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Jose Mico C. Mendiola Nov.

4 2019




Investing in the Philippine Stock Exchange: Why should you invest now?

I. Introduction

1.1 I am Jose Mico C. Mendiola, and I am a Finance major. I’ve been studying the financial
markets now for a considerable length of time, and I would like to discuss something that’s very
close to finance majors’ hearts.

1.2 Who among you has heard about stocks? Do you know that companies that we patronize in
the country offer a portion or a share of their company to the public? We’ll get into detail about
that later on. In Finance, our main goal is to maximize the value of money. Cash is King. We can
do lots of things with our money than just storing it in a bank.

1.3 One way is to invest it in stocks, and in that way, our money can have the potential to
gain more returns from worthy companies that we invest in.

II. Body

2.1 As students, we must learn how to handle our financial resources because money is finite. If
we don’t know how to manage it wisely, then this can be detrimental to our future.
There will come a point in time where we will eventually have to retire, so if we invested early in
our lives, we have fruits to harvest in the future.

2.2 How do we start investing? Firstly, we must have P5,000 pesos. That’s the minimum capital
we need. Then we open a brokerage account such as COL Financial, Philstocks. These companies
will act as “middle-man”

2.3 We invest in order to secure our future, and the earlier we start investing our funds, the
better. Time is of the essence. Companies like SM, Ayala, Robinsons, Metrobank, BDO. All the big
names we see outside offer a portion of their company in order to fund their business, and in
return to their investors, they generate profit out of it.

2.4 In investing, we invest in something that’s worthy long-term. Always think long-term. Like
people. We invest in our relationships with our friends and family because their valuable. Same
goes for investing. We invest in companies that are valuable and capable of giving us profits in
the long-term.
2.5 How do we know if company is worthy of long-term investing? We read the news, company
prospects, and their plans in the future. We read their accounting statements as well.

II. Conclusion
3.1 Ultimately, it all boils down to how we handle our funds, as the saying goes “The best time to
invest was yesterday, and the second best time to invest is Today” Our money has lots of
potential to grow if we invest it in a company that generates profit, than keeping it in the bank.
Don’t get me wrong though. Having a sufficient amount of money in the bank for your everyday
needs and emergency funs is also a sound financial decision.


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