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2001 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 89 E/81

There is no fixed programme for the meetings of these working parties. As a general rule the Working
Party on Tax Questions meets once or twice a week. The Code of Conduct Group (Business Taxation) has
met 20 times since it was set up. Under the Council Conclusions of 9 March 1998 the Group must meet
at least twice a year at high level to facilitate the political direction of the Group’s proceedings.

There are also the Working Party on Tax Fraud and the High-level Working Party on Taxation, which have
just concluded their proceedings.

Finally, there are working parties and committees at the Commission that work in the field of taxation.

(2001/C 89 E/082) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1757/00

by Alejandro Cercas (PSE) to the Commission

(31 May 2000)

Subject: Aid to the dried fruit and carob sector

The Commission has acknowledged that, in view of the continuing impact of imports, there is a need for
aid to be provided for the dried fruit and carob sector using the instruments referred to in the Rural
Development Regulation. This does not meet the needs of the dried fruit and carob sector since the
Member States have already drawn up their RDPs and the latter do not have the necessary budgetary
means to assure the survival of the sector. Moreover, it is a problem affecting the market and should be
dealt with using market related measures which are equally applicable throughout the regions concerned
so as not to lead to distortions of competition between producers.

Therefore, does the Commission not consider that there are sound reasons for maintaining the aid
provided for the dried fruit and carob sector?

Answer given by Mr Fischler on behalf of the Commission

(11 July 2000)

The Honourable Member is referred to the Commission’s answers to Written Questions E-524/00 by
Mr Pittella and others (1), P-989/00 by Mr Martinez (2), E-1356/00 by Mr Hernández Mollar (3) and to the
reply it gave to Oral Question H-428/00 by Mr Esteve during question time at Parliament’s May 2000
part-session (4).

(1) OJ C 26 E, 26.1.2001, p. 57.

(2) OJ C 53 E, 20.2.2001, p. 50.
(3) OJ C 81 E, 13.3.2001, p. 29.
(4) Debates of the European Parliament (May 2000).

(2001/C 89 E/083) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1759/00

by Ilda Figueiredo (GUE/NGL) to the Commission

(31 May 2000)

Subject: European cooperation project on adult education

The trade union ‘Sinorquifa  Sindicato dos Trabalhadores da Química, Farmacêutica, Petróleo e Gás do
Norte’ (CGTP-IN), representing workers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries, has
concluded a partnership protocol with the ‘Syndicat CGT Energie et Mines, Midi, Pyrénées, Toulouse’ and
the ‘Federación de Química  CCIG/Galicia’ within the framework of the PACE project (European
Programme of Advanced Continuing Education), established as part of the Grundtvig/Socrates/Leonardo
da Vinci programmes.