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Polo ma
postponed "Now, the danger of havrng
a field that is Loo wet is that rhe
horses easily slip. When you
again due have a very fast game like polo
where the horses are running at
full speed, stopping on a dime,
twisting and turning or knocking
to wet field at each othet safety is of course
your number one priority as an
official," she added..
ByTim Obligacion
- Under the new schedule. ore-
liniinary matihes witl be held on
CALATAGAN, Batangas-An Thursday, Friday and Sunday with
unplayable field has prompted lhe finals set on Monday.
organrzers to
postpone two Lastrila disclosed rhat the Ma-
Wednesday matches in the polo " laysian team has filed an appeal
competitions of the 30th South- for the. tournament to still end
east Asian (SEA) Games at the
on Sunday despite the pospone-
Miguel Romero Polo'Field in Ca- m€nts but organizers have not de-
latagan, Batangas, for the second- cided on the rnarter,
straighl day, However. PartyJisl. Congress-
Competition manager Camila maa and Team Philippines captain
Lasrila cited the decision by of- Representative Mikee Romero said
fidials ftom the Fedexation Inter- such an appeal will not prosper, as .
national Polo (FtP) to move the he cited the intemaliopal federation,
start of the competitions instead ruling that polo toumanients can-
on Thursday after action was also not hold thrce-straight playdates.
postponed on Tuesday.
'Dinaanan tayo ng bagyo eh,"
"We determined the field to be
Romero said. "Ang. problema, inu.
too wet this moruing (Wednes-
lan tayo ng l0 oras kaya nag-soak
day) and unsafe ro play, basi-
ang lupa."
cally," Lastrila said.

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