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CLASS 5 2018


NEW Marking Scheme and Evaluation Format
Total marks for the examination: 70
Total time duration for the examination:
1 hour and 30 minutes
Breakup of questions:


Duration: 1 hour
44 MCQ QUESTIONS: Each question bears 1 mark each,
there are 6 Leaf marked questions which bear 2 marks
Total marks for SECTION I is 50

These 6 sub-heads for SECTION I are as follows:

Flora – Plant life; 9 questions including 1 Leaf question
Fauna – Animal life; 9 questions including 1 Leaf
Terra – Geography and environment ; 9 questions including
1 Leaf question
Aqua – Aquatic life and water bodies; 4 questions including
1 Leaf question
thInQ – Logical reasoning; 4 questions including 1 Leaf
Mixed Bag – General awareness on environment and natural
world; 9 questions including 1 Leaf question

All questions are multiple choice questions with four

options – A, B, C and D Mark the correct or most
appropriate answer in the OMR (answer) sheet.

Using a dark pencil or a dark-inked pen, colour the

correct option completely,
as shown on the OMR (answer) sheet.


Duration: 30 minutes
1 Picture Composition
Total marks for SECTION II is 20

Turn over the OMR sheet provided to you and write in

the space provided.
You can attach an extra sheet signed by your invigilator
if you need more space.

You can only use a black pen to write the composition.

Both gel or ball point pens are allowed.

SECTION I Duration: 1 hour Marks: 50

Flora Fauna
1. What is the tree leaf on the flag of Canada? 10. What is the fastest water animal?
A) Willow B) Pine A) Porpoise B) Sailfish
C) Maple D) Cider C) Flying fish D) Tuna

2. What is a food chain? 11. Flamingos in zoos often become white, losing
A) A list of foods and where the come from their original colour. Scientists were initially confused,
B) A list of ingredients within food but later understood that it was something in
C) A pathway indicating where organisms can search for the flamingo’s food that made it pink. What were
food in an ecosystem. flamingos eating?
D) A pathway indicating the flow of energy in an A) Pink prawns, shrimps and crabs
ecosystem B) Pink eels
C) Pink grass
3. This is one of the most diverse group of plants, with D) Other flamingos
more than 28,000 species across the world. They are
unique in their extremely beautiful flowers that bloom 12. The pregnancy period, also known as gestation
very rarely. They are epiphytes usually, and grow in period, is 9 months for humans. For tigers, its only
wet foggy areas on trees covered in moss. For most of 3 months while for small lorises (small monkey-like
the year, they simply have few or no leaves. They are creatures), its 6 months. Most cases its the bigger
in huge demand by people buying them illegally, and animals that have a longer gestation period though.
many are at the risk of getting extinct. Which group of How long is an elephant’s?
plants? A) 3 months B) 9 months
A) Orchids B) Sunflowers C) 12 months D) 21 months
C) Primulas D) Jasmines
13. Where do you find Bactrian camels in India?
4. What is the colour of the banyan tree’s fruits? A) Rajasthan B) Gujrat
A) Blue B) Red C) Punjab D) Ladakh
C) Purple D) Blue-green
14. One often sees cows moving their jaws despite
5. Dates are very rich in sugar and grow in a certain not eating grass from the ground. This is because
kind of tree in Africa and west Asia. Which kind? they take grass back from their stomach, chew it, and
A) Palm B) Gulmohar again send it back for digestion. For this purpose,
C) Acacia D) Banyan the cow’s stomach is divided into parts. How many
chambers are there in the cow’s stomach?
6. The flower of the cherry tree is the national symbol A) One B) Two
of which country? C) Three D) Four
A) Spain B) Canada
C) China D) Japan 15. The longest snake in the world, is not venemous.
Instead, it captures its prey, strangles it and then
7. Acorns are a common thing one sees on TV and swallows it whole. What kind of snake is it?
sometime eat. They are usually fed upon by squirrels A) Python B) Cobra
in North America, and when they forget where they hid C) Viper D) Seasnake
the seeds, they germinate into trees. Which trees?
A) Fir 16. Humans have two sets of teeth, one called milk
B) Birch teeth that fall off and then permanent teeth. Elephants
C) Holly have more sets of teeth, that fall off every 6-8 years.
D) Oak Once they lose their last pair, they are unable to eat
and soon die. How many sets of large teeth do they
8. Caribou is the local name for a species of deer that have?
migrates huge distances across the Arctic. On one A) 3 B) 4
end, it is the grass availability that determines their C) 5 D) 6
movement. Interestingly, they are also running away
from one insect. What? 17. Polar bears and Penguins occur in the cold, polar
A) Locusts B) Mosquitoes regions of the Earth and where they are well adapted
C) Leeches D) Beetles to live there. Where do they occur?
A) The polar bear occurs in the Arctic while the penguin
9. Acacia is a common name given to throny plants occurs in Antarctica
with small leaflets, that can tolerate really dry areas, B) The polar bear and the penguin occurs in the Arctic
and found across Africa and Asia. In Africa, two very C) The polar bear and the penguin occurs in the Antarctica
big mammals eat them, and sometimes ants in trees D) The polar bear occurs in Antarctica while the penguin
protect the trees by biting these mammals. Which? occurs in the Arctic
A) Elephant and Hippopotamus
B) Giraffe and Hippopotamus 18. The English politician Ken Livingstone described
C) Giraffe and Elephant this animal as “rat with wings”. They are one of our
D) Giraffe, Elephant and Hippopotamus most common animals, found across most cities in

India and the world. Which bird, known for its faeces?
A) Mice
B) Pigeon Aqua
C) Sparrow
D) Crow
28. Crocodiles do what is known as a death role –
what is a death role?
A) They do role play with other crocodiles

Terra B) They kill other crocodiles this way

C) Crocodiles can’t tear, so they grab meat and roll to
remove it
D) Crocodiles kill their prey by rolling their tongues
19. Rhinos were once found across the northern part
of India – today, we can only find them in parts of
29. Which fish swims back to its place of birth from the
Assam, Nepal and West Bengal. The proof that they
ocean to the river to lay eggs?
existed all the way to Pakistan can be found on the
A) Carp
seals of one of the ancient civilizations of the world,
B) Tilapia
that lived around a certain river in the area. Which
C) Salmon
D) Catla
A) Mesopotamian Civilization / River Tigris and Euphrates
B) Egyptian Civilization / River Nile
C) Harappan Civilization / River Indus 30. What is the term used for water that is salty, but
D) Shang Civilization / River Yangtze not so salty as in ocean?
A) Salty
B) Sweet
20. What is the process of sequestration, often used
C) Brackish
when discussing ways to reduce Carbon Dioxide
D) Hard
emissions in the Earth’s atmosphere?
A) Sequestration
B) Eutrophication 31. In which continent do you find Crab-eater seal and
C) BiomagnificatIon Weddell seal?
D) Elation A) Australia
B) South America
C) Antarctica
21. In North America, we find jaguars and puma
D) North America
together. Africa’s biggest cat is the lion and Asia’s
biggest cat is the Siberian tiger. However, there is one
place where both tigers and lions occur very close
together (but not in the same forest). Which country is
A) Pakistan B) Afghanistan
C) India D) Sri Lanka
32. Find the odd one out:
22. If I am talking about Santa cruz, Isabela, Floreana, A) French
Fernandina islands. Which famous group of islands I’m B) Holland
mentioning about? C) Spanish
A) Aleutian Islands B) Galapagos Islands D) Mandarin
C) Seychelles D) Indonesia
33. A flight to Mumbai leaves every 5 hours. At the
23. In Hindi, all Rivers are stri ling (female gender), information counter I learnt that the flight took off 25
except one major River. Which? minutes before. If the time now is 10:45 am, what is
A) Godavari B) Tapi the time for the next flight?
C) Vaigai D) Brahmaputra A) 2:20 am
B) 3:20 am
24. What kind of animals are bandikoots? C) 3:55 pm
A) Deer B) Cats D) 3:30 pm
C) Rats D) Dogs
34. Three of the following letters look exactly same
25. Which animal is India’s national aquatic animal, in a mirror, while one looks different. Which one is
found only in a few big rivers in northern India? different?
A) Gangetic Dolphin B) Gangetic turtle A) M
C) Gharial Crocodile D) Mugger Crocodile B) Y
C) N
D) T
26. Assam has the world’s largest island located within
a river, and it is situated in the river Brahmaputra.
What is the name of the island? 35. In a class of 50 students, 35 students took Physics
A) Majuli B) Nongkhnum only and 28 students took Chemistry only. How many
C) Umananda D) Marajo students took both Physics and Chemistry?
A) 22
B) 15
27. Which of these states in India does not have a
C) 13
D) 23
A) Rajasthan B) West Bengal
C) Karnataka D) Gujarat

43. Elephants have been revered in Hindu Mythology.

Mixed Bag
Indra, the lord of the heaven is said to have ridden
an elephant. More familiar is Ganesha, who is part
elephant. Which part of lord Ganesh is elephant?
A)Full upper body
B)Lower Body
36. In Harry Potter series of books by JK Rowling, C)Tail
Harry had a unique ability called Parsel tongue where D)Head
he could speak to a certain animal. Which animal?
A)Rats 44. According to the Buddha, killing any animal is
B)Snakes sin. However, one can take any food that is offered,
C)Lizards including meat. The Buddha is said to be have died
D)Scorpions after eating a certain meat product. What?
A) Beef
37. Malacology is the study of? B) Pork
A)Insects C) Chicken
B)Mollusks D) Egg

38. This is known as an anti-joke, where a question

is asked to the person, and while the person waits, ROUGH WORK
the answer is simply a fact. One of the world’s most
famous ones first came in 1847 - “Why did the
_________ cross the road?” With the listener patiently
waiting, the answer would be “to get to the other
side.” Fill in the blank with the right domestical animal
to complete the joke.

39. Nature worship is a part of Hinduism religion. If

Agni is the God of fire, Varuna is the god of what?
A)Water and rain

40. Several gods and goddesses in Hindu Mythology

had animals on which they rode. Which of these is the
vehicle of Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth?

41. Several gods and goddesses in Hindu Mythology

had animals on which they rode. What animal did Lord
Ganesha ride on?

42. The Sabarimala temple is a very famous temple

located in one of India’s first tiger reserves in Kerala.
Incidentally, Lord Ayyappa, to whom the shrine is
dedicated, is said to have ridden one of the tigers. This
Tiger Reserve has a very high number of tourists, and
is famous for its elephant sightings from boats. Which
tiger reserve?

SECTION II Duration: 30 minutes Marks: 20

Write what the picture is trying to say, a short description is given below.
Marks will only be given for content and original expression and not for style,
vocabulary or handwriting.




We stay in concrete jungles and have no time to go to the wild, but how
often have your wild friends come over to meet you in your balcony, your
backyard or even across the road? Agreed these encounters are not always
pleasant like the leopards being spotted in residential areas, but these are
experiences to remember and learn from. Share with us your views on the
wildlife that exists in urban locales, how this is giving rise to conflicts and
what you think the future holds.

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