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C 381/22 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 8.12.


Call for proposals for the promotion of energy efficiency in the European community (1999)

(98/C 381/11)

1.ÙFollowing the Decision of the Council of 16 De- 3.5.ÚDemand-side management and integrated
cember 1996 concerning a multiannual programme resource planning
for the promotion of energy efficiency in the
Community, the Commission, in conformity with
Article 2 of the Decision, is inviting the submission of
proposals for: 3.6.ÚPromotion of combined heat and power

—Ùstudies aimed at the implementation and 3.7.ÚStudies aimed at the implementation of

completion of Community-wide measures taken to Community-wide measures.
improve energy efficiency,

—Ùsectoral targeted pilot actions aimed at acceler- 3.8.ÚMonitoring of the energy efficiency progress
ating energy efficiency investment and/or
improving energy use patterns,
3.9.ÚInformation and dissemination activities
—Ùmeasures to foster the exchange of experience
aimed at promoting better coordination between
international, Union, national, regional, and local 3.10.ÙCreation of regional and local energy agencies.
activities by appropriate means of information

The priorities for these action areas are outlined in

—Ùactions monitoring energy efficiency progress in the SAVE brochures.
the Community and in the Member States,

The Community contribution for actions 3.1 to 3.6

—Ùspecific actions in favour of creation of energy will be up to a maximum of 50Ø% of the total cost of
management agencies at regional and urban level. the project. Actions 3.7 to 3.9 may be funded up to
100Ø%. Action 3.10 may be funded up to 40Ø%.

2.ÙSAVE is the non-technology energy efficiency

programme of the European Union.
In general, for actions 3.1 to 3.9, projects should
involve at least two non-affiliated partners from
different Member States or the EEA. For action 3.10,
3.ÙLegal entities, regional and local authorities, organi- projects should involve at least two regional or local
sations, individuals, public and private enterprises as authorities from different Member States or the EEA.
well as existing Community-wide networks or
temporary groupings of organisations and/or enter-
prises formed to accomplish the projects, are invited
to submit proposals in the following areas: Legal entities in associated non-member countries in
Central and Eastern Europe and Cyprus can submit
proposals and participate on terms similar to those of
3.1.ÚRational use of energy in buildings Member States and EEA-countries. Decisions to this
effect are now being drafted and adopted. Before
preparing and submitting proposals involving these
3.2.ÚRational use of energy in equipment countries, please contact the official at the European
Commission indicated below.

3.3.ÚRational use of energy in transport

Proposals must active at the Commission before
31 March 1999 (12 noon) local time. No proposal
3.4.ÚRational use of energy in industry received after the final date will be considered.
8.12.98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 381/23

Information given to the Commission relating to a or to the address:

proposal application or the contract will be treated as
confidential. European Commission,
Directorate-General for Energy — DG XVII,
Unit C2,
4.ÙDetailed information about procedures and eligibility 226-236 Avenue de Tervuren,
for the submission of proposals, the selection criteria, B-1150 Brussels.
the principles governing the Community’s contri-
bution and the contract that will be established with It is also possible to download the brochure from our
successful candidates is available on request from the Internet site at the following address:
Commission’s services. http://europa.eu.int/en/comm/dg17/save.htm

When writing, please indicate what actions you are

All details for submission are included in a brochure. interested in.
This brochure will be sent on written request to fax
No (32-2) 296Ø6283 (Mr. Harbison), All correspondence concerning this call, as well as
proposals (one original and five copies for all projects
and 25 copies of the proposal summary and the
by e-mail to: identification of proposers) should be sent to the
Ronan.Harbison-bxl.dg17.cec.be above address.