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C 118/182 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 29.4.


The Commission passed a breakdown of the analysis to Astaldi, asking it to produce certain supporting
evidence and supplementary documents concerning several points made in its claim.

(1999/C 118/234) WRITTEN QUESTION E-3122/98

by Luciano Vecchi (PSE) to the Commission

(16 October 1998)

Subject: Shortcomings of the Commission with regard to the EDF project to repair the Goma- Rutsuhuru
(phase 1) and the Bukavu-Kavumu (phase 2) roads in the Democratic Republic of Congo (former

Because of the recent bloody civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in November 1996 the
Commission ordered the EDF contract to repair the Goma-Rutsuhuru (phase 1) and Bukavu-Kavumu
(phase 2) roads to be suspended.

Despite the fact that on 15 December 1997 it definitively rescinded the contract with Astaldi S.p.a., it has
still not paid the compensation due.

What are the reasons for this delay, and when and how does it intend to duly compensate the contractor?

Answer given by Mr Pinheiro on behalf of the Commission

(10 November 1998)

The Honourable Member’s attention is drawn to the fact that this was a special situation provided for in
Article 63 of the 7th European Development Fund (EDF) financial regulation of 29 July 1991, in which the
EDF’s chief authorising officer replaced the EDF’s national authorising officer. While the Commission
acted as the awarding authority for this contract, it did so not on its own behalf but in the place of the
government of the state concerned.

In acting as it did, the Commission complied with the conditions governing the works contract with

However, it is also worth recalling that it was not the Commission who decided to rescind the contract but
Astaldi, by letter dated 9 January 1998. Neither then nor since has the Commission received an update of
the statements of claim it presented on 2 May 1997.

Given the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo a site visit will be conducted with the company
as soon as conditions allow in order to establish a final statement of account.

(1999/C 118/235) WRITTEN QUESTION P-3127/98

by Antonio Graziani (PPE) to the Commission

(8 October 1998)

Subject: Damage caused by flooding in the Versilia area

On 29 September 1998 the Versilia area of Tuscany was hit by heavy flooding which caused widespread
damage to crops and housing.

The worst flooding occurred in the communes of Camaiore, Pietrasanta and Massarosa, where landslides
destroyed nurseries and craft undertakings, tourist facilities and shops, which constitute the area’s main
economic activities.