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MSU – Iligan Institute of Technology

College of Education

Second Semester, AY 2010 - 2011

I. Course No. and Title : P.E. 4 Team Sports (Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Mountaineering, Kickball, Soccer - Football & Frisbee)

II. Course Description : This course covers the history of sports, terminologies, rules and regulations, facilities and equipment and officials of the
game. It includes competencies in techniques and strategies in playing team sports.

Credit : 2 units

Hours/week/semester : 2 hours/week-54 hours/semester

Pre-requisite : P.E. 1

III. General Objectives :

1. Acquire knowledge on the history, rules, mechanics, terminologies, etc. of the sports.
2. Develop the basic skills of the sports
3. Apply the rules & mechanics in sports competition.
4. Appreciate the values gained in sports participation and apply these values in everyday life.

IV. Specific Objectives V. Topic/Content VI. Methods/ VII. Instructional VIII. IX. X. Time XI.
Strategies Media Enrichment Evaluation Allotment Remarks

At the end of the course, the

students shall be able to:

I. Memorize, recite and MGO Memorization TV Brainstorming Recitation 6 hours

understand the Mission of the (1 week)
Institute, Vision of the College
and Goals of the Department
as well as appreciate its
meaning and context fully and
be proud of how the institute
molds students to become
upright citizens.

II. A. Discuss the historical A. Introduction Lecture TV Oral response 6 hours

background, facilities, History Discussion Film Showing Written exam (3 weeks)
equipment, terminologies & Equipment and
advantages of: volleyball, Facilities
basketball, softball,
mountaineering, Kickball,
Soccer - Football & Frisbee

B. Discuss and explain the B. Duties & Lecture/Discussion Computer Written test 10 hours
duties and responsibilities of responsibilities of the (2 weeks)
the officials of chosen sports officials of: volleyball, PowerPoint
basketball, softball,
Kickball, Soccer -
Football & Frisbee

C. Execute the fundamental C. Fundamental Skills of Demonstration Film Showing Actual Games Skill test 10 hours
skills of chosen sports chosen sports Drills (3 weeks)
Use of resource person
D. Explain and demonstrate
the official rules and D. Rules and violations in Drills and physical Intersection Practical exam 10 hours
regulations during practices playing: volleyball, practices. Competitions (4 weeks)
sessions and actual basketball, softball,
competitions mountaineering,
Kickball, Soccer -
E. Apply the fundamental Football & Frisbee
skills through participation in Tournament Practical exam 12 hours
class tournaments. Competition proper (6 weeks)

XI. Grading System: Cumulative

Attendance and Class Participation 30% 30% 30%
Major Exam 30% 30% 30%
Class Presentation 20% 20% 20%
Outputs 20% 20% 20%
TOTAL 100% 100% 100%
XII. Course Requirements
1. Group reports 3. Laboratory 5. Portfolio
2. Outputs of group work / workshops 4. Written examinations

XIII. References

A. Books

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B. Internet Resources

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