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User Interface

The site consists of the initial landing page which gives the overview of the features of the site which is
about the services provided i.e. Car parking, Bike parking and other vehicle parking services. The landing
page consists of hyperlink to the following options such that it is aligned. Listed below is the initial
header tab of the site that gives the essential features about the site.

Below is the title banner of the site that gives the essence of the site and its features the title banner
also has the offers listed. The offer listed gives the marketing effect as soon as the customer lands in the
specific site thus the level of conversion in the site would be high. The banner also features the premium
features about the site that gets highlighted by the landing page.

The below screenshot shows the hyperlinks attached to the functional pages such that the pages can be
accessed from the landing page so that the level of exposure of the functional page increases.
Landing page also highlights the deals offered in the site such that the deals get highlighted to the
landed customers of the particular page.

The Next page of the site would be the about page in which the sites history and the contents of the site
would be listed so the customers and other stakeholders could understand the history and other aspects
of the site.
The next page in the workflow would be the cars in which the cars are listed the page opens with the
selection of the city required such that the customer selects the city in which the car needs to be parked
and then the page redirects to the main page.
The main page consists of the listing of the car parking sites such that the customer can select the
specific area in which he need to park the car. Thus the car park can be selected by the following

Similarly bike park also has the same procedure of parking in which the parking can be done by the
individuals through the same procedure as car parking functionality.
Other vehicle parking has the customized parking feature in which the customer will send his specific
entailed request such that it reaches the provider and the service is provided in-order to cater to the
needs of the customer as per customers’ recommendations.

User will select the specific car parking site that he wished to choose as per his
requirement and the page redirects to the specific buying page of the site
Following is the buyer page in which the specific requirement is specified based on the requirements of
the user in which the guidelines and the other specificities of the car parking would b detailed.

The map feature would allow the specific user to navigate across to the specific site as it would be
helpful in determining the location as per his needs.

The next step would be to verify the cart of the customer such that he can order this specifies the slots
booked as well as other specificities
The cart page would contain the cart and the payment option in the system specified.
The option would then lead to the paypal page as per requirement.
If the page goes to the specific payout page then it would lead to the shipping address and it would then
lead to the payments.
From the available below options the customer can choose the specific payment option that he prefers.
The order is then confirmed as per the requirement of the user and the user gets the intimation as per
the order.
A mail would be sent to the customer which acts as the confirmation in the parking lot.
Thus the entire work flow of the website is tailor made as per the requirements of the user.