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Hows the traffic condition in Surabaya lately? The war of traffic congestion in Surabaya
is increasingly out of control. In the day, number of people in Surabaya increased from three to
six million. Most of them are worker who went to work everyday and use their private vehicles.
This is what causes traffic jam that we see everyday. Traffic congestion in Surabaya occurs when
a volume of traffic generates demand for space greater than the available street capacity. Most of
them reduce the capacity of a rodd at a given point over a certain length. So, to reduce the impact
of road congestion, people are fully expected to use public transportation. That steps might work
to decrease the impact of congestion and also reduce air pollution caused by vehicles.
In general, traffic congestion is caused by a growth in the number of vehicles, which has
outpaced the development of roads. This was predicted due to the rapid increase in the country’s
population, which of course increases the demand for transportation of all kinds. The large influx
of vehicles has not been accompanied by an increase in well-built roads. The majority, if not all,
of the roads in Surabaya are narrow, and don’t have any dividing lines between motor vehicles
and other forms of transportation. Bus, cars, motorcycles, and bicycles all use the same lane.
Moreover, many roads do not have sidewalks and thus no specific pathways for pedestrians,
making them very dangerous.
Traffic congestion is accompanied by an increasing number of traffic accidents. These are
dominated by motorcycle accidents, which also account for the highest portion of fatalities and
major injuries. Careless driving and unruly behavior by drivers are the main causes of accidents
in Surabaya. Based on current trends, it is estimated that in 2020, traffic accidents in Indonesia
will cause 40,000 deaths per year. Besides causing deaths, deep trauma, and minor injuries,
traffic accidents also create significant property damage, and this figure also increasing.
However, congestion and the uncontrolled number of vehicles are not the only issues thet
must be immediately solved. The lack of traffic laws and regulation also needs scrutiny. The
issues above relating to Indonesian traffic require concrete action by the government. Indonesia
has allocated some resources to local governments to improve traffic infrastructure. However,
these funds have not been properly used and are often appropriated by corrupt stakeholders.
There is a need on the part of the government to make sure that the allocated funds are used in
the right way.
In addition, efforts are also needed to create strict traffic laws and regulations. Even
where traffic laws are in place, they are not fully obeyed. This reality, combined with the rising
number of traffic accidents, should be a catalyst for the government to enforce stricter laws and
All the causes of traffic congestion in Surabaya can be prevented by a number of things.
First, reduce using private cars. What causes Surabaya always be in traffic jam is because
everyone loves using their private cars. Second, obey every single traffic rules. For instance,
drivers park their cars on the edge of the street even though there is a prohibited sign to stop.
Last, the conclusion of that some solutions is behave, because there are many cases which shows
our bad behavior on the street that causes traffic jam.