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Master of Science in Information Systems

Application and Admission

Last Update: 11.11.2010

The application is now available. Please click here.

Application deadlines

For the summer term the application period for Non-EU applicants is November. For all other
applicants the application period is 15 December to 15 January.

For the winter term the application period for Non-EU applicants is May. For all other applicants
the application period is 15 June to 15 July.

A link to the online application portal will be available as soon as the application period has started.


Bachelor's degree or equivalent (minimum three year program)

Studies in information systems, business computing or nearby like informatics, business
administration, etc.
Fundamental skills in information systems (process modeling), computer science (data modeling
and software engineering), quantitative methods (operations research and statistics) and business
Sufficient English language skills (no German skills required for the course, however your
everyday life will be much easier if you have some)

Language skills

The following table shows examples for language certificates and minimal levels, that are sufficient for
fulfilling the language requirement. Please note that the language requirements are compulsory, which
means that without fulfilling it no admission can be given.

Certificate Level
TOEFL (pBT) >=550 pts
TOEFL (iBT) >= 90 pts
IELTS >= 6.5 pts

Our TOEFL institution code is 4740. We are also registered for IELTS.

This list is not complete. Other certificates rating the applicant's proficiency in English on the level C1
of the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages are also accepted.
Furthermore, you fulfil the language requirement by being a native speaker or having lived in an
English-speaking country for 1 year. Additionally, if you completed a study fully taught in an English
speaking country and you can prove that by a certificate of your university, then you fulfil the language

Document List

A formally complete application has to contain the following documents:

Abitur, or any comparable school certificate

Bachelor's degree or a list of courses covering 140 ECTS from a bachelor program
transcript of records, diploma supplement (please calculate a weighted average overall grade and
add a grade scale with labels, if the grades were obtained outside of Germany)
detailed course description (you should have a look at the example of the course description and
use this template)
Letter of motivation (single page), especially covering your favorite track
Curriculum vitae
any proficiency certificate in English (according to level C1 of the European Common Framework
of Reference for Languages) (as described here)
more documents showing a special interest in/qualification for IS.

These documents have to be send to the student's office in time. Documents arriving after deadline
cannot be taken into account. If any of the documents are not written in English or German, you have to
add a translation. Please note that all copies or translations of original documents need to be authorized
by an official seal and signature of an institution (e.g. your university) that proves correctness of the
copy. A detailled description of what is required can be found here.


Important Note: Do not use the following contact details to mail any application documents. You will
get the adress to mail your documents at the end of the online application process. The details here are
for informational use only.

You can get the provisional "Zugangs- und Zulassungsordnung" (German).

Please have a look at the FAQ.

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