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Marwadi Sammelan’s

B M Ruia Girls’ College, Gamdevi Mumbai 400007

T. Y. B.Com. Economics Semester VI: Issues in Indian Economy 645605
Question Bank (Prepared during workshop on November 14, 2019)

Unit 1: Development Issues in India Weight 15%, Lectures 9

15 marks Questions:
Q1. Analyze the Characteristics of Indian Economy as Developing Economy.
Q2. Discuss the concept of Poverty line. Explain the Poverty alleviation Programs.
Q3. Analyze the measures to reduce Unemployment Problem in India.
Q4. Explain HDI and GDI in detail. (Short notes on any one concept can be asked

Short notes:
a. Extent of Poverty
b. Trend of Unemployment
c. Unemployment in India
d. Income inequality in India

Unit 2: Issues in Agriculture Weight 30%, Lectures 18

15 marks Questions:
Q1. Measures to increase the Agricultural Productivity in India.
Q2. Evaluate the sources of Agricultural Finance in India.
Q3. Discuss the problems of Agricultural marketing in India.
Q4. Evaluate government measures to improve agricultural marketing in India.
Q5. Analyze the Agricultural Price policy in India.

Short notes:
a. Trends in Agricultural Production and Productivity
b. Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS)
c. Subsidy on Agricultural Inputs

Unit 3: Issues in Industrial Sector Weight 30%, Lectures 18

15 marks Questions:
Q1. Evaluate the Industrial Policy 1991 in India.
Q2. Analyze the role and problems of MSME in India.
Q3. Explain the problems of MSMEs and analyze the measures to solve the problems
of MSMEs in India.
Q4. Explain the components of foreign capital and policy measures to attract FDI in
Q5. What is Special Economic Zone? Evaluate it in Indian context.

Short notes:
a. Competition Act 2002
b. Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20
c. Special Economic Zone

Unit 4: Infrastructure and Service sector Weight 25%, Lectures 15

15 marks Questions:
Q1. Evaluate the energy crisis in India and explain the measure to tackle it.
Q2. Define “Public Private Partnership” and explain the advantages and disadvantages
of it.
Q3. Analyze the growth, contribution and factor responsible for rapid growth in service
sector in India.

Short notes:
a. IT industry in India
b. IT industry policy in India
c. Sustainability of services led growth in India


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