these CBDs. The vendor must clearly
understand this dynamic and perform as a strong advocate for the CBDs and the goals
of its various entities. The Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt Uptown Association
is not a public agency, although they do engage in public safety and community

The CBDs experience seasonal fluctuations and may require the vendor to
periodically supply additional personnel to the regular roster of safety


Ambassadors. The seasonal fluctuations primarily occur over the holiday season and
when special events occur throughout the year.

The CBDs work closely with the Oakland Police Department, Oakland Public Works,
BART Police, and Alameda County Sheriff's Office. The vendor must be capable of
sustaining the CBDs with support in the event that major conditions wer e to occur.
The CBDs Ambassadors must meet a standard of professionalism and excellence
that to maintain a healthy relationship with the police department, the public and the
community. The vendor must be committed to a professionalism that is required of
the CBDs as a partner with the police. The vendor should be a forward-looking
organization with executives, managers and supervisors who can think strategically
and beyond the boundaries of traditional safety industry service delivery.

Overall Safety /Hospitality Objectives

Visible Presence - Create a visible presence of safety within the boundaries of the
District in order to improve the perception of public safety in the area.

Decrease Crime - Achieve a measurable decrease in all crimes committed within the
area. Specifically:
• Deter loitering, solicitation, panhandling, and other anti-social behavior in the
• Provide resource information to persons in need and other transients as to
shelter, food, "call home" programs, and drug rehabilitation services in the
• Participate in community meetings with social service providers to
promote communications and collaboration on issues of mutual concern of
business owners and residents in the district.

Public Relations Program - Provide assistance and information to businesses and

employees within the district (e.g., providing directions, distributing flyers, and
answering questions about the districts and their activities.)

Scope of Services
The CBDs Ambassador program will entail various shifts. We are asking that you
provide us with your recommended schedule pertaining to the days and hours you
believe the CBDs will require. Rotating shifts may be a deployment strategy for all
safety workers. The deployment schedule authority will rest with the Downtown
Oakland and Lake Merritt Uptown Association management in consultation with
the vendor. Please provide us with the number of guards you recommend on each
shift accompanied by their pay schedule. Deployed Ambassadors will wear
distinctive collared shirt uniforms that will be provided by the vendor in collaboration
with the district.

Safety Ambassadors are to observe and report only and will conduct their
operations within the boundaries of the CBDs on bicycle or foot patrol. The vendor's
employees must be capable of pedaling a police style mountain bicycle and sustaining
the effort for a complete shift. There is no motorized assistance with these bicycles.
Foot patrolling Ambassadors must also meet a minimum level


of fitness in order to make their rounds. The vendor must provide digital body
mounted cameras of a quality and type as good as or better than the VIEVU PVR-
LE2 for each ambassador, vendor must also use an automated time keeping
system for this contract. The system must be a computerized program that does
not require the time consuming process of manual inputting of time card
information into a payroll system. This system must be simple enough to use that
multiple people can be trained in the use of the program. Further, the billing system
used for the CBDs account must be flexible enough to accept the logging of special
details and projects that segregate these programs from regular monthly billings.
The vendor's on-site managers should be capable of operating the billing and
payroll system.

Safety Ambassadors must be capable of learning basic police patrol style skills. Safety
Ambassadors are trained to be the eyes and ears of the police department. Our goal
is to be visible, mobile and responsive. We do not respond to felony police calls;
however, we may from time to time find ourselves assisting the local police with a
felony crime scene investigation as witnesses. We expect Safety Ambassadors to
understand the basic philosophy of community based Safety and possess exemplary
customer service skills. The Safety Ambassadors will interact daily with merchants,
police and the public and must possess the skills and ability to diffuse problems and
negotiate with people.

Periodically, Ambassadors will use their knowledge of traffic law when

undertaking preliminary investigations of drunk/drugged driving. Ambassadors will
also have to exercise Welfare and Institution Code knowledge in handling juveniles
and the mentally ill.

Safety Ambassadors will be required to perform many tasks that include but are
not limited to the following:
• Crime prevention via bicycle and foot patrols throughout the CBD
• Clear communications with local business, other Safety managers in various
buildings, visitors and CBD stakeholders
• Interviews of persons and witnesses
• Basic comprehensive report writing that documents safety Ambassadors'
actions and meets the CBDs' requirements, this will include the use of cloud
based tracking systems to be provided by the vendor
• Knowledge and discharge of basic self-defense techniques as directed by
CBD management and recommended by vendor
• Response to specific plans and directions that are tied to crime reduction
plans adopted by CBD management
• Close and professional relationship with the Oakland Police Department,
Oakland Department of Transportation, Oakland Fire Department, BART
Police, Alameda County Sheriff's office, the District Attorneys office and
local merchants in their districts
• Evaluation of persons for the presence of mental illness or drug abuse and
arrangement for the appropriate response from nearby service providers
• Ability to use a 2-way radio in a professional manner and basic computer
word-processing programs for report writing
• Ability to work in small teams on rotating shifts that include "swing" hours
• Maintain sensitivity to "quality of life" conditions such as graffiti, trash,
human waste and arrange for appropriate action to be taken and the ability


to work with other vendors to achieve the CBDs' maintenance goals

• Supervision to be provided by the Vendor

Bike & Foot Patrol Ambassadors - Must be energetic and in excellent physical
condition to patrol. Daily contact and incident reports are required. Please advise us
on how many bikes you will recommend for each District. Please explain the ratio of
bike Ambassadors versus foot patrol Ambassadors that you would deploy.

Although the CBDs' management personnel will be closely monitoring and

supervising the account, the vendor will be obligated to provide supervisory staff to
oversee the contract. These Ambassadors and managers will report to the
management of the CBDs.

Shift Supervisor - Supervises Ambassadors and ensures compliance with

company policy, district policies and incident reports. Must possess Private Patrol
Officer's (PPO) qualifications/certifications and have demonstrated good
judgment and leadership skills. Ideal supervisor will have worked in a CBD or local
police agency. Supervisor will interact on a regular basis with local authorities,
local business owners, Safety companies within the CBDs and the general public.

Bike & Foot Patrol Ambassadors - Must be energetic and in excellent physical
condition to patrol. Daily contact and incident reports are required. Please advise us
on how many bikes you will recommend for each District. Please explain the ratio of
bike Ambassadors versus foot patrol Ambassadors that you would deploy.

Dispatch - Please explain how you will receive calls requesting safety services
and how the dispatch of Ambassadors will occur. Elaborate on your
communication program to illustrate the most efficient use of safety and CBDS
resources. The CBDs require the ability to record all communications that occur
through the CBDs two-way radio system, please identify exactly the type of
equipment that you will provide.

Bidder may suggest alternate management/supervision structure that would

maximize patrol officer coverage while providing effective supervision and

General Required Training of Ambassadors

The CBDs request that the vendor lists the specialized training and advanced
officer instruction that will be provided to personnel working on this account. The
list should include programs devoted to leadership development, supervisor
training, and community policing techniques, officer safety, bicycle operations,
communications techniques, and customer service. Additionally, the vendor must
comply with all government mandated training programs.


Overall Maintenance Objectives

Our mission is to maintain a clean and well branded district that will attract new
businesses, retain existing businesses, create a nice living environment for
residents and attract visitors in a pleasant, clean, safe and beautiful community.

Scope of Service

• Sidewalk/Gutter Sweeping - Using hand or power sweeping equipment,

clean and remove all trash and debris from sidewalks, gutters, driveways,
tree wells, trash receptacles and bus stops in the public right of way.
Perform duties in a uniform fashion along a specified route based upon
directed frequency and benefit zone. Personnel shall be courteous and
helpful to neighborhood merchants, residents, visitors and pedestrians.

Personnel schedules and route frequency should be as follows:

1. CBDs area - Benefit Zone 1 at least 6 days per week, based upon
zone coverage and maximum frequency of coverage, (multiple times
per day);
2. CBDs area - Benefit Zone 2, at least 5 days per week, based upon
zone coverage and maximum frequency of coverage, (multiple times
per day);
3. Sweep/Rake/Remove trash from all bus stops and areas with high
pedestrian concentration as many times as possible per day;
4. Ensure that the entrances and exits of the BART stations remain free
of trash and spills as many times as possible per day;
5. Vendor shall have the ability to provide special maintenance
services, if needed, to and after special events in both districts, as
instructed by the District Service Manager.

• Trash Collection/Removal - There are multiple City maintained trash

receptacles and in addition to the existing cans, the district has installed 20
Big Belly Trash Compactors throughout the 2 districts. Trash cans, whether
City owned or district owned, should never be overflowing with trash, or
covered with any graffiti. Regular special benefit trash removal and
collection shall include:
1. Collect, dispose of and replace trash bags in trash receptacles
throughout the district based upon frequency of necessity. In both
districts, pay special attention to any and all trashcans along
Broadway and Telegraph in the newly emerging entertainment
district. Wipe down trashcan covers frequently. Frequently pressure
wash at the bottom of trashcans to remove dog urine, spilled drinks
or other liquids;
2. Collect, dispose of and replace trash bags in trash receptacles as


3. Clean/Pressure wash trash receptacles at a minimum of once every

month or as needed;
4. Maintain daily collection/cleaning reports. Distribute the reports to
the District Service Manager each week to ensure compliance with
5. Vendor must account for waste disposal within their proposal. There
may be an opportunity to secure dumpsters from Waste
Management, however if this is not possible then vendor is
responsible for trucking the trash that is collected daily to a local
transfer station for disposal.

• Graffiti Removal - Paint, clean with environmentally friendly solution or

pressure wash graffiti, stickers and signs from buildings, trees, poles,
planters, news racks, utility boxes or any other surfaces each day. All
graffiti is to be matched and painted, or removed from ground and wall
surfaces within 24 hours of the occurrence. Roll down doors and other
heavy work is to be performed in the morning before 8:00 am. Detail work
can be done during the day.
• Other graffiti services to be provided include:
1. Provide and maintain permission forms for property owners to sign
to paint out graffiti on private property;
2. Accept paint, to be stored by the affected business or owner, in
order to color match when requested. Accept paint as needed on
city property (e.g., light poles, trash cans, etc.).

• Sidewalk/Pressure Cleaning - Pressure washing should be done at a time

of day that is convenient for residents, business and property owners with
water temperature of at least 180 degrees Fahrenheit with a pressure of
not less than 3500 psi and a volume not less than 5 gpm. All spray nozzles
shall have a 25 degree pattern or greater. All storefront areas shall be
protected to avoid water seepage into storefronts and debris on the
sidewalk areas should be picked up immediately prior to washing. The
contractor shall have the capability to provide their own water source if
needed. The pressure washing must conform to statewide and city laws
governing storm water disposal. This is the responsibility of the vendor.
The pressure washing is to be conducted following tree & planter watering
to remove soiled runoff. Each district might maintain varying frequency of
steam cleaning based upon need. Appropriate safety measures shall be
taken at all times. The minimum schedule should be as follows:
1. Gum is to be removed from sidewalks through hand scraping or
pressure washing annually;
2. Bus Stops shall be cleaned at least twice per month;
3. Pressure washing must occur throughout the district at least once
per month;


4. Spot cleaning will be done as necessary weekly or daily as needed;

5. The steam clean schedule shall be posted on the respective web
sites so business, property owners/managers and residents can
check on when their next rotation will occur;
6. Vendor must be able to quickly and effectively focus resources on
post protest vandalism to remove blight from buildings and objects
in the public right of way to instill a sense of normalcy as quickly as

• Painting/touch-up/washing - Vendor must be able to do touch up

painting of trashcans, planters, benches and light bases throughout the
CBDs as requested. However this service should be a part of the
Maintenance Ambassadors daily routine.

• Special Events, Holiday Decorations, Banners and Planter Watering

Maintenance Ambassadors will be called upon to install banners, holiday
decorations, pedestrian Wayfinding systems and maintain those amenities
as long as they are displayed in the district. The CBDs expect that
maintenance staff shall water plants as agreed upon by management staff.
Shifts shall be coordinated to promote various activities throughout the
year in the district. The CBDs District Service Manager shall give at least
thirty (30) days notice of the need for personnel to implement various
special events and/or seasonal displays in specifically designated areas in
the district. This shall not be considered a supplemental service of the
regular maintenance crew.

• Informing District Personnel Regarding Non-conforming News Racks - It

shall be the responsibility of the maintenance staff to inform the District
Service Manager when news racks have been placed in the public rights of
way which:

a. Are covered with graffiti;

b. Have been abandoned;
c. Have been placed on the sidewalk but are unsecured;
d. Have been placed on the sidewalk and are chained to an adjacent
news rack; or
e. Act as an obstacle in the public right of way;

Landscaping Services to be Provided

The Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt Uptown Association will require
landscaping services which will include street median maintenance, planter
maintenance, debris removal, soil amendment and watering, replanting in medians
and designated planter boxes. It is required that the vendor awarded this contract
has the ability to constructively interact with the CBDs on site Horticulturalist.


• Tree/ Planter Maintenance and Watering - In light of the fact that rainfall
might be sporadic, or that some trees and planters are not tied to an
underground sprinkler system, and therefore lack sufficient water, the
maintenance staff shall use hand or power watering equipment when
watering all designated trees and planters with up to (500) gallons of
water three times per week. Included with the watering is:
1. Removal of weeds and litter from tree wells and planters;
2. Re-stake and/or retie trees as needed;
3. Report, in writing, any concerns or problems to CBDs District Service
Manager and the District Horticulturalist immediately;
4. Identification of dead or dying trees, plants and shrubs;
5. Performance of duties in a uniform fashion along a specified route.
Personnel shall be courteous and helpful to neighborhood
merchants, visitors and pedestrians.

• Annual Pruning of Trees - Working with the District Horticulturalist

Maintenance Ambassadors will on an annual basis prune non-city owned
designated trees annually according to the City of Oakland 's Urban
Forestry's guidelines. Included with the pruning is:
1. Prune & dispose of heavy branches as needed;
2. Remove & dispose of dead branches;
3. Thin out & dispose of cross branches;
4. Report in writing any concerns or problems to CBDs District Service
Manager and the District Horticulturalist immediately;
5. Use appropriate insecticide or pesticide, under strict manufacturer
guidelines for application, as needed;
6. Perform duties in a uniform fashion along a specified route.
Personnel shall be courteous and helpful to neighborhood
merchants, visitors and pedestrians.

• Street Median Maintenance - Maintain all designated street medians

including removing trash, debris, weeds, check irrigation system regularly,
and ensure trees and plant material are healthy, replace plants when

• Hanging Plant Maintenance - Maintain all designated hanging plants that

have been installed by the CBD to ensure healthy growth and impact in the
district. This will include working with District Horticulturalist to replace
plants, amend the soil and water weekly.

• Street Planter Maintenance - Maintain all designated street planters

including removing trash, debris, weeds, ensure plant materials are healthy,
replace plants when requested, amend soil and water weekly.

Contractor shall provide and keep onsite all MSDS sheets on chemicals used in

the districts.

Personnel working on this contract must come to the job with the following
pre-existing Certifications:
• Possession of a permanent guard card (specifically for the Safety and
Hospitality Ambassadors)
• First-aid trained and certified
• CPR trained and certified
• Bike Safety trained and certified
• High school diploma or equivalent
• All Ambassadors must satisfactorily pass the following background checks:
o Narcotics- supervised urine checks
o Verification of social Safety number
o Criminal
o Five years of employment references
o Report writing test
o Medical
o Legal residence status

Reporting Requirements- All reporting must be done through a computerized

software that CBD management can have access to. Below are the minimum daily
tasks that each staff must track and report:

• Daily Activity Reports to include but not limited to:

o Provide number of public and merchant contacts
o Times and detailed descriptions of foot and bike patrol routes
o Pass Down Instructions
o Suspicious Activities not resulting in an incident
o Status of equipment, i.e., radios, cell phones, bikes, etc
o Trash or hazardous conditions in the public rights of way
o Safety escorts given
o Trash collected, both total number of bags and weight
o Graffiti removed by location
o Any landscaping projects or maintenance carried out on our

• Incident Reporting to be provided for any and all incidents which

Ambassadors respond to or are notified of occurring within the boundaries
of the District. Incident Reports shall include all but not be limited to the
o Medical Emergencies
o Injuries
o Robberies / Thefts
o Violent Crimes
o Trespassing
o Removal of Transients


o Communications with all law enforcement agencies

o Potential and Current Safety Hazards
o Property Damage/ Graffiti

• Site Inspection reports are to be completed by supervisors or managers of

the organization and shall be provided to the client on a weekly basis or as
otherwise requested by client. The Site Inspection Reports are intended to
be an evaluation of the Safety Ambassadors by the service provider. Site
Inspections shall include but not be limited to the following information:
o Officer knowledge of duties and patrols
o Officer uniform and appearance
o Officer conduct and professionalism
o Officer knowledge of pass down information
o Officer maintenance of daily activity and incident reports
o Development and training recommendations

The CBDs requires the vendor to provide the districts with prospective employees
of sufficient quality so as to meet the demanding nature of the associations' work.
Normal commercial office building safety industry standards will not suffice in this
account. Approaching the CBDs as if it were a typical safety account would be
insufficient and will undoubtedly undercut the vendor's bid. The vendor will be
required to be diligent in finding persons qualified to handle and thrive in the CBDs'
work environment. The CBD will make all final decisions as to whether or not a
prospective employee of the vendor is suitable for placement with the CBDs in the
capacity aforementioned. The right to veto or cancel shall also apply to the vendor's
selection and appointment of supervisors and managers. The vendor's on site
manager and supervisors will serve at the will of CBDs management and the CBD
will oversee the process in the selection and appointment of leadership. The
process shall be an ongoing one, whether a vacancy exists or not.

Due to the unique nature of the job that Safety/hospitality and maintenance staff will
be needed to perform, we require our contract personnel to be in good physical
condition. Safety Ambassadors will be asked to pedal police styled mountain bicycles
as their primary mode of transportation. When not pedaling their bicycles,
Ambassadors may walk a foot beat. Because of the physical exertion involved in
this job, employees in poor physical shape are discouraged from participating in this
program. Employees will periodically lift heavy objects that may include but not
limited to boxes of road flares and roadway direction cones. The CBDs training
programs for personal defense involve significant physical exertion as well. The
CBDs' Ambassadors must be able to perform extensive physical duties associated
with this contract job.

Program Costs and Pay Scale Information for Bidding

The Downtown Oakland Association has an annual budget of $631,884.00 (six
hundred and thirty one thousand eight hundred and eighty for dollars) for our
safety/hospitality and maintenance ambassador program. The Lake Merritt Uptown
Association has a combined annual budget of $807,986.00 (eight hundred and
seven thousand nine hundred and eighty six dollars) for our safety/hospitality and
maintenance program. Responses to this RFP should provide detailed billing rates
for each listed position as well as all supervisor and

overhead costs. Also provide the officer/supervisor actual paid hourly rate
associated with the billable hourly rate. Outline in detail all benefits provided to
Ambassadors (health & welfare, holidays, vacation, sick pay, etc). All equipment
and supplies provided by vendor, as outlined in subsequent section, are to be
included in billable hourly rate. We are very interested in your recommendations
for retaining staff through thoughtful pay structures that reward as staff grow within
your organization.

Bidders must submit evidence, with their RFP, that the company is licensed and in
good standing with the State of California Bureau of Safety and Investigative


Baseline Insurance Requirements

The successful contractor shall be required to carry the following insurance from
an A-rated company admitted in California and acceptable to the CBDs. Further,
the contractor shall name the CBDs, its Ambassadors, directors, administrators and
employees as additional insured

a. General Liability, Automobile, Workers' Compensation and Professional


Contractor shall procure, prior to commencement of service, and keep in

force for the term of this contract, at Contractor's own cost and expense,
the following policies of insurance or certificates or binders as necessary
to represent that coverage as specified below is in place with companies
doing business in California and acceptable to the City. If requested,
Contractor shall provide the City with copies of all insurance policies.
The insurance shall at a minimum include:

i. Commercial General Liability insurance shall cover bodily

injury, property damage and personal injury liability arising from
premises operations, independent contractors, products-
completed operations personal & advertising injury and
contractual liability. Coverage shall be at least as broad as
Insurance Services Office Commercial General Liability coverage
(occurrence Form CG 00 01)

A. Lake Merritt/Uptown District Association of Oakland and

Downtown Oakland Association, its members, directors,
officers, agents, affiliates and related entities and their
successors and assigns, Oakland Venue Management,
Inc. and the City of Oakland, its Councilmembers,
directors, officers, agents and employees as their
interests may appear.

B. Limits of liability: Contractor shall maintain commercial

general liability (CGL) and, if necessary, commercial
umbrella insurance with a limit of not less than
$2,000,000 each occurrence. If such CGL insurance
contains a general aggregate limit, either the general
aggregate limit shall apply separately to this
project/location or the general aggregate limit shall be
twice the required occurrence limit.

ii. Automobile Liability Insurance. Contractor shall maintain

automobile liability insurance for bodily injury and property
damage liability with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 each
accident. Such insurance shall cover liability arising out of
any auto (including owned, hired, and non• owned autos).
Coverage shall be at least as broad as Insurance Services
Office Form Number CA 0001.

iii. Worker's Compensation insurance as required by the laws of


the State of California. Statutory coverage may include

Employers Liability coverage with limits not less than $1,000,000
each accident, $1,000,000 policy limit bodily injury by disease,
$1,000,000 each employee bodily injury by disease. The
Contractor certifies that he/she is aware of the provisions of
section 3700 of the California Labor Code, which requires every
employer to provide Workers' Compensation coverage, or to
undertake self-insurance in accordance with the provisions of
that Code. The Contractor shall comply with the provisions of
section 3700 of the California Labor Code before commencing
performance of the work under this Agreement and thereafter as
required by that code.

1v. Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions insurance

appropriate to the contractor's profession with limits not less
than $2,000,000 each claim and
$2,000,000 aggregate. If the professional liability/errors and
omissions insurance is written on a claims made form:
a. The retroactive date must be shown and must be before
the date of the contract or the beginning of work.
b. Insurance must be maintained and evidence of
insurance must be provided for at least three (3) years
after completion of the contract work.
c. If coverage is cancelled or non-renewed and not replaced
with another claims made policy form with a retroactive date
prior to the contract effective date, the contractor must
purchase extended period coverage for a minimum of three
(3) years after completion of work.

b. Terms Conditions and Endorsements

The aforementioned insurance shall be endorsed and have all the

following conditions:

i. Insured Status (Additional Insured): Contractor shall provide

insured status using ISC (endorsement CG 20 10 or its
equivalent) naming the City of Oakland, its Councilmembers,
directors, officers, agents and employees and volunteers as
insured's in the Comprehensive Commercial General Liability
policy. If Contractor submits the ACORD Insurance Certificate,
the insured status endorsement must be set forth on a CG 20 10

ii. Cancellation Notice: 30-day prior written notice of termination

or material change in coverage and 10-day prior written notice
of cancellation for non-payment;


iii. The Workers Compensation policy shall be endorsed with a

waiver of subrogation in favor of the Lake Merritt/Uptown
District Association of Oakland and Downtown Oakland
Association, its members, directors, officers, agents, affiliates and
related entities and their successors and assigns, Oakland Venue
Management, Inc. and the City of Oakland, its Councilmembers,
directors, officers, agents and employees for all work performed
by the contractor, its employees, agents and subcontractors.

1v. Certificate holder is to be the same person and address as

indicated in the ''Notices" section of this Agreement; and

v. Insurer shall carry insurance from admitted companies with a

Best Rating of A VII or better.

 Replacement of Coverage

In the case of the breach of any of the insurance provisions of this

Agreement, the City may, at the City's option, take out and maintain at
the expense of Contractor, such insurance in the name of Contractor
as is required pursuant to this Agreement, and may deduct the cost of
taking out and maintaining such insurance from any sums which may
be found or become due to Contractor under this Agreement.

d. Insurance Interpretation

All endorsements, certificates, forms, coverage and limits of liability

referred to herein shall have the meaning given such terms by the
Insurance Services Office as of the date of this Agreement.

e. Proof of Insurance

Contractor will be required to provide proof of all insurance required

for the work prior to execution of the contract, including copies of
Contractor's insurance policies if and when requested. Failure to
provide the insurance proof requested or failure to do so in a timely
manner shall constitute ground for rescission of the contract award.

f. Subcontractors

Should the Contractor subcontract out the work required under this
agreement, they shall include all subcontractors as insured's under its
policies or shall maintain separate certificates and endorsements for
each subcontractor. As an alternative, the Contractor may require all
subcontractors to provide at their own expense evidence of all the
required coverages listed in this Schedule. If this option is exercised,
both the City of Oakland and the Contractor shall be named as
additional insured under the subcontractor's General Liability policy.
All coverages for subcontractors shall be subject to all the
requirements stated herein. The City reserves the right to perform an
insurance audit during the course of the project to verify compliance
with requirements.

g. Deductibles and Self-Insured Retentions

Any deductible or self-insured retention must be declared to and

approved by the City. At the option of the City, either: the insurer
shall reduce or eliminate such deductible or self-insured retentions
as respects the City, its Councilmembers, directors, officers, agents,
employees and volunteers; or the Contractor shall provide a
financial guarantee satisfactory to the City guaranteeing payment
of losses and related investigations, claim administration and
defense expenses.

h. Waiver of Subrogation

Contractor waives all rights against the City of Oakland and its
Councilmembers, officers, directors and employees for recovery of
damages to the extent these damages are covered by the forms of
insurance coverage required above.

i. Evaluation of Adequacy of Coverage

The City of Oakland maintains the right to modify, delete, alter or

change these requirements, with reasonable notice, upon not less than
ninety (90) days prior written notice.

J. Higher Limits of Insurance

If the contractor maintains higher limits than the minimums shown

above, The City shall be entitled to coverage for the higher limits
maintained by the contractor.


Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt Uptown Association - Request for Proposal
Safety/Hospitality and Maintenance Ambassador Program

Compliance with City of Oakland Requirements

The selected vendor will be required to adhere to all policies governing contractual
obligations between the District Management Corporation and the City of Oakland .
These obligations consist of the following:
• Local and Small Business Enterprise Program
• Living Wage Ordinance (Updated number to take effect March 2015)
• Non-Discrimination/Equal Employment Practices
• Conflict of Interest

Equipment and Supplies Vendor will be Required to Provide

The vendor will be required to provide items including but not limited to: bicycles,
uniforms and coats, two-way radios, two-way radio recording device, supplies,
gloves, equipment, cell phones, rainwear, bike gloves, bike helmet, eyewear, incident
report forms and or reporting technology, all cleaning supplies, waste disposal fees,
enhanced training when needed, ladders and any other equipment for projects within
the districts for the successful operation of the safety/hospitality and maintenance

We encourage all bidders to please provide any suggestions or recommendations

that were missed in this RFP.

Applicants should carefully consider the nature of the safety/hospitality and
maintenance service requirements of our CBDs. This RFP is not designated for
traditional Safety/Hospitality and Maintenance Ambassadors companies. The awarded
vendor must demonstrate the ability to provide Safety/Hospitality and Maintenance
Ambassadors that can perform, even thrive, in an environment of community policing
and community relations. This area of safety and hospitality is in a constant state of
evolution. In Oakland "outside-the-box" thinking is a critical component of the
management process for these CBDs. Vendors should expect that the contract will be
very challenging and will involve a very "hands-on" customer service dimension.

The Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt Uptown Associations reserve the right to
dismiss any and all submissions for any reason, submission of an RFP does not imply in
anyway that the vendor has been selected as a candidate for the services outlined in
this RFP. If the CBDs board finds that no candidate meets our minimum requires we
may decide to start the RFP process over again.

Thank you for your time and input. We look forward to receiving your proposal.



Sealed bids are invited for Safety/Hospitality and Maintenance Ambassador Program
for the Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt Uptown Association, a Community
Benefit Districts ("CBDs") (See attached District Map Exhibit B)

Submittal of Proposals
Six copies of all bids should be submitted in a sealed envelope marked
SAFETY/HOSPITALITY AND MAINTENANCE Ambassador Program - No later than
Monday January 19 , 2015 at 4:00pm Please ensure that all bids are addressed to:

Andrew Jones
District Service Manger
Downtown and Lake Merritt Uptown Association
388 19 th St
Oakland, CA 94612

Pre-bid Meeting
A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be conducted on Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at
3:30pm, at 388 19 th St. Oakland, CA 94612. Please designate a representative from
your organization to attend this meeting. Committee members will be present to
answer questions about RFP, the selection process, or to provide any additional
information about CBDs. We ask that you RSVP to this meeting via email to Andrew
Jones, Andrew@downtownoakland.org.

In addition to the pre-bid meeting, selected finalists will be invited for a presentation
on Wednesday January 28, 2015 from 12:00-3:30pm at 388 19 th St., Oakland, CA
94612. The presentation will be given to a panel comprised of members of the
Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt Uptown Association Board.
Company Information
As a minimum, each RFP package shall contain the following:
a. A brief history of the Company, to include names of directors, branch
manager, account manager and principle stockholders where applicable.
b. Provide information on contracts that you possess with BIDS and within the
Bay Area and Oakland.
c. Professional references from past and present clients; at least three total
professional references.



d. A statement outlining the Company's ability to maintain and provide at all

times exceptional, high quality levels of service consistent with the
requirements defined in the RFP and as specified by the CBDs.
e. A brief summary of the vendor's ability to maintain full service during possible
emergencies and a statement outlining how the priorities of the District's
contract in relation to other existing contracts will be determined.
f. Sufficient information to indicate the vendor's ability to provide an adeq uate
number of permanently staffed, suitably qualified personnel during the term of
the agreement at any and all locations.
g. A sample copy of vendor's forms and procedures for investigating and
reporting all types of incidents.
h. Complete description of personnel policies and practices, including
employment requirements, protocols for pre-employment medical
examinations, drug testing and selection procedures.
i. Guidelines used for personnel background checks.
j. The vendor's license details and expiration dates where applicable.
k. If the vendor anticipates the purchase of large equipment like pressure
washing units and trucks, please outline that process in detail and provide a
amortization table that documents the districts long term commitments to the
purchasing of said equipment.

Contractor's Representations
The Contractor, by submitting a bid, represents that:

a. The vendor has read and understands the contents of the RFP information
packet and the bid is made herewith.
b. The vendor, before submitting a proposal, understands that the vendor must:
a) examine the RFP information pack and exhibits; b) visit the site and become
familiar with all local conditions which may in any manner effect the cost,
progress or performance of the services; and, c) become familiar with all
applicable Federal State and local laws, ordinances, codes, rules and
regulations that may in any way effect the cost, progress or performance of
the services.

The successful Contractor must provide a Certification of Insurance in accordance
with the RFP.

Award of Contract
The anticipated award date of the contract will be February 15, 2015 that provides
for the commencement of services on March 15, 2015. The term of the contract will
be for 1 year. The rates established in the contract are to be maintained for the entire
term of the contract.





Lake Merritt/
Uptown CBD Vernon Terrace


Harrison St.

Franklin St.

Webster St.

19th St.
Alice St.

17th St.



Oakland CBD
Surrounding Boundaries
(Not included in District)

17th St.

15th St.
Franklin St.

Frank H. Ogawa Plaza

E 14th St.
Clay St.

13th St.
12 th St.

11 th St.

10 th St.

9th St.

8th St.

Map created by John Li Mandri