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Your DNA – and Your  Destiny – Now 
By: Al Sears,  M.D. 
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Just because a disease like cancer runs in your family doesn’t mean you’re helpless. Not only do they share the same looks. despite sharing identical genes. If you think there’s nothing you can do to prevent getting a disease that runs in your family. you can literally reprogram your DNA – telling your body to slow aging. For the study. It’s putting to rest the long-held belief that you’re stuck with what you got at birth. You don’t have to sit and wait to get sick. Identical twins share 100% of the same DNA. The evidence is startling: A study I read in Genome Research shows how one twin avoided disease while the other didn’t. issue of TIME magazine? The cover story presents some exciting new research. The one that did have it had that particular gene expression turned “on. You have some control over whether or not a disease catches up with you. and prevent diseases. they also usually share the same disorders and ailments.”1 How was this possible? The choices each twin made had literally reprogrammed their DNA.You’re Not Stuck With Your Family’s Genes Have you seen the January 18th. researchers wanted to figure out why one twin had an autoimmune disease like lupus. Emerging New Science Puts You in the Driver’s Seat This new branch of science is called epigenetics. and the other one didn’t. 2010. think again. The twin that didn’t get lupus had genes that were programmed to keep the disease at bay. Express the Genes That Fight Disease… The impact of this study is far reaching. live longer. The answer was found in their DNA. As it turns out. . your fate isn’t sealed by your DNA. Much to the surprise of the old way of thinking.

disease-free life. healthier. Simply put. The good news is. this is huge. excess drinking. excess alcohol. folate. The only exception was that the second group received supplements that positively affect gene expression (B12. you’ll boost your chances of living a longer. Avoid bad habits like smoking. zinc. Everything from the detergent you use to clean your clothes to the plastic bottles you drink from are to blame. The actions you take today will most likely affect them and their own children. The end result? The original “grandparent” group that received supplements passed on the changes in gene expression to the children and grandchildren. These switches surround your DNA and turn genes “on” and “off.” But here’s where it gets interesting. Your epigenome interacts every day with your environment. Live Longer.Change Your Children’s Genes The “epigenome” makes this possible. unprocessed foods. Those mice then gave birth as well. like grass-fed beef or free-range chicken. the epigenome is a complex network of chemical switches. Beat Disease Today’s modern world is already predisposing your genes toward negative “expressions” that include disease. . and eating chemical-laden junk foods. The end result is the ability to change the way your body expresses your genetic coding. telling it to switch on the “disease” genes. taking control of your genetic code is simpler that you might think. and choline). By doing so. It’s just a matter of developing good habits that promote positive gene expression. and poor diets also interact with the epigenome. Here are 8 steps to change your DNA – and your destiny – now… Step 1: Eat whole. Both groups of mice gave birth to female mice. That means eating a similar diet to that of our ancestors. Take personal responsibility and eat right and exercise. That’s because your body is constantly absorbing toxins like heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Both groups were fed a normal diet. Smoking. That means everything you come into contact with and everything you put into your body has the power to turn genes on or off via different chemical pathways. One of the easiest ways to affect your gene expression in this lifetime is to live in a healthy environment. Step 2: Choose healthy proteins. All these negatively affect your genes and predispose you to disease. Did you know that any changes in your genetic expression made during your lifetime may get passed on to your children? A study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences studied two groups of genetically identical pregnant mice. Wild-caught fish is good as well. 2 If you’re planning on having kids.

 Volume 90. U.. It has recently been found to counteract age-related genetic change 92 percent of the time. the telomeres become shorter. The best way to get your omega-3s is with a quality fish oil supplement. Not only will this prevent a slew of diseases on its own. Telomeres are a “tail” end to all your strands of DNA. M. It does this by lengthening your DNA’s telomeres. this keeps you vibrant and healthy. Simply put. Bouwens. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.3 After just six months. Step 5: Take a red wine extract supplement. It also prevents harmful substances in the environment from blocking vital chemical processes your DNA goes through to stay healthy and intact. You can find resveratrol as a supplement at your local health-food store. Marcus Pembrey. pages 415‐424.  3. Aim for 1. As your cells divide. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant found in red wine. Step 6: Take SAMe (s-adenosylmethionine). Once there’s no more telomere left. et al. David I. [Epub ahead of print]  2. Richter J. Found To Keep  Hearts Young. June  2009   4.. K. These are compounds that play an important role in the chemical process that actually changes gene expression. letting them live longer. University of Wisconsin‐Madison (2008. Substance In Red Wine..040 of their genes. Exercise as I describe in my PACE program. et al. “Changes in the pattern of DNA methylation associate with  twin discordance in systemic lupus erythematosus. Ultimately.D. References:    1. Oakland. Step 4: Take omega-3 fatty acids daily. Resveratrol. Martin. as they’re high in protective antioxidants). Step 7: Get plenty of vitamin B12. This natural and inexpensive vitamin affects how long your DNA strands live. 2006. it’ll also make your body better able to respond to negative environmental factors.000 mg per day. Think of them as the biological countdown clock that tells your cells how long they have to live. “Fish‐oil supplementation induces anti‐inflammatory gene expression profiles in  human blood mononuclear cells” American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2009 Dec 22. Step 8: Keep your heart and lungs in good shape. SAMe is a power methyl-donor.” Genome Res. O. Otherwise you can supplement. Javierre BM. M. it provides your epigenome with the critical building blocks it needs to switch your “good” genes on. One study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that taking omega-3 daily tells your genes to prevent inflammation and hardening of the arteries. University College London. They contain critical methyl-precursors. Fernandez AF.   . I suggest 200 mg per day. Institute of Child Health. Take anywhere from 100 to 500 mcg every day.  M. 13‐18. ScienceDaily.K. the cell dies. Take 200 mg of SAMe per day for maximum benefit. Calif. emeritus professor.000 to 2. Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute. the participants in the study had experienced a positive change in 1.D. pediatric genetics. One of the best food sources are egg yolks and grass-fed beef. June 8).4 That means it prevents your DNA strands from deteriorating.  Nov.Step 3: Eat plenty of vegetables and some fruits (preferably berries.

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