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NEX10 ecosystem

2019 Edition

NEX10 Connector 2

NEX10 Cable Assembly 3

NEX10 Adaptor 4

NEX10 Accessories 5
NEX10 Connectors

NEX10 Connector is ideal for the smaller equipment in the telecom market, robust and Low PIM, and has a small
12.7mm flange height size, 50% smaller than 4.3-10.

 Low PIM
 Rugged design for harsh environment
 Compact design
 Optimized for 1/4’’S corrugated cable

 Small Cell and MIMO
 DAS/in-buildings
 Applications requiring PIM stability in a compact size
 Antennas

Electrical Characteristics
Frequency DC to 20 GHz
Impedance 50 ohm
PIM -166dBc , 2*43 dBm
Power 100W @ 2 GHz
DC - 4 GHz ≥36dB
Return loss 4 GHz - 6 GHz ≥34dB
6 GHz - 10 GHz ≥30dB
Working Voltage 1000V

Mechanical Characteristics
Durability ≥100
Flange height 12.7mm

NEX10 Cable Assembly

-166 dBc independent of torque

Available for
Plenum & non-plenum 1/4’’S corrugated Cable
Plenum & non-plenum RG402
Plenum & non-plenum RG401

Requirements for wireless systems will vary, reach out to our sales team to learn about the solutions offer to fit
your wireless needs.

NEX10 Adaptors

Between series Adaptors NEX10 - DIN

Between series Adaptors NEX10 – 4.3-10

NEX10 Accessories

Rubber boot
Rubber boots protect the connection from extreme weather conditions (water, ice, corrosion). The NEX10
interface (female side) has a designated sealing area for rubber boots. The boot offers IP 68 protection. The
NEX10 rubber boot is available as a standard product for screw type connectors.

Protective Caps
Protective Caps protect the connector from extreme weather conditions (water, ice, corrosion). ABS and Metal
protective caps are available as a standard product.

Torque wrench
Crimp tool