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VALENZUELA City Rep. to 5ld\,.

Oter-zealoug res b vears-

Westie Gatchalian, chair- ulatioir cor,ld rmpede i_ts 'By 2019, Euromodtor
man of the House com- growth bul regulation that expelts the global marlet
millee on trade and in- js too lar cdn be prone to to grow to more {han $26
dustry, opened the eon'i abuse," he said. billion representing a
gressional heaiing on elec- Data from the World growth of 6ver l7001er-
tronic nicoline deliverv Heall} Orednization show ;ent in nine vears.
systems (ENDS) or elei- that smol,.ing combustible Data frori WIHO indi-
trcnic aigarettes and heat- cigarettes remaiis *re sin- cate lhat vaDor products
ed lobacco productg gfe greatest preventable strll represeni a sriall rnar-
GITPs) amid the vaping iausi of death_in the world kef c6mDared lo other
ban imposed by Presi- as it kills more than 8 mil- forms of iobdcco prcducts
dent Rodrigo Duterte and lion people every ydar. but by 2021, Eur6monitor
the "unnritigated !lis- Around 80 percenf of the estilJlates tllat vapor prod-
leading infermation" sur- 1.1 billion sinokers in the ucts will be mon! valuable
rounding the new prd- world live in low- and mid- ttun all other tobacco Dr('d-
ucts. dle-income countries like ucts except cigarettes;with
Gatcha.lian said therc are the Phi.lippines. a global valui of $31 bil-
currentlv 15 m€asures ihat Ttte latest survev con- lioh.
have b€tn rcfened to the ducH bv the Depaitrent "Thoueh the markel is
. House committiee on hade of Health and Ur'e Philip- still small"mmpared to ciq-
and industrv that Dush for pines Statistics Authoritv arette products. which h,is
the regu-tati6n of electronic Iound thit of the I08 mil- a marlel value of $683.4
cigarettes,and heated to- lion Filipings, some 15.9 billion, whdt is dear is thdt
million *ere smokers reD- the DoDularitv of vaDor
bacco products in ahe Phil-
ippines. "Tbe comrnittee resentine 14.7 Dercent bf producis ls sdaalu
oh trade and industry is the popilationi Of these ing," said Carchaliari.-"ou-
dutv-boud to hear. dilib- smokers, 12 million or 76 -According ro PECIA,
eraie and reconrmend the percent are interesled or there are noviover ST9 va-
approval of the House of pTan to quit smoking to- ping stores employing at
ReDresentatives on a Dolicv bacco. leasl 2,637 individuals in
tl'.it will be most effectiv; The Philippine E-ciga- th€ Phjlippines. The Phjlip-
to advance the inlhests and rette Industry Associadur oine inilirstrv for vaoir
promote tl€ welfare of the eECfA) clanns *tat ENDS broducis alsci (ontribites
people," he said. HTP5 can play an im- io the export
' "Because of a number and portant role as the.y prc
Catch;lian said several
of issues that have re(Ently vide a less haDrrfull}oice members oI the Senate and
eained media attentioir for those who wish to quil the House oI ReDresenta-
Soth in the Philiooines and smoking regular toba(to. tives went to Ceneiva sever-
abroad. tlrc '"f sruns is- supported by data
"# a national This
and lfiPs is now from the EuJopean Com-
al montlE ago to listen to
WHO's re(o-mmendations
concem, so much so that missi,on which found ttut for oolicv and resulation.
the PreQident recently is- 6I percent of those who To let j balance'd view,
sued a directive baniins starl using e.{igarttes do soma delegates also went
the imDortation and use oT il to stop smoking. to lhe Lnited Kingdom to
ENDS'and FIT?s in oublic "Whefher or not this is listen to the oolic"v yiews
spaces. This comnittlee re- b-ue the ENDS and HTP adoDted bv Publi Healrh
spects the directive of the industry, which has been Ensland,aiexecutir,eapen-
President, and sees this as around for more than a cy irnder the United Crrre-
an opporhmity for the Phil- decade, has grown lo be- dom's Depdrtment ;f
ippines to firla y regulate come d multi-million-peso Hedlth. The'United Kinp-
this irmovative device," he industry. It has 80d,000 dom has one of the molt
said. users representing less effective and proqressive
Catchalian said the h€ar- Phil-
than I percent of the policies on ENDS a_id Fft?s
ing s€eks to de&ermine the ippine population," in the world.
best public policy on these Catchalian Said. H e The UK is one of the
products wNch ,re viewed said the growth oI the many countries which have
a-s less harmful altematives ENDS and HIP market enaited regulations on
to cigalettes or combusti was not limited to the Phil- ENDS- Accdrding to the
ble tobacm Droducts. "The ippines. Data trom Eu- WHO at least 72 iounbies
Philippinej is in a very romonjtor International regulate ENDS, while 33
unloue Dosltron to set a show thal the global mar- bair the sale of END6. The
dob;l sdndard. Everv dav, ket size for ENDS and HTP other SS countries have no
ihere are new studies'tri.rig productsaresteadilygro-w: spegli! law or regulation
pubtshed both in favor oT ing. In 2011, the global oh ENDS yet.
itre comDlebe ban and the market size for vapoiprod- Data shbw that of the 72
regulatioi of these devices, ucts was estiiylated at less countries which repulate
making the market hardly than $2 billion. Bv 2016, ENDS. 41 resulate"ir as
-an exact science. lvhat is the market grew to;rourd. . consurner pro"durts *hile
clear however is that these $12.3 bi.llioi, represmting 30 countries reguiate it as a
new teclnologies are.here a growth of 818 perc€nt in medicinal product.

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