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Elysia Valdez

Professor Mr. Lewallen

EDT 180B

29 October 2019

Construction Module Project Proposal

1. Objective: What this application will be doing for the user is to help them decide where

to vacation in the U.S. The many different states that have different things to do but only

10 of the states will be selected to be on my application. The top 10 of them and why they

are the top. It will include pictures of the destinations and why it's the most traveled and

the back history of it and maybe some of the costs of going there. But there is just so

much out there to do and sometimes people just hear about the obvious places but with

this application they might have heard of the state but not what they can do there.

2. Describe Target Audience: This application is designed for the people who vacation a

lot and have no idea what is out there. It saves them from the research and time when

they have this application they can just look at all the pros of going to that specific state.

This app will show them what to expect if they do decide to go there and when to because

sometimes these places can be packed during certain seasons so it will give you

information on when its not.

3. Project Outcomes and Benefits: The outcome will be it will tell you mostly everything

you would need to know before actually going there. Will tell you the food places to eat

or any other attractions that might be close by. Will tell you what kind of outfits to pack

because to people that is important and we should all know what to expect. Saves you

time from researching it, all it takes is a click of a button and you will explore the ins and
outs of that place you will be visiting. Creates imagery and will help people, especially

the ones that like to travel. This application can be useful and resourceful in the way you

need it to be.

4. Description of Content: The main media that will be incorporated into this application is

more of pictures and videos. Since mine is about destination and helping you decide

where to take your next vacation, they will need to see videos and pictures of this place

before actually deciding that they want to actually travel there. Animations or

illustrations might not really fit my description of my application so I do not think that I

want to use them in it, if it is going to have no use. The style I will be using is more of a

free and open style that you can travel anywhere so you have to decide where that

anywhere might be, like mountains or the ocean or even a ranch, it will all matter up to

you. So hopefully ill create a vibe that will suit them and their destination.