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11/28/2019 Q & A Exam (AAMSTR11)

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1. Which of the options can be chosen to assign a new value to the variable that has been previously

Variable Operation

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2. What is the correct sequence of below mentioned steps that can be used to add a work item to a
Queue? (A) Select the desired queue name from the list (B) Select 'Insert Work Item' command in the
Workbench (C) System displays the list of attributes and their data type under Name and Data Type
columns (D) Add data in the Value column and click Save

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3. Bot Heartbeat Widget in CR provides a statistical representation of the relationship between the failure
score of a bot and the respective bot. A failure score is a calculation of the resources utilized by the
system resources when you run a bot using the formula "Failure Score = 0.5*M + 0.3*C + 0.2*H", where
'M', 'C' and 'H' stands for ______________ , ______________ and _______________ respectively.

Memory usage, CPU usage and HDD usage

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4. When a credential is created with its type as 'user-provided' and assigned to a locker, all the present
________________ will receive a credential request.

Locker Consumers

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5. Which of the following widgets displays bots based on their maximum processing time and the number
of times they are run?

https://automationanywhere.litmos.com/assessment/review?courseId=2531317&moduleId=5509382&LPId=0 1/11
11/28/2019 Q & A Exam (AAMSTR11)

MVP Bots Widget

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6. Which file formats are supported while defining the Work Item Structure in a queue?


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7. The pre-defined system roles associated with Bot Insight dashboards are

'AAE_Bot Insight Admin', 'AAE_Bot Insight Expert' and 'AAE_Bot Insight Consumer'

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8. The 'Scheduled' tab of Activity feature in WebCR can be used to schedule a task on clients with

Bot Runners privileges (Runtime)

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9. When a new credential is added to a locker an email notification is sent to _____________________

of the locker at their registered email address in Control Room.

All Consumers

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10. ___________________ provide a logical grouping of similar Bot Runners on which you want to run
bot(s) with the work items from a queue.

Device Pools

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11/28/2019 Q & A Exam (AAMSTR11)

11. Which system role is associated with the Bot Insight feature that allows a user to configure and
publish the dashboards?

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12. If locker consumers provide the credential value in a 'user-provided' credential, the status of this
credential is set to ________________.

Pending for Approval

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13. Which dashboard widget in Web CR provides a statistical representation of the relationship between
the failure score of a bot and the respective bot, where the failure score is a calculation of the resources
utilized by the CPU, memory, and hard disk (HDD) when you run the bot?

Heartbeat Widget

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14. The Bot Lifecycle Management (BLM) functionality to export or import bots are available under
_____________ feature of Web CR.

Bots > My Bots

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15. Which graphical information can be found under the 'Workload' dashboard?

'Total Bot Schedules' and 'Total Queues'

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16. What is the type of variable is returned when 'Prompt For File' command is used?


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11/28/2019 Q & A Exam (AAMSTR11)


17. Which variable type has a direct implementation under the loop command?


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18. Which variable is used to read data from the 1st column of a CSV file?

$Filedata Column(1)$

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19. The different play modes available under the Object Cloning command are

Object, Coordinates and Image

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20. Bots created using any recorder can be edited in the workbench


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21. Where can a user set the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) details to be used for Email Automation

In AAE Client, under Tools -> Options -> Email Settings

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22. We can assign value of one variable to another using ____________ command.

Variable Operation

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11/28/2019 Q & A Exam (AAMSTR11)

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23. Which of the following is not a valid loop command?

Each Node in a TreeView

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24. While debugging, which function key allows you to step over a breakpoint?


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25. Which command is used to automatically launch a file or program?

Open Program/File

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26. Which command allows the sharing of its session state among different tasks (i.e. the existing session
state of command being referred to by all its sub-commands in the sub-tasks)?

Terminal Emulator

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27. A TaskBot contains 10 steps, you wish to run the task only from step 5 to step 10, what would be the
best way to do this?

Open Workbench, select the step from where you want to run the task and choose 'Tools -> Run
from Step'

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28. Which of the following is not a valid Printer command?

https://automationanywhere.litmos.com/assessment/review?courseId=2531317&moduleId=5509382&LPId=0 5/11
11/28/2019 Q & A Exam (AAMSTR11)

Add Printer

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29. Which Excel sub-command can be used to read the content of the specified cell in an active

Excel - Get Cells

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30. Variables values can be shared between Taskbot and Metabot both ways?


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31. Log to file command can be used to log data into ___________________.

Both CSV and Text files

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32. What would happen when '$' button is clicked in the Send Email command?

It will append a text file that lists values of all the variables used in the TaskBot/MetaBot Logic.

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33. Which one is not a valid Trigger Type?

None of the options

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34. In which console of the Web CR, can one view the status of Bots that have been executed
successfully or have error-ed out during run time?
https://automationanywhere.litmos.com/assessment/review?courseId=2531317&moduleId=5509382&LPId=0 6/11
11/28/2019 Q & A Exam (AAMSTR11)

Activity - > Historical

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35. What is the type of variable returned when Excel 'Find/Replace' command is used?


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36. A bot is required to read large dataset in an Excel spreadsheet(e.g. 50,000+ rows). Which is the most
optimal approach you'll use to loop through the dataset?

Use Excel 'Get All Cells' and Loop 'Each Row in an Excel Dataset' commands

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37. Put Files is a sub-command associated with the _____________________ command.


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38. PGP command can be used to ___________________.

Encrypt/Decrypt files

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39. The extensions of Task/Bot files and Workflow files are ___________________, respectively .

atmx and wkfx

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40. A task is required to run everytime you open your browser, which of the options will help you to
li h thi ?
https://automationanywhere.litmos.com/assessment/review?courseId=2531317&moduleId=5509382&LPId=0 7/11
11/28/2019 Q & A Exam (AAMSTR11)
accomplish this ?

Trigger Manager

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41. A bot is developed to read files added in a shared folder and submit their contents to a database.
Suggest an appropriate approach so that this bot can get executed automatically when a new file is
added to the shared folder.

Use AA Trigger to execute the bot

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42. It is possible to close a message box automatically after a predetermined time interval specified in


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43. PGP is the command used for encryption and decryption of files using ______________________.

Passphrase as well as Public and Private keys

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44. A task named T1 has a variable 'strFirstName' with default value set as 'John'. By using the Run Task
command, another task- T2 is invoked and 'strFirstName' is passed as an argument. Now, in task T2, the
value of 'strFirstName' is modified to 'Michael'. When the Run Task command finishes in task T1, the
variable 'strFirstName' contains the value ______________.


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45. Which of the options is not a valid Delay command?

Wait for page load

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11/28/2019 Q & A Exam (AAMSTR11)

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46. The default variables in any TaskBot are _____________ and ______________.

Prompt-Assignment, my-list-variable

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47. Which of the option is not a sub-command of the 'Task' command?

Start Task

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48. From which console in the Web CR can one assign user roles as well as relevant privileges?

Administration -> Roles

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49. Which command facilitates encryption using public and private keys?


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50. Which of the following commands does not support Credential Variables?

Log To File

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51. AAE Client can work even when it is disconnected from the Web Control Room


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https://automationanywhere.litmos.com/assessment/review?courseId=2531317&moduleId=5509382&LPId=0 9/11
11/28/2019 Q & A Exam (AAMSTR11)
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52. Which of the listed commands will allow you to change the active cell in an excel worksheet?

Excel - Go to Cell

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53. Merge Documents is a sub-command associated with the _____________________ command.

PDF Integration

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54. When a hotkey is configured to run a Bot, does it work when AA Client is not running?

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55. Which of the 'String Operation' sub-command can be used to validate a number?


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56. The MetaBot Designer has an integrated Version Control feature that allows MetaBot users to
manage various versions of MetaBots and enforce controlled edits.

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57. When you want to include low level operations of an application without wanting to use the GUI, you
should opt for _____________.

DLL MetaBots

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11/28/2019 Q & A Exam (AAMSTR11)

58. Which component of MetaBot Designer displays all the Screens, DLLs and Folders inherent to a
particular MetaBot?


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59. ________________ comprise of logical group of work items that are processed for automation by
individual Bot Runners from a pool.


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60. Which MetaBot option is used to instantly compare an existing screen with a newer screen to identify
changes or modifications in the source application?


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