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Downtown Oakland Association and Lake Merritt/Uptown District Association

Joint Clean and Safe Committee Meeting

October 16, 2019 at 12:00 p.m. CBD Office – 388 19 Street th


1. Call to order

2. Public comment and announcements

3. Approval of minutes of the August 21, 2019 meeting Action Item

4. Question and Answer with potential RFP responders (approx. 1 hour)

5. 13th Street Improvements Update

6. Clean and Safe RFP 2019

a. Reschedule October 29th Meeting and Set Meeting Times

7. Next Meeting: December 11, 2019

Government Code 54950 (The Brown Act) requires that a brief description of each item to be transacted or discussed be posted at least 72 hours
prior to a regular meeting. The Corporation posts agendas with the City at 1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, #101. Action may not be taken on items not
posted on the agenda. Copies of the agenda are available from the Downtown Oakland Association at 388 19th Street, Oakland, CA 94612.
Meeting facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities. If you require special assistance to participate in the meeting, notify our office at 510-238-
1122 at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

388 19th Street ◾ Oakland, California 94612

DOA Phone 510.238.1122 ◾ LMUDA Phone 510.452.4529

Downtown Oakland Association and Lake Merritt/Uptown District Association

Joint Clean & Safe Committee Meeting Minutes
August 21, 2019 at 12:00 p.m.
CBD Office – 388 19th Street

Present: Laurie Berberich, Don Rogers, Mike Guerra, Jamie Choy, Dan Pitcock

Absent: Tanicia Jackson, Samantha Stires

Staff: Steve Snider, Andrew Jones, Victoria Decker, Tamiko Garner


Discussions held and decisions made by the SOBO Committee

Subject Discussion Action?
Call to order The meeting was called to order at 12:07 p.m.
Public comments and
Approval of minutes of the The minutes of the December 12, 2018, February 13, Jamie Choy moved and
December 12, 2018, February 2019, and April 19, 2019 meetings were presented to the Laurie Berberich seconded
18, 2019 and April 19. committee for review.
the motion to approve the
minutes of the December 12,
2018, February 13,2019, and
April 19, 2019 meetings as
presented. The motion was
approved unanimously.
Matthew Myers Staff will send Matthew Myers Wayfinding Signage
Presentation: Wayfinding presentation packet to Committee.
Signage Program 2020 Pilot 1 and 2 are underway on 20th and Broadway near
19th Street BART station.

Budget review a. Review of the staff recommended reallocation of the

a. Review of the Staff funds intended for the Hanging Plant Program.
recommended The Committee approved reallocating the funds within
reallocation of funds the categories.
intended for Hanging
Plant Program At the February meeting, it was suggested that there is no
need to purchase hanging plants for this year which
would render a cost savings of $19,000 in DOA and
$15,000 in LMUDA that can be used in the PROW
Maintance budget line item.

i.The $5,000 in funds would be used to offer as grants for

stakeholders to help offset the costs for graffiti

388 19th Street  Oakland, California 94612

DOA Phone 510.238.1122  LMUDA Phone 510.452.4529  Fax 510.452.4530
info@downtownoakland.org  www.downtownoakland.org
info@lakemerritt-uptown.org  www.lakemerritt-uptown.org

abatement. Staff believes this use of the funds is more

cost efficient than renting boom lifts, matching paint, and
i. Out of reach training for Ambassadors to operate boom lifts.
graffiti abatement -
$5,000 per district
ii. This project is approved within the larger budget item
under PROW Maintenance.

ii. Safe City Video Clean & Safe: Favorable TV due to BBB continuing to
Network Grants = ramp up to contracted service levels. Ted Tarver is no
$10,000 per district longer with BBB. Staff is proposing a $1,500 per district
bonus for Ted’s tenure with the organization request at
the October Board meetings. This amount is 50% of his
yearly bonus as he left in June.
DOA: $702,981.09- LMU: $526,239.32

Misc.: Favorable TV
DOA: $549.52 LMU: $1,280.20

Program Director: Favorable TV

DOA: $46,512.00 LMU: $35,088.00

Program Coordinator: Favorable TV

DOA: $27,032.00 LMU: $20,392.00

PROW Maintenance: Favorable TV due to strategic

projects pending implementation.
DOA: $24,633.18 LMU: $30,371.09

Received updated encroachment permit to work medians

and projects in the new boundaries as well as relandscape
Latham Square center island. These projects will likely
take up most of the underspend in the PROW line item.
BBB Updates a.We are still not receiving monthly reports as discussed.
a. Review April and May Derreck and Rich are working with staff to streamline this
Ops Report process going forward. BBB has hired someone to replace
Ted Tarver, Joe Sayphrarah, who has more experience
with reporting.

b. Review of year to date b.Staffing levels are back to baseline staffing and all
staffing levels Management level positions are filled.

13th Street Improvements a. 13th Street open rescheduled due to AT & T running
Update fiber. The new date is now towards the end of
a. PWC Recap September, early October to begin work after AT & T has
b. Indenture completed their work.
Agreement signed b. Received signed indenture agreement.
c. Update on project c. See a. above.
timeline and next

d. KQED article d. One stakeholder reached out with regards to the article
and we met with her to discuss its content and the
Clean and Safe RFP 2019 a.Staff reviewed the timeline created for the Clean and
a. Review Previous RFPs Safe RFP process.
b. Set the schedule
c. Next Steps b. The plan is to release the RFP on October 1, 2019.
Mandatory bidder meeting October 16, 2019.
All Submissions due by October 22, 2019.
Full task force meeting October 29, 2019.
Interviews conducted November 5, 2019.

c.Full Committee meeting to confirm recommendation to

the Board November 12, 2019.
Present to Boards of Directors to discuss and approve
recommendation from Clean and Safe bidder at
December 4, 2019 meeting.

Contracted Services Update

a. Swan’s Market/EBALDC This line item was not discussed.
b. Clorox
c. 1111 Broadway
d. Discuss BART Proposal
Other Staff worked with Barbara Leslie and Deborah to secure a
meeting with the Mayor to discuss the uptick in crime in
downtown Oakland.
The following 3 areas of focus were discussed:

• Programming Frank Ogawa Plaza

• Physical improvemnts (replace burned out light
bulbs on Plaza)
• Safety and Hospitality staffing

The AMP program has expanded to 1750 Broadway in the

evenings from 5p-6pm, funded by Rubicon Point

September 3rd Thursday kicks-off Oakland Cocktail Week.

October 3rd Thursday will feature Pete Escovedo.

Next Meeting Date October 16, 2019

Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 1:29 p.m.

Minutes taken by: Tamiko Garner, Administrative & Marketing Coordinator


To: Clean and Safe Committee 2019

From: CBD Staff
Date: August 21, 2019
Re: 2019 Safety/Hospitality and Maintenance RFP Process Outline

Clean and Safe RFP Timeline and Process

October 1, 2019 Safety/Hospitality and Maintenance RFP posted to the district websites, the International
Downtown Association (IDA) website, the California Downtown Association (CDA) website and the
California Main Street Alliance website.
October 1, 2019 Safety/Hospitality and Maintenance RFP delivered to incumbent service provider Block by Block

October 16, 2019 Mandatory bidder meeting to discuss any and all questions that potential bidders have and to
release the district vendor contract. The format of this meeting is Q/A and should not be more than
an hour and a half. It will be held at the CBD office.

October 22, 2019 All Submissions are due to the CBD office no later than 4pm.

October 29, 2019 Full task force meeting to review all submissions. We will grade all submissions and make decisions
on which bidders we want to invite to the interview process. This meeting takes place at the CBD

November 5, 2019 Conduct interviews with all candidates that have been invited to the interview process. This
meeting will take place at the CBD office.
November 12, 2019 A full committee meeting confirm a recommendation to the board to approve contracting with the
committee selected bidder. This meeting will take place at the CBD office.

December 4, 2019 At this meeting the Boards of Directors will discuss and approve (or not) contracting with the task
force recommended Clean and Safe bidder.

Important Notes:
● A full list of meeting attendees must be made available upon request.
● All proposals submitted must be kept on file at the CBD office and available for review upon request.
● All meetings surrounding the RFP process must be carefully documented and all documentation is available for
review upon request.

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